Friday, 26 November 2010

the metro type

due to

the influence of

the translucents



action of its own ancestors

a new creature

has taken shape in

the the cities

of even ancient lands

with strong cultures

like bharat


'the metro type'

this creature has aversion to

all nature and naturality

elements are its enemy

it barely leaves its

air conditioning

concrete & metal cells

is surrounded by pepsis and sodas

while it neurotically

dabbles with its most precious possession

the mobile

it blindly follows

all media hype

celebrates all mediamade celebrities

never ponders the

real meaning of life

& blanks out

anything which is not


which is basically another word

for phoney

it considers itself


but is closed to all

that is paranormal

unless of course

CNN & BBC declare it to be legit

it is a yuppie/corpy/spoilt-brat mix

& doesn't believe in

repercussions for its actions

has the attention span of an insect

it is a blissless creature

always on the run

to support






considers anyone

anyone with a

simpler natural lifestyle


and anyone with

attention on divine



under the banner of

progress & development

its numbers are growing

all around the world


loveyourblog said...

that describes everybody where i live except the over 70..

sarah said...

You are infinitely hotter, smarter, and more stylish than any metro type. It is a tragedy that so many people are so deeply affected by the translucent lack of values and culture.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for displaying the metro mess in the accurate and conscise manner which only You are caPable. i bow at Your adePT feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

'meTro tyPes' are crazy !

Anonymous said...

i bow.
it is really frightening to see the results of anti Divine stance and translucent influence! Metro types are completely disgusting!
Divine's observation and descriPTion of this creature is hilarious!
The most PerfecTly accurate assessment!
Divines scriPTures are amazing!
It is You who share the reality and Truth about everything!

You are the most amazing being P! comPleTely at at another level than the creatures here! You are the PhitesT, most intelligent, most stylish, most Powerful being there is!
You live a truly simPle and natural lifestyle which is inPhiniTely more exciting and amazing and magical than any of these sick metrotypes could ever fathom!
Your life and all You do is the Pinnacle of PerfecTion!
You live like the God You are! Pure and True in every way!
i bow!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

Ujjwal Sharma said...

yes it is truth.but i would also say that bharat needs you its people needs you.they are all programmed to live that way by the society.the present state of india is due to rapid cultural terrorism that is going on in india they are breaking our vedic moral values and we have no defence mechanism to it.people are all confused they dont know what to do so they follow the system because no body knows the rules of prison break except you will have to help bharat.i know it is unnatural to beg for something from higher divine without showing any service and gratitude.but people are all trapped by the mainstream octopus they cant even cry for help.people are all blinded and enslaved by the ego and persona given to them by society that is too expensive for them to drop.many are commiting suicide to get rid of this ugly persona,others are resorting to alchohol drugs and other addictions and are just busy enhancing their fake persona.but at the core we all have the genoma of our forefather rishis.i think there is still some probability left for sPirtualiTy to happen in us.
and i know that is only possible by revolving around the PT axis and evolving.
i bow to the divine kalki avatar PT avatar .

jganesh said...

wow ! You are so observant and so thorough ! one is so fortunate You are here or one would have stayed/become one of these scary creatures ! i bow

Swati said...

O Higher and Divine ! ! bow to You O Lover of NaTure and MoTher earTh. You know what is the Problem and what is the solution, still people cannot see anywhere,they are happy in their more devoluting Cycle of life. The System has been created by west is really really derogatory, bring the Conscious and Conscience level down to the point of immorality, sinful state and all disease and sickness at early age, people don't realise, they feel medical science can help,they will pay and everything is fine, but it is more painful and torturing. Medical facilities are another market to play with the body and life of Beings.

What to talk about Life and death Cycle they even don't wish to come out of hell created by west.
They are living such a cumbersome life they don't know it's consequences. Time is really Powerful. Every One pay for their Actions-Karm.

Inspite of knowing the fact what generations has been doing and it's polluting consequences. No one wish to find out solution, noone even acknowledge Higher and Divine. They are completely lost in their self derogatory life. Polluting their family too.

It is my fortune, Your greatest Grace as I am able to see you, could acknowledge you, and able to praise and bow to You.

Praising and bowing to a real Divine~ Who is in real Actions to make this earth beautiful place to live. Who can impart real Knowledge of Shashtra Purans. The rear Knowledge which has been misinterpreted and translated wrongly, portrayed wrongly.

You are so GreaT to bring such beautiful wonders of knowledge, Pure Compassion and real Love for MoTher earTh.

Your Presence is so Auspicious and Uplifting. True charm of Your Presence can be felt well if one is eager to imbibe the nectar of your Grace through your Divine feet.
O Lord ! Please allow me to drink the NecTar of your Divine feet. Life is so Ugly without You.

! bow myself in Your LoTus feeT.

Swati said...

! bow to You for your Great Plog~eyeopening TruTh of life.

The Metro Type-Truly said on the name of development, all got authority to play with elements and NaTure, mother earth is suffering because of their mental sickness.Metros are over populated, over polluted full of traffic, crimes and corruptions showing dirty definition of development.

This picture of Development is really horrible and horrifyingly. Females should not take part in such actions on the name of women libration, don't support their family members for such kind of soul devoluting acts on the the name of development.

You are One and Only enlightened being here on earth, who has will power to destroy everything within a minute but you are so kind to educate and warn everyone. Allowing them to acknowledge real Higher and Divine and leave all custom and culture on the name of worship.

O ShivNarayan ! ! bow myself in Your LoTus feeT.