Tuesday, 19 July 2011

तपस्या - tapasya

through movies & media

people of this planet

have been programmed

to think

that power comes from

going to gym


lacing oneself with metal & technology

the truth is that

DNA/soul is not enhanced but

perturbed by this

real power/bliss comes through tapasya

(penance being the closest term in english)

& only tapasya


praising high & divine


vintish said...

Impressive , so beautiful epic , You are great... Narayan Narayan , I bow...

Yashanvitha said...
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asha said...

People today are so stupid and do/talk too much nonsense.

You are the only One compassionately defining words and illustrating the proper attitude to imbibe... we would be lost without You.

You sort it all out !

vintish said...

Agree with Asha...

sarah said...

Tapasya is so much easier than one could have ever imagined! even without the motivation of personal power, there is so much that is praise inspiring to be seen/heard!
i bow

amanda v said...

i bow. You give the most clarifying definition of words and terms P. You are so unbelievably kind to steer one away from the devoluting and absurd gym and techno obsessed programming toward how imPorTant, how necessary, how essential TaPasya is! You are the real Power to be resPecTed constantly. i bow at Your bliss filled feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

TaPasya is necessaary for evolution
all vedic/Puranic stories show how Power was gained through TaPasya

amanda said...

i bow
'& only TaPasya
is Praising High & Divine'
Such a beautiful and clear dePhiniTion of what TaPasya is! of What Penance is!
There is none more Powerful than You P!
You are Power! You are the Highest and most Divine!
Everything You DO is the Highest exPression of Your Divinity!
You Praise Divine with Your every breathe!
agree with the comments here.
SO grateful You are here sorting it out!
SO grateful You are here making it clear that TaPasya is what this life is for
That there is no other PurPose in this life but to Praise You! Serve You! Bow to You!
You are so generous in ALL the ways You Provide for one to Praise!
for one to Truly raise ones Power, exPerience bliss and evolve ones DNA.
so grateful for Your Plogs, LotusOcean and PT sPeaks and all the ways You Teach how scientiPhic it all is!
for all the ways You Provide for one and any here to move toward You.
i bow

amaya said...

i bow

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

Your Plogs are so beautiful. You so kindly tell us what to do. You show one the true PaTh. You are so comPassionaTe.Your words are so decisive and beautiful.

sarah anne said...

this is such a fascinating , logical concePT
Your PerspecTives and education are so elucidating !

sarah anne said...

Praising You is the most enjoyable activity.
TaPasya is the only phun thing

07 08 said...

You sPeak logic and truth! Divine is all PraiseworThy , to be able to sing Divines Praises at all times brings clarity and bliss! Praising higher and Divine is the only tapasya, and that's what one wants to be able to do with comPleTe sincerity and dedication!
i bow