Tuesday, 19 July 2011


there are lot of

researchers now

focusing on

symbols/rituals used by

those who uphold

the evil structure

which oversees the

unwholesome systems of this planet

the funny part is that

most of these researchers

have hardly any gnowledge of

occult or real science

so they just get

bamboozled by all the data

they see everywhere

also most importantly

in all this confusion

they miss the critical factor -

the hellish paradigm

under which these symbols are used

symbols are not evil or satanic

(as they like to refer to them)

within themselves

they are just gateways to

pure principles governing

this multiverse

it all depends

on the level where the

symbol is used

same symbol

can be used in

heaven or hell


completely different

feel & outcome


vintish said...

so true , caPTain PT deserve to rule this earth ( Praja PaTi )Ruler.Mastery in every way... I bow...

Yashanvitha said...

symbols r like fire which can b used either of the way -to evolve or to devolve depending on the purpose n motives.but the karma of misusing it wud definitely comes back as they all have the source within the will of the divine.symbols r utilised to tranform the negative energies into positive energies.your presence on earth has brought out many more symbols as crop designs for which one ought to bow to u.ur presence itself is the warning that no one shud misuse it anymore.

sarah said...

this analysis is so simplifying!

It is so important to appreciate metaphor and context, whether one is examining the swastika or the numerous symbols on the dollar bill!

It is such a treat to have access to a higher perception!

sreelatha said...

bahut adbut baat hai !

symbols sabi jagah hai par koyee unhe sachi tarah se samajta nahi

phasal sanrachnaon mein bahut se symbols ate hai

Aap ka shub Tri-ness , PT symbolism prakruti mein fractally bahut bar dhikta hai

PT ki mukyata dikhane

P duniya mein log parking ke liye upayog karte hai

jab P asal mein logon ko chalate hai, parking se bachate hai

Aap sabhi tarah ke symbols ke sahi ardh samajte hai

aur samay samay se samjate bhi hai

Aap mahan hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

sreelatha said...

joh dollar hi note hai us par to itne symbol hai, likavat bhi

lakhon logon ke pas hai par koyee dyan se nahi dekhta, 'enquiry sense' bahut kam hai duniya mein

symbols ke saat isa hi hai, charon oor hai par jyadatar koyee dyan nahi deta

par teek baat bhi hai, log baas yaha vaha ki jankari ikkata kar le par coherence itna nahi ki jan paye ki asal mein kya hai

Aap joh gyan ke stotr hai, aap sab jante hai, sab sahi sahi samajte hai

Aap jaise gyanvan ki upasthiti ka
utsav mannana duniya mein teek baat hogi

Aap mahan hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Amanda V said...

i bow.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

Your intelligence is legendary !!!!
symbols are not evil or satanic

(as they like to refer to them)

within themselves

they are just gateways to

pure principles governing

this multiverse

just have to bow to Your brilliance !!!!

sarah anne said...

Your mercurial wit and wisdom is so ePic

jganesh said...

You have the Highest viewPoinTs ! You are so kind to clarify this ! symbols can be used to empower or to disempower ! You are so smart ! i bow

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Only you can discern...
Only you penetrated the illusion..
Only you are a real male on this planet...

I Bow to you O Divine One.