Sunday, 17 January 2010


what do translucents like to do

when they travel

" backpacking "

it involves putting a heavy load

on one's shoulders & back

and walking large distances

this is done regardless of

need & requirement

perfect training to be a donkey in the next life

it is an accepted form of torture

amongst others like bicycling up steep hills

for no rhyme or reason

walking barefoot on superheated concrete (roads/pavements)

is also part of this act

in their desperation to seek torture

after imparting torture

they are leaving no stone unturned


sreelatha said...

kya baat hai !

aap ne phir se sachayee safh safh bola hai

voh torture karte hai aur usse torture ke piche pade hai

aap hi sabhi vishaypn ko sahi sahi samajte hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

sarah said...

there is always so much to learn! i had speculated that the back-packing craze in female translucents was to do with staying fit in a way that is more socially acceptable than their previous eating disorder, and that the males wanted to earn status by pretending to have a relationship with nature. but it is actually about pain and torture straight out.

Anonymous said...

Your PersPecTive broadens ones ability to see the many ways we translucents make asses of ourselves! one is ever more grateful to be guided away from the ridiculousness of the (m)asses by Your Divine insight. dhanyavad P. i bow.

P3AZ21 said...

lol !
simPliciTy is not evil's forte
its Divine's forte

You are so very Divine

You are Divine

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Stylish Traveller

Divine PhracTality, coherence vids, beauty, grace, messages, Purification, Pacific... come to mind when one thinks of You travelling

without any backPacking ofcourse. You travel in real class and style.

You head the real Traveller's club.
You are The Dimensional Traveller. wow ! Grand ! Awing !

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

Your are so phunny and logical ! i bow

sarah anne said...

so hilariously accurate every time

Swati said...

🙏 Your are so witty to share beauty of Your distinctive Vision. after reading every Plog, ! Praise and bow to You because all these things ! observed and objected but You are the first One to Voice it loud. ! bow to Your wisdom.

Only Praising and Bowing Higher and Divine brings Pleasure, Provide vision to really see !!!
O Lord of the Third eye !! ! bow to You !!! 🙏

Swati said...

🙏 You are so Great to be here. seeing all this stupidity of beings and aPpreciaTing their style and travel freakness is another new market, glorification of Pain and torture.

! am so haPpy to see that You have highlighted all nonsense of the world, PoinTed out all crazy ideas of Phun. after reading this being will develoP some sense. ! bow to You !!! 🙏

sarah chrystalline said...

this is the most hilariously accurate insight imaginable !!!
sPoT on !!!
You absolutely nailed it !!!!
You are so comPassionaTe to state things clearly for what they are, and even laugh at it, people have to learn that what they are doing is madness !!!