Saturday, 22 May 2010

who's copying who

the most famous

sage-like character in the west

is 'Yoda' from StarWars


where did they get that name from


which was what

Yogi's did

they did use that term as well

in Yogi Bear cartoons

most of Yoda's characteristics

are copied from behaviour of the

rishi's & yogis in vedic stories

not to mention the vedic avatar story of

Ram with a Bow


the all-american


who uses a bow even in socalled modern combat


a* said...

Cool Blog! Such a witty charming way of diclosing the nonsensical degeneration of respected beings like Rishis/Sages and Ram...

It is much cooler to read about what these beings did/do which is so much more than any Yoda!

You are a prime current example & are so up-to-date about everything going on here, very thorough and scientific!

Amanda V said...

lol. :) i bow. dhanyavad for showing how unoriginal and mixed up hollywood is. ones gratitude for your humor and grace in setting the record straight grows and grows. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

You have full PersPecTive on all issues on earth & beyond
grand You are !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The One
Your PhracTality is beyond being mimicked or coPied. its an imPossibiliTy

neelang tiwari said...

i bow...

jganesh said...

You make the best connections ! i bow

Turbulent Conqueror of my ignorance said...

Such gnowledge...Such wholiness...Only you have it..
Sooo simplified and playful...
You are the definition of serenity
Soo peaceful and charismatic.
I Bow to you O Divine One

Swati said...

O Real Yodha !! only the title of Your Plog is so amazing to share the reality of current western world ~ who's coPying who !! i seriously don't understand how stuPid beings are here to really enjoy such nonsense which does not end uP to reality, they don't even question, even after taking shower this fabrication, coPy cat behavior wouldnot go. running in this deeP black hole where there is no light to see the clear PicTure. You cleared all mess by writing these gems of Plogs. seriously, beings coPy Divine to PorTray to earn and rule. they will Pay for their crimes. ! bow to You to share this, who is real Lord Raam and real resPecTworthy seers and Rishi !!