Thursday, 13 May 2010

artificialsugarcoating world


cast the most negative aspersions on me

only to follow it up

with peace, love & love hearts

after fooling/placating the kids with

artificialsugarcoating candies

they have gotten used to the evil habit

of sugarcoating every kind of shit

in this age of typing

people use words freely

as long as

they have to not back them up with actions

trying to show

they are good people &

they are on divine's side

when the reality is quite the opposite


sreelatha said...

you never sugarcoat any truth

why would real truth need any kind of sugar coating

truth is truth and there in lies the beauty

just like you are

you are truth incarnate on this earth

aap jo bhi baat ho woh seeda seeda bolte hai

what you say is always clear, simple and interesting

you are worthy of all worship

you are divine

i bow

asha said...

wow ! You are such a civilised gentle Being, handle everything with Grace... even rudeness to You is used to educate others ! You have a Heart of Gold ! I bow !

it always shocks one (with eyes open) when negative aspersions are cast on You let alone followed up with some insincere immature notions like that ! that is just infuriatingly stupid ... adding insult as if You are so foolish as to buy that ! what rubbish !

Your words are always so true... only actions mean anything !

artificialsugarcoating is the PerfecT word to describe that crap !

Amanda V said...

i bow. so many in this world are as fake and sticky sweet as the corn syrup and aspartame they continue to create and consume. Your ability to remain unaffected by onslaughts from those posing to be something other than the fakes they actually are and so generously give them a clue through all you share only reconfirms time and time again Your Divine and unshakeable stance. i bow. Praises to the True Peace of Your Divinity P. dhanyavad for the Peace You bestow. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You can see through lies straight out
You are The VamPire Slayer

amanda said...

i bow.
You always see through the shit no matter what it is coated with!
one is so ashamed to have once been such a delluded asperser!
one can not apologize enough for such illogical and evil behavior!
if one is on Divines side one is on Your side! You are Divine.
one would have nothing but Praises for You!
free of any desire to cast aspersions on You!
only an evil brat would ever behave in such a way!
You have lived a PerfecT life!!
You are Pure, PrisTine, authentic genuine Divine!
You are invincible! it is senseless to attack You!
You are SO comPassionaTe to make it clear who You are P!
You are the voice of reason! You are the Avatar! the manifestation of Divine on Earth!
all obeys and bows to Your will!
it is in ones best interest to never question You, but to agree and humbly bow down and allow understanding to unfold.
You are the One with a heart of Gold!
You are Truth! the only One to trust!
You always gno best!
You are SO kind to helP one see the serious error of such audacious behavior.
You are most merciful to guide one to do the only actions that can change one
the only actions that can save one from such a hellish and miserable way of being
i bow

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

Roopa P Jadhav said...

I bow.

jganesh said...

You are so right ! what a great PoinT ! i bow

Swati said...

O Divine Supreme Soul ! Your words about Yourself are so clarifying and shares the Truth about Your higher consciousness, how You are above this whole evil system. Only an enlightened SuperConsciousness can share so confidently about His own Virtuosity.

i feel so delighted to see there is One here on earth who exactly gnows, what He is, His PurPose of Life, Goal, His words come out from His mouth only after He has already done some work. insPiTe of all He is so comPassionaTe to share with us. ! bow to Your Divinity Ocean of Divine Virtues !!!

Swati said...

Seriously, Beings do have habit to make inaPproriaTe comments on everyone, though they don't gnow anything about themselves and others but casting negative asPersions on someone who is living a life like rishi, always ProtecTing nature and mother earth and sharing His true gnowledge and wisdom with the world and to whose words nature and higher realm not only resPond/confirm but also celebrate over and over again.

it gives me a shock to see the level of thinking/gnowledge of beings out here !!!

i don't have words to exPress my joy and happiness which I received just to see Your Greatness. ! bow to You !!! 🙏🙏🙏

Swati said...

Unfortunately, artificialsugarcoating does not work with Divine, Divine is suPreme consciousness, has ability to take off all coatings and can take x-ray of beings sPiriT and

*P is the One who ends all PreTends*.

! bow to Your Presence who always trust into Preserving the best essence !!! 🙏🙏🙏