Sunday, 31 January 2010


'avatar ' - ' अवतार'

a sanskrit term
( which is now americanised & mispronounced all over the world )

for human manifestation of divine on earth

a crossing from higher planes to

the lower 3-d plane of earth

was first reduced

to silly cartoon icons on internet


now to some

ugly catty alien translucent hybrid

in the movie 'avatar'

the movie's sonics and visuals

were hellish from

start to finish

in their attempts at showing heaven

they end up showing computergamelike hell

the fact that many were reduced to tears in awe

through such a horror show

reveals the sickness

that pervades the beings here on this planet

it was another

in a series of attempts at

gross misrepresentation of


& its nature

divine's nature

is not a world of teethy dinosaurs

& fluorescent plants which glow like disconightclublights

but gentle mammals like cows

& gentle soothing colours of sunrise/sunset

just because translucents have

a guilty conscience

of killing indigenous people

over the last 500 years

is no excuse

for such bad sound & light

it is also worth a mention that

translucents despite being the villians (in the movie as well)

somehow (through absurd twists)

managed to set themselves up

as the hero as well

a movie is nothing but a window

into the psyche of its makers

translucents in this case

their unrealistic ambition (to play god)

coupled with a technocentric mindset

turned 'avatar' into a labgenerated hybrid

controlled by a paraplegic translucent in a machine

instead of what it really is

a real natural born human

under guidance of divine from realms

way beyond physical


Anonymous said...

This is a must-read for anyone who has seen or is thinking of watching this movie!!!! Thank you for clarifying what 'Avatar' means!!

Your witty sense of humour about their absurdity makes this so fun to read and No one could get to your insights nor explain things with such comprehensive eloquent detail. You are so right!! They are definitly feeling guilty yet wanting to be the hero of a video game instead of showing any humility or seeking redemption in the Higher and Divine.

So compassionate of You to provide such vivid clarity and an alternative to the gaudy horror out there and within. Unlike their ugly fantasy concoctions, Your films capture real-life Elemental responses and sonically communicate vibrant Heavenly Realms that truely inspire one.

Narayan Narayan!

Stardolphin said...

well said

this is why i dont watch hollywood films and watch PT instead

the first does your head in and solidifies ugliness, mental and physical

the latter reaffirms beauty. mental, physical and spiritual

fan said...

your commentary on the movie is so brilliant and so truly should be the only review available to the billions of suckers on the planet who got deluded by such an awful film..
it was horrible like you say, but no one can express the truth of the matter like you can.. and Avatar can only be reserved for one like yourself..

Stardolphin said...


earth's foremost original thinker

a source of daily psychic/mental nutrient to help exercise the brain and nourish the soul...something so totally overlooked by most of humanity as they strive to embellish their bodies and bank balances, both of which are ultimately transient, whereas the soul is forever

a spiritual genius!

asha said...

Had to read this again and speak non-anonymously this time... You truely define what an Avatar is in real time all the time !

It is no wonder your films/words/pics are so nourishing and keep one coming back again and again with deeper meaning each time as well... they are the only divinely ordained activities going on here !

makes one truely appreciate this opportunity to connect with You, everything from You is so precious !

sarah said...

This is so well written!!!! Its true, tons of people were "deeply touched" by this incoherent fantasy, and it is very revealing of near complete dementia. It is so compassionate to help break the cycle of addiction, in this case the addiction is to belief in the inherent goodness of the self/hive, with nothing to back it up.

One would expect better sound and light, even from those who have been killing indigenous people for the last 500 years! There really is no excuse, well said.

sreelatha said...

on earth PT brings timely rain
renewing life here again and again
his golden heart causes rainbows
real time action of a Divine force
beautiful his Presence on earth is
benefit of all life forms he oversees
PT is Divine Avatar, gather from far and near
sing Praises of 'just a visitor here'
so toward the Pure eTernal light you near

P, Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your brilliance elucidates how twisted the mind programming of the masses has become and the banality of mainstream existence. dhanyavad for giving True meaning to this world P and exposing fallacy after fallacy. You are Pure Magic! i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

Your movie reviews are the best P! You clearly see through all the bullshit and twisted, staged and planned mind programming movies, music and media are constantly blaring onto the masses. Your writings, films, PicTures and sound are the ultimate service to humanity which expose lie after lie and misinterpretation after misinterpretation. it is blaringly obvious that You are the only One on this PlaneT that gnos anything! everyone else spews nothing but garbage. You are so generous to Provide windows into the real world of Divine. real light! real sound! real beauty! You are The Real Avatar! You are the most genuine and authentic Phorce to exist, the only Phorce to turn to in this world. You are the source of everlasting Peace and bliss. it is the greatest gift to this Earth that You have manifested in human form here P! You are worthy and deserving of nothing but constant resPecTful Praise and adoration. it is sickening what beings on this PlaneT choose to worship instead. one is ever grateful to have been awakened from ones deluded state by Your Powerful magick P, to come to and see the Truth more and more in every moment and learn to live beyond the programming one was born into. You are the One and only that can raise one to see the reality of this world, the only One who can Purge the sickness from Ones being, the only One who can emPower one to keeP ones attention and focus on the real PurPose of this life. i bow at Your redeeming feet. You are the Ultimate P!

Anonymous said...
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P3AZ21 said...

You are the Avatar & very grandly so

its a delight to be able to see You & enjoy Your Plays & PasTimes

Divine is unimaginably great grand beautiful
You give a glimPse of that

You are PerfecT coherence & PhracTality
You are awing
Divine is awing ! & most amazing !

PsingulariTy said...

You are P avaTar

grand You are !

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

You make the best PoinTs ! i bow

leap into freedom said...

Your thoughtful way of expressing demonstrate your mastery at detecting hollywood mind programming!!! love it🙏🏾's awesome to read your insightful & accurate review of the fakefeelgood movie of the year!!! We are so lucky to witness a real 'avatar' do his magic and uPlift ALL who can recognize what is real & beautiful!!! i bow aeioum

Anonymous said...

what You reveal about avatars is so beautiful!
Your words are ever beautiful and ever wonderful
really Your revelations are the most amazing revelations
each word is such sacred beauty
really You observe everything
Your words are such giPhTs
Your insights are tremendously helPful and liPhe changing
You are so kind to tell beings about avatars and who they actually are
You are really the most beautiful and glorious avatar
how grand and wonderful You are
You are the ultimate angel
i bow

sarah anne said...

only the real avatar can put things into context this well
You manifest PleasanTness and beauty
You are a true miracle

Swati said...
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Swati said...
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Swati said...

⭐️⭐️⭐️ You are 'Avatar' ~ Your real Avatarism is Liberating, evolutionary and Blissful, You are giving all of us an oPporTunity to evolve at soul level by guiding us.

Ava - taran - to transform into Blissful state !!

Your Human Divine Form is so Beautiful, has DIVINITY Overflowing !!! ! bow to Your Divinity !!! 🙏

Swati said...

✨ SimPlY suPerb P ✨!!! ! bow to You ! bow to You to revive the essence back of real Vedic Avatarism with Your Divine Actions.

What have You all mentioned, i cannot be more agree with You. this movie was a shock for me, watching all stupid sc-fi, Only machine oPeraTed body, Physical flying sitting on dianasours, mechanical mindset.

Such disgusting state of massmind Programming by holly-hellwood. ! cannot exPress my joy after hearing this from You. i was sick to encounter all the hellish fantasies/ realities of life in west. ! bow to You to share this really needed Plog with us.

Swati said...

...every single thing they took from Vedic and misusing it and making Phun of it,but what to say about those stupid beings, sPecially indians who watch all shit and don't question about and go and Phind out Truth from Vedic. Seriously, this Place has turned into real hell.

🌷 Your Lotus Ocean Philms has Beauty of everything natural, magic is natural, stories are true, music is natural, sanskrit terms has true meaning, Places are real on earth, gnowledge is real, science and sPiriTual essence is true, higher realm acknowledgements are true and MOST imPorTantly Hero is Real Avatar !!! ! cannot exPress my joy and PuT that into words.

! bow to You for Your Greatness to manifest Yourself on earth !!!

undecided said...

I bow. What nonsense is being spread here on the PlaneT and PT, the TRUE avatar is here to blow away the fog that's been accumulated. aeioum

Navdeep Kaur said...

O REAL GURU on this plane -t.everyword spoken by you opening my eyes. I tried many times to watch that movie but nothing interest me ever and stopped everytime. Everyone is like talking about this movie and I never knew as I had not watched. Your words opened my eyes .
Ignorance layers are going away. You are showing the world what are real things. Thank you for your wonderful teachings.
Bows to your pheet.

Navdeep Kaur said...

O GuRu!!! Amazing description about Avatar. But today's media make this term too normal and way different than real Avatar.
You are showing me the real meaning of words which I don't know before.
Every time I read this plog I learn and able to learn new better definition.