Monday, 10 May 2010

masses are always right or are they

there is this notion

floating around this planet


masses are always right

what they choose can never be wrong

their stamp is irrefutable

they are the epitome of perfect precise judgement

which in other words means

masses are God

one cannot say anything against their choices

who they choose to revere

who they choose to lead them

etc etc

funny than that

masses on this planet are in such distress

& blisslessness

all their chosen hero's/heroine's haven't been able

to change their zombie-mind-programmed state

things are only going from bad to worse

the hell deepens

but they will not admit

that they have gone wrong


adisun108 said...

on the ball and perfectly true!

sarah said...

I would never have realized that who you revere/admire has such a big effect. Mind-programming is crazy effective!

Lotusocean is a huge contrast that reveals any other choice for what to admire for what it is, in case the steep declining staircase on the road to hell isn't enough of a clue.

Anonymous said...

i bow. their refusal to admit wrong doing merely accentuates how wrong they are. dhanyavad for PoinTing out the Truth P. i bow. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

no P acknowledgement with masses at least as of now
masses are crazy !

with the PeoPle of the telugu language there is this floating cinematic idea where mass is refered to as manly, 'anna mass' that is 'brother is mass' associated with worker class "indian servantship to british" style half clad non-males
just too Phunny & stupid

but shows they think masses have strength & that is Martian, that strength is only Physical, as stand by can do wonders alone, that Physical grace is better than what grace mind would Provide as if they are disassociated

may be they think they can shoot a tiny marble at a running 4x4 & flip it on its face...
oh wait ! they do not just think it, they have in actuality dePicTed that to be so
too Phunny

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

You so awesomely help one understand how very wrong the masses are..
You are so right..they are in the soup..
You make such extremely awesome PoinTs
Your Plogs are extremely awesome
You're so very, very right
how absurd that one accepts the notion that people who are deteriorating, troubled and sick can be good judges of greatness..or that they can be right at all
You make so much sense! so awesome of You to help one understand how crazy all this is ..You are awesome!
Your Plogs are great. You are beyond good.You are wow
You are extraordinary

amaya said...

You have such awesome overstanding
You make a very awesome PoinT
masses and their choices are so trusted despite the PhacT that they are always in a mess and are always so easily being controlled

'masses on this planet are in such distress
& blisslessness
all their chosen hero's/heroine's haven't been able
to change their zombie-mind-programmed state'

You are so right.. masses are so zombie-like
You make awesome and imPorTant PoinTs. Your Plogs are very awesome
You are a great being
Your scriPTures are great and wonderful

jganesh said...

You are so right ! You are the only One who can judge ! i bow

soumya chopra said...

Pranam 🙏
So true!!
It's just follow the crowd, even though the masses are on the wrong path.

Turbulent Conqueror of my ignorance said...

Your are the one who gnows everything,only you can speak,only you can see all of it,
Only you have wholiness to properly utilize the resources.
I Bow to you O Divine One.

Swati said...

🌟 Brilliant Plog P🌟!! Your Plogs take all hero heroine stardom out of the brain gently.

they would not admit that they have gone wrong... admitting this will bring their ego down and they have to loose with their artificial, PreTentious, fraudulent, Plastic, fictitious, hollow, Pride air ballooned status and keePing that status till the last day of seventy or eighty years of age is more imPorTant than Praising and Bowing the One who wants to helP them to come out of their own created hell and sufferings and evolve at soul level !!!

O Most comPassionaTe One ! ! bow to You for Your Presence in my life !!