Thursday 18 October 2007

babbleon ~ the foundation of babylon ~ communication meltdown


newspapers, magazines, novels, tv shows, parties, conferences, bartalk, hangingouttalk, girltalk, guytalk, interviews, celebrities ...


asha Pi arTi said...

true true, no one speaks anything of use but You and the select few Praising !

its great to see the world get dissected here examined and all the observations You make openly published... they have done that with nature... time it was done to them !

* bowing to the scientific calibration of PT *

miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

so true, they are all mostly useless meaningless things

people talk of lively conversations but there's no life in them, its just babble on and on and on...

infact that seems to make people more dead than alive

evil seems to jump around, scattering energy and increasing ugliness

Asha said...

love the way this is written, so eloquent.

Your sentences are always so impactful and loaded with meaning and wit... all the side effect of not babbling on uselessly !

very inspiring

Anonymous said...

Its not about words anymore.It about letters... Bec those are simpler... P.T! Our fav letters.

miragegirl said...

you are the PerfecT coherent being

only you can use simple words to show the decrepit state of this world

and you make everything Phun too

your video Babble on Babylon is the most Phun and interesting to see and listen

your smile in the video is very sweet

your voice is so Potent

you are truth incarnate

pinx said...

Absolutely brilliant P ! Your words are so very very true !
it really is a case of "babbleon" these days ! You word Your PoinT so PerfecTly & highlight so well all the arenas where this babble nonsense is taking place ! indeed showing that it is a widescale 'communication meltdown' ! Your choice of words is suPerb !

it is such a relief to come to a place where every single word is one of worth and meaning !

Aap hamesha sach likhte aur bolte hain !

You show a very opposite so few words can mean so much :) !

miragegirl said...

you touch every soul
you are the only I
to touch all the tiny i
all that come to you
all your words
they are to tiny i
not mere words
pearls of wisdom
that touch their souls

you touch each tiny soul
with more than mere words
what a blessing to any soul !

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow. never have so few words been used to convey so much Truth. i bow to your ceaseless Mastery P. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

its all ego boosting anti-Divine stuff

there's no dearth of distribution of one thing in this world, it branches & grows like amoebas. that thing is evil !

lack of unneccesities should make one want to connect to Divine
but beings choosing 'enter(con)tainment' are not just bored beings, they are lazy unrealistic fools not being humble to Divine

Divine is way more interestng & rocking than what a silly muggle mind (also 'hive mentality') can create as its world

Divine's multiversal PhuncTionings are so musical that PredicTion is Possible, it's called Jyotish, 'the science of light'
the real NEWS
the Divinely intune Paranormal activities in the now are NEWS
the existence of PT the Axis is NEWS, he is the center of N E W S, where all of them meet, literally too
& all this NEWS is not inscribed on some PaPer made with cut down trees, its inscribed in nature & is everlasting through 'sPace & Time', it has real imPacT, real 'Rhyth(u)m & Rhyme', its the account of real travel of Divine through sPace & Time

magazines must be "magical scenes" that they wanted to create
the bravado that it could be done without involving Divine !
& what magical scenes really ! glossy PhotoshoPed withering dying carcasses, Oh how beautiful ! not decriPiT or ugly at all !

what a novel idea to have novels, to be able to PreTend one can Play, by visualizing & dribblng on PaPer ! its not wanting to act 'GoD' at all ! its just Phun & art
not anti Divine brutish 'infantilism'


with so few words written as this Plog, You convey so so much !

Your every word is so full of meaning

so absolute PersonaliTy You are !
such class ! such highness !

that droid head is not the real Highness

You are the Truth, the Highness, Your Highness !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The PresidenT

All You say is the rule. Yes, Mr. PresidenT !

the vehicles that PeoPle one earth own, they Personalize. they PuT graPhics of their family (tiny tiny People holding hands) or some other cartoon on the backside. they have car bumPer stickers, have names of their kids inscribed and all other sorts of things. babylon Promenaded on wheels ! Your vehicles on the other hand are PT & Shakti flying Power fields. there is Tri-ness & more in their makeuP. they are Your chariots !

Anonymous said...

Your diction is precise & most meaningful always. It missed a beat and never would !

Anonymous said...

The words you use in your blog posts are always so well suited, precise, most meaningful, intelligent and fun to read. You even make up new interesting words. You are a great blogger.

Anonymous said...

You show what is babble and what is not. You are the all knowing seer.

Meghhnaa said...

People who talk will s-talk you :-)
Oops I meant ps-talk !

Unknown said...

just few words but, says it all! Everywhere it's the same ongoing stuff just the made up stories, fakeness, media trying to show or talk about which is not true, they have already instilled different kinds of fear in people and useless stuff.

Unknown said...

Only P knows what truly matters (I bow)

Unknown said...

i bow to the Phacts.

sarah said...

this is such a gem of wisdom, Profound truth in a succinct summary

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow

Gita said...

All such a waste of time.. All just a distraction.. The real lifestyle seems to be so distant now... the real lifestyle the Vedic lifestyle..

I bow to the divine !

lana_33 said...

You dePhiniTely never babble on! each word of Yours has Tremendous meaning ~ each senTence is incredibly Profound and wiTTy!! each sentence of Yours has more dePTh than All of the muggletalk described above PuT together!!! Your humor is out-of-this-world Phenomenal!!! what a Priveledge iT is to hear You sPeak!!! lisTening to Your PhluenT and exPressive sPeech is so incredibly educaTional and Phun!!! each word of Yours is so PotenT!!! You are the Only being who i never want to miss a single word from!! and Your sPeech is so PerfecTly cenTered too!!! You are so kind to Teach beings how to cenTer their sPeech and have beTTer dicTion!!! You are the ulTimaTe Teacher!!! i bow to You and Your absoluTely PerfecT sPeech!!!

NavdeeP said...

Again a precious Gem. I know when I was freak about to know what's going around. I used to read newspaper, magazines to stay updated and those words does not take me anywhere. More over trauma as a return my my soul has to pay by rethinking those written articles again and again is extra payoff. Even now a days parents wanted their children to read each and every current affair. But in long term it takes time to unlearn those learn things and sometimes your entire life. Thank you so much for your profound teachings.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

every time You communicate ... it is always meaningful sensible logical PracTical and uPlifTing ... i bow

Anonymous said...

very True.

Franco PT said...
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nicolas said...

this is so true!
listening to your words is always a refreshing experience! you get to the PoinT like no other! your words have substance and importance! you always make so much sense! all that you do and say always add up perfectly on top of each other!
you are a divine genius

i bow to you ShivNarayan

nicolas said...

very accurate PoinT! you always get straight to the PoinT without nonsense! you are the highest of all beings! there is no one like you! one is so grateful to be able to witness your liPhe
your words are the best words! there is no one like you! i am deeply grateful for all that you do and all that you are!

i bow to you all gnoing one

jagatsevak said...

Divine humour and powerPhul insighT! "babbleon" is brillianT. So phunny...and so True!

The hivemind produces so many unnecessary word-garbage collectors.

You are so wise and Mercurially clever to PoinT this out.

one bows at your LoTus PheeT.