Sunday, 27 April 2008

Gokarna Godhwani Yagya


asha Pi arTi said...

the sky and sea and cow show real natural responses to divine... they are all the role models one requires for the right attitude towards You... i bow to You.

miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

again, there is none who can create such a masterpiece
as you did after 36 hours of sleeplessness even

LotusOcean conch call is amazing

You are a true seer performing a yagya

the vibrations you produce are captivating

miragegirl said...

sirf aap sache goPal hai

aap ne gokarn main godhwani yagya bhi kiya hai

aap saari sabhyathon ke sare kahaniyon ke sare nayak hai, hamesa hamesa ke liye

aap Pahana hai jinki raah hoPi dekh rahe te

aap Indradhanush Rudraksh Purush hai

is duniya main sirf aap Purush hai

is duniya main kisi ne aapne Guitar se shank ki dwani nahi ki hai, sirf aap isa karne vale kabil PraTam aur aakre Purush hai

aap Indradhanush ke sare rang, dekhe aur undeke aur usse bhi jada hai

aap Quetzacoatel hai jini coat rangon se poorn hai

aap swachand guno ke hai

aap ke anginath swachand gun hai

aap apne udaharan se duniya ka netrithv karte hai

aap ne bhudevi par avatar lekar dharma ki punar stapnardh bahut kuch kiya hai aur kar rahe hai

aap mahan hai

aap duniya ke sirf ek matr sache nayak hai

aap ParamaTman hai

pinx said...

what a magnificent play and that too after 36 hours of no sleep ! very impressive !

what a beautiful scene ! love Your haldi coloured attire, and the setting sun with its fanned out rays and the serene ocean ! magical scenes are wherever You are ! and such a beautiful sonic yagya, Your guitar playing is so vibrant and colourful ! You take the listener on an awakening journey through the Vedic multiverse ! and Your LotusOcean conch call is sublime ! its amazing what You can do with an electric guitar in Your hand ! and how the sunset reflects Your sounds ! a tapestry of colour in tune with the colours of Your sounds !

and a very touching moment to complete the yagya - Go (cow) Presence !

Jai Go-Mata ! and Jai PT !

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your conch call is Divinely calibrating! Your steady stream of comPleTe consciousness is reflected in every detail and nuanace of this sublime sunset scene. Your Play, Your Presence, Your Divine existence is the ultimate gift. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You are Shiv !

You dance an "amog" dance on earth with Your saounds. Natraj !
Saound, ocean & Time melody ! Aquarian Age Heralder !

Anonymous said...

You are a very energetic, kind, compassionate, pure being. You are otherworldly. Its proven now.

Anonymous said...

wow ! seems like Your saound is making the Sun rays sPread more !
wow ! Your sounds reflect the Sun & the ocean waves. very refreshing saound !
wow ! molten gold saound alchemy !

You are the best !

Meghna said...

Soothing nature divine sounds, thanks the travelling mystic gypsy. Regards

Unknown said...

A real gypsy soul could create such music and be in touch with nature so beautifully!!

ki vernee said...

P's lotus Magick ! so cool how a cow showed up at the end ! so beautiful !

Ajay Kapoor said...

Divine sounds which are so soothing and energetic.. absolutely mesmerizing...I bow

undecided said...

I bow. P-rays for the True Divine PT. aeioum

Vaishali thaker said...

wow! so beautiphul! you are the gopal & whereever you go you create your own gokul! :) the colors in the sky are stunningly beautiphul!
Its wonderphul how prakruti changes itself to match up with your mood & attire!
your presence on this earth plane is the ultimate bliss!
you enchant & mesmerize with your magic wand again and again!
i bow 🙏

Anonymous said...

The sun sets down but the newsunPT is always uPseT.

beauTiPhul scenery!

Franco PT said...
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