Monday, 18 January 2010

champions of tolerance

people on this planet

may not have many virtues left

but they are excelling in one

they are all jointly awarded

champions of tolerance

by lotusocean

tolerating nonsense


and in others ( people as well as systems )

is as automatic as breathing air to them

thats what all their relationships are based on

you tolerate my nonsense

and i will tolerate yours


males tolerate females for sex

females tolerate males

for fear of loneliness, financial reasons, selfimage ...

parents tolerate children & vice versa

friends tolerate friends

brattiness keeps on growing

discrimination keeps on dwindling

of course they cannot keep it up

all of the time

thus the fights & outbursts

but most of them do enough most of the time

to keep the facade going

the real funny bit is that

they think it is the sensible thing to do

nonsense + nonsense = sense


only time

doyens of tolerance

become extremely intolerant is

when they encounter

someone who points out their nonsense


Shahid said...

This post is fantastic and sooo true.

"you tolerate my nonsense
and i will tolerate yours

At your feet always PTji.....

fan said...

you bring out the hypocrisy so visibly. it's quite remarkable..

sarah said...

This is the exact basis for most relationships, I agree. That is fantastic insight into a treacherous situation.

In my experience, people tend to be better at tolerating their own nonsense than other's, but they really put up with a lot, either way.

Anonymous said...

:D! Lol! dhanyavad for so aPTly PoinTing out the nonsense P. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your Purely sensical feet. Your Precise discernment is one of Your infinite Divine qualities. one is comPleTely baffled by ones PasT ability to tolerate ones own nonsense as well as others. You make it imPossible to live with the nonsense. Your words are Powerfully rectifying. Your Divine insight is the most comPassionaTe gift P. i bow at Your all gnowing feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

You are the PhunniesT P! and so kind to continually helP one see ones own nonsense and Provide the only alternative action that makes sense! i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

it takes honesty to be intolerant
connection to Divine Provides virtue, Power & energy to live a truer liPhe

PsingulariTy said...

Divine has tolerated evililsh nonsense here till now, its benevolence that everything is not destroyer in five minutes down to nothingness

its not understood that there is no invincibility in all the created structure, its very fragile. concrete can rumble, crumble to ground, their Pavements slide, glide to nothingness, their metal could blow to Pieces, without a trace...

You are The ComPassionaTe One
You are soft as a cow !

ChandrA said...

True. We tolerate because of some fear. But, how to overcome fear?
Your help is needed very much.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

this was so PHUN to read !! lol You are so witty , so intelligent with Your humour

you tolerate my nonsense

and i will tolerate yours


You are so outside of all of this ... am so gratefull You are here !
You are my HERO !
You proove intelligence is worth more than all the money out there
and no one has more than YOU DO !!!!!!!!

i bow

Anonymous said...

Your observation is awesome. You're so right.
one is taught to be okay with having no real knowledge and one is expected to be tolerant of the nonsense that comes from not knowing..
all that talk about 'compromising' with each other is such a drag..
You are such a shining and brilliant being. Your Plogs are so awesome.
You are so wise..the world is merely a Playground for One like You..i bow

jganesh said...

You are so right ! i bow

K N said...

:) I bow!

Dhanyawad for pointing out our nonsense. Without you/your keen insights one wouldn't realise the nonsense within and around one. Your Plogs are ParamounT! You are beyond compare!!!!

I bow /\

lana_33 said...

a PhanTasTic Plog. Only You can hellP beings see their nonsense and change it. a relationship with You is the Only One in which there is no nonsense to tolerate, thus no fights or outbursts. i bow.

Swati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swati said...

SimPly, ! could not Phind anyone here who is not ParT of this tolerant game.

all are either ParT of this or if not Phind a Place to Pack themselves into and do all nonsense inside but what it may be they cannot Praise Divine, they cannot Praise Divine Virtues nor they would ever bow to Higher and Divine and ok to live a hellish life.

PhorTunate are those, who received Your blessings and able to Praise Your Divinity !!!

Praising You is Highest Pleasure of life one can ever think of !!!
! bow to Your suPreme Grace !!!

Swati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sarah chrystalline said...

You are so gracious to sPeak the truth when no one else will do it.
tolerating everything is not required, a better PhuTure is required.
only You can guide how to get there.