Wednesday, 13 January 2010

is sanitizing sane anymore ?

the word 'sanitizing'

which has its roots in sanity

or sane (ity or ness)

is somehow no longer viewed

in terms of an internal attitude

restoring sane-ity therein

it has been reduced to

an unwholesome term

used to describe

the relentless fight against dirt and


through artificial means/mediums

talk about getting

priorities mixed up


sarah said...

the war against micro-organisms is truly insane, I agree!

Anonymous said...

! Your insights are astounding! i bow.

P3AZ21 said...

You show a true way of liPhe
You cut out all unnecessities, helP one see the real deal, the reality
You helP one see what is worthy to be cared & how, You helP one be more true
You helP one evolve
You are a great benefactor !

Anonymous said...

i bow!!!
You always have the most Profound PersPecTive P!!!
Your amazing ability to see into and gno the root of a thing! That which is hiding in Plain view which only One with Your Piercing sight, Your intelligence, Your gnoing can see and discern!
You are really SO kind to PoinT out the Truth!!!
There is no end to Your ability to show how crazy beings in this world are!
How confused beings here have become in their search for sanity!
You are the most beautiful examPle in every way of how True PuriTy comes from within!
So beautiful the way You exPlain what sanitizing actually is!
that it is an 'internal attitude' ' restoring sanity within'
You are the most sane being there is P!!!
one is reminded of one of Your ePic PT sPeaks ePisodes where You sPeak about beings trying to clean the dirt from their bodies and clothes, that such behavior is being at war with earth, at war their own bodies, and the result of which can only be and will always be pain, torture and hell!
You sPeak so coherenly and show how not sane beings actions are in this world!
how their actions and attitudes create more and more pain, torture and hell!
it becomes obvious how crazy and hellish are the many things they have created in their attempts to sanitze and be clean!
the 'relentless fight against dirt and micro-organisms through artificial means'
You have the most eloquent way of PuTing it P! So consise, so clear! So imPacTful and Powerful are the way You use words!
Your comPleTe coherence shows over and over again how incoherent beings actions here are!
How nonsensical and PoinTless are their mindsets, their attitudes, and the socieities and things they have built!
You show how uPside down this world really is!!!
You are SO generous to give beings here a chance to read truly coherent words, listen to coherent sounds, watch coherent Philms, to Praise the Only coherent being there is! to get their PrioriTies straight! To use their lives do the real work to align with the One who sees things as they really are, who gnos how things Truly PhuncTion rather than waste it doing crazy things and continuing on in hellish paradigms.
only You, only Divine can helP one attain a truly sanatized state of real and ProPer hygeine!
without You one one would not even gno such a state exists!
only You are caPable of dePhining the real meaning of words!
Divine is the only PrioriTy!!!
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The saneT
sane Crossing, P the Axis

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to the peace.
i bow to the sane.
i bow to your words.

jganesh said...

You are so phunny and so right ! i bow

Swati said...

🙏🙏🙏 O Higher and Divine !!! Your Profound insight into each asPecT or PersPecTive is worth reading and rereading aloud to inherent the real saneTy and to sanitize inner sPiriT !!!

lack of gnowledge creates fog and illusion on intellect,take away vision to see the reality and Your Divinity. Your Plogs are warmth of sun to remove all illusions and water of ganga to Purify/sanitize inner sPiriT ! bow to Your blissful gyan ki ganga !!! ! bow to You !!! 🙏🙏🙏