Saturday, 15 May 2010

of dogs & wolves

a quick look at

how dogs & wolves

are coping with a homosapien birth

it must be said they have retained their vocal style

from the sounds of it

they seem to be finding it hard

and want to get back to their original state

which is no different from

running in circles & chasing tails

mostly getting birth in the west

where they are beloved pets & totem animals

its has been out in the open for a while

wolfgang amadeus mozart



" nobody said it was easy

but noone ever said it would be so hard "

they are having difficulties with

the job assigned by

their master - evil demiurge

shifting loyalties &

becoming a pet of divine

has not crossed their consciousness

as a valid option as yet


Irene said...

Wow that's a really interesting connection, makes me wonder if I may of been a wolf at all...

Could explain a couple of things, not all of them though!

sina said...

that is hilarious! what a funny and true thing to point out! the examples illustrate the point convincingly ... and your writing style is so entertaining and incisive!

it immediately makes so much sense that the close ties between people & dogs would have effects over several lifetimes ... you have such a clear & precise observation of the realities of this world!

and you never only leave it at the mere observation - you always relate it to the bigger picture.

with you every aspect of life becomes an opportunity to learn and change, to turn towards divine.

you show the absurdity and wrongness of people's actions, but also give the soulution, the way out of the wrong and what the right attitude, behaviour, direction is.

your blogs are really the most entertaining, most educational, priceless read!

TwoHearts said...

:)) This P-log is so great! As an Indigenous Turtle Islander, I have always wondered "why" our people seem to love having a disembodied floating wolf's head hovering around us in paintings and drawings... someone also tried to convince me that in the after world we would all be met by a pack of dogs that would lead us to heaven. :( That is not my idea of heavenly... it would be much better to become a pet of the Divine, as you mention. and i bow.

sarah said...

This really makes one want to stop chasing one's tail in the useless circle of reincarnating between being a dog and, and being their western admirer.

Being a pet of divine seems like a better option, for sure.

Amanda V said...

Lol! OMP! Absolutely hilarious! i bow. dhanyavad for allowing pets to escape and take shelter at Your Divine feet. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

Praising Divine would Provide even a dog , a wolf a new better liPhe

You are so Divine !
You are absolute !
You are Divine !

PsingulariTy said...

jack~sons (Your gnoing is ultimate !) must be getting a headache and all sorts of jackasses as well !

You are The Divine Son, The PhracTal of Divine itself
The NewSun Tri~Vedi

the dread for werewolves & frankfooter's

amanda said...

i bow!
You are seriously SO Phunny P!
it's amazing how insightful You are!
getting to glimPse the world through Your PercePTion is really amazing!
You oPen one to see things in a way only You can see!
the Truth is uncanny! once You exPose the lies one feels so foolish to have not seen through it before!
so grateful You are here to break the evil sPell!
one is so ashamed to have allowed oneself to have fallen under it in the first place.
one is really embarrassed to have once listened to coldplay, revisiting it with You is an entirely gnew exPerience!
only the real scientist can see and PoinT out the obvious Truth!
only the real scientist gnos what is going on on this planet!
You are the only One with a Halo! and the only One who is Truly on Phire!
Your Plays, Your Philms, Your music, You, everything about You is inPhiniTely more grand and amazing than any act the circus could ever create.
it's really mind boggling the resources they waste to keep the lies and hell going!
You make it clear there is no reason whatsoever for one to be loyal to men on earth!
You are so kind to make it gnows there is another oPTion!
the only oPTion is to be Divines Pet
i wanna be Your dog! ;)
i bow

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

Your Plogs are so incredible. You have an awesome and delightful sense of humour.

jganesh said...

You are so Phunny and so observant ! i bow

Swati said...

🌟You are suPerintelligent Being here on PlaneT earth 🌟!! You sound so heavenly when share such mindboggling PhacTs... where internet is full of all garbage and heaP of filthy smelly thoughts, words and stuPid intellectual debates, Your Lotus Ocean is overflowing with gems and Pearls... i am so busy Picking those they are so Precious, I love decorating myself with them. seriously, I took off my diamond and gold jewellery... Your sound and light jewels are Priceless. i feel so rich. ! bow to You.

Swati said...

You shared during the interview, how You can hear sound of dog, snake hissss sound in the voice of wolfy singers. You truth is more than PhacTs and Phigures... Your ears can sense all sound waves what normal beings cannot. this is suPerb ~
from the sounds of it

they seem to be finding it hard

and want to get back to their original state

which is no different from

running in circles & chasing tails

Truly, for years they will keeP on running into the cycle of life and death but no destination. being PeT of divine is most graceful and blissful. ! bow to You !!

Swati said...

Wohooo !!! really hilarious !!! Your teachings bring smile and laughter too. Dog and wolves incarnated as homo-saPien ... Lol !!