Sunday, 24 July 2011

foolish & fool of pride

not only are

the people on this

planet programmed to be

foolish & ignorant

they are for some unknown reason

full (fool) of pride too

its a deadly cocktail

foolishness and false pride

foolish to a degree

that they don't even gno

the basics of living

what to eat

what to do

what not to

they have no idea of

this world

or its history

they can't navigate

through life here

let alone in afterlife

yet many claim that

'they gno everything'

most behave like

they know what they are doing

the pride is so full

that some can't even realize

to any extent that

they are foolish or ignorant

this false pride is

pumped into them

like hot air in balloons


their evil controllers


as long as they


foolish & proud

they can never really learn

& thus have no chance of

escaping the matrix of hell

how shallow their pride is

seen from how quickly they swallow it

when they toil in the meaningless/mindless

jobs of evil

to basically just survive


vintish said...

so true , a robotic mind /life ... I bow...

sarah said...

It's so true, people are programmed to self-desruct.

Amanda V said...

i bow.

amanda v said...

i bow!

This is such an intensely accurate account of the state of people in this world P!
it is frighteningly sobering for one to see how pumped uP of foolish pride one once was!
nothing but a completely ignorant pawn in the hands of the evil controllers! so clueless and without any gnowledge whatsoever!

You are the only One who really gnos what is going on in this world and beyond P! it is You who gnos the way. PT, the navigator is the only real hoPe there is to escaPe the matrix of this world.

i bow to the One and only True Source there is and beg for Divines forgiveness for my many foolish ways.

amanda said...

'it's a deadly cocktail foolishness and false pride'
i bow!
Divine is so kind to state the facts and show how foolish it is for one who doesnt gno to think and act like they gno!!!
Divine makes it so clear that if one doesnt gno how to guide their spirit after death one doesnt gno anything!!!
it is most humbling when one honestly faces and acknowledges this Truth!
it is still appalling for one to recognize the extent of ones foolishness.
that one has not had any basics ever and always acted like one gnew what one was doing!
that this attitude is plain stupid and crazy!
it is really kind of Divine to exPlain that one who is foolish and prideful can not learn and has no chance of escaping hell.
to make it clear how essential it is for one to learn and establish basics.
i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

what a high class being You are P !
You never worked ever
You never needed to

You are so grand
an insPiraTion

You lead by examPle, You are the grandest examPle of how to be ! how to tend to be !

Your style of sPeaking the Truth is tremendously beautiful !

amanda said...

i bow
You are the only ONE who gnos the real history of this world!
the only ONE who gnos what is really going on!
the only ONE who gnos how to escaPe
i bow in shame for having been such a shallow fool ones whole pathetic life P
for ever thinking one gnew anything!
You are the only ONE to trust!
the only ONE to obey!
You are the only ONE who gnos the way!
this world is such a frightening place! filled with frightening programmed zombies and creatures!
the only safe place is at the refuge of Your feet!
in humble service to You is the only Place to be!
i bow

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

You are so full of absolute kindness. You write so comPassionately and Your words are so Profound. Your overstanding is so awesome.Your Plogs are so great. You write so beautifully about the state of this world. You are so absolutely right and Your observation Powers are beyond awesome and great.You are so absolutely intelligent.

sarah anne said...

the way You convey concepts with words is legendary

amaya said...

Your words are so ePic
You sPeak the truth
they are foolish to a degree that they don't even know the basics of living..
wow Phenomenal observations
Your revelations blow the little mind
Your words are beyond legendary
You are so above all this nonsense
You can so effortlessly observe what's going on in this world
it's all so low vibration
they can be so easily fooled
it's so true
everyone is so foolish and fool of pride
You have such a great way of putting it
Your words are the only words to read
You're the best
i bow

jganesh said...

You are the most humble and egoless Being ! You have the most imPressive learning attitude ! i bow