Thursday, 7 July 2011

Crop Circles - the Rhyme & the Reason


Asha said...

what a compassionate sound light scripture of divine ! it is all encompassing fractal perfection as are You !

Yati said...


vintish said...

I bow...

vintish said...

This the besT video ever...

Yashanvitha said...

so is too dull n time consuming game infront of the crop circle game with Galactic Arcturians n white winged ones of consciousness of 9.PT shud b given the man of the match n world cup trophy for these crop circle match:)

PT - The Axis said...

Yashanvitha this is not just a cropcircle match ... this interplay is the essence of Everything in this Multiverse.

Yashanvitha said...

yes sir, i know of this interplay:)but world is wasting the time in so many wasteful matches than giving the attention on the essence of everything.queen has failed to notice it.obama is just ready to fly with his new space ministers are too busy to recognise this phenomenon,sportsmen r too worried about fixing the matches,actors r glorified as GODS.let them all get the news that there is a new kind of game/match/interplay between the dimensions happening here,let them all recognise this n honour u with due respect.

asha said...

important beautiful film and comment P, your always so compassionately leading everyone to the Point !

sree said...

responses from elementals are ample to show that you are divine. its such Phun to see the saga of crop formations to your sound and light.

i bow

Shahid said...

Excellent video..It was delightful to watch this video with so many pics of yours and the various crop circles.

Its amazing that a crop circle appears within a few Hours or the next day after your musical play
and the crop circle exactly confirms to whatever the theme was of your previous play-WOW!!!
(No Politician,Actor,Guru etc on Earth can do this expect You.)

amruta patil said...

You are beautiful.

sreelatha said...

Aap mahan hai

Aap ke karan aaye sabi Phasal sanrachnaye bahut sundar hai

Aap hi unke sahi ardh samajte hai aur sab ko dikhate hai

koyee unka ardh sahi tarah se nahi samjta par jab aapke Phasal sanracnaon se sambandit videos dekhte hai to bahut accha lagta hai, ardh samaj mein ata hai

joh jitna vinamr ho, uttna jyada samaj mein aata hai

"understanding requires standing under"

"the gravity of listening"

Aap ki "2012 is just the Begining ... PT's PerspecTive ~ Crop Circles 2012 " video bahut adbut hai

vah dikhata hai ki hamesha har koan se Phasal sanrachnaye kaisi adbut hai

aur dikhata hai ki anjane andekhi kitni fractality ankhon ke samne hi hai

Phasal sanrachnaye jaise bante hai, jaha bante hai, jab bante hai ... sab ardh bare hai

aur har sal ek vishay mein bante hai, flower of life, Tri-ness, aap ke nivas sambandit ...

Aap ki sari Phasal sanrachnaye sambandit videos adbut hai

Aap ke sare LotusOcean dhwani aur Prakash ke videos adbut hai

Aap Good Wizard hai jinki jadu duniya mein PrachaliT hai

Phasal sanrachnaye Praman hai

Aap bahut mithe vaktiv hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ki white horses bahut tej chalti hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap Param Pujaneeya hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Amanda V said...

Phenomenal! i bow.