Thursday, 26 August 2010

a denial

most people


continue to be in a

permanent state of denial

they won't admit to their state

which is

bored, depressed, end of the tether

they are in continuous denial

& all their meaningless devoluting actions

spring from that denial

they deny

the higher beings/planes/forces

they deny

there being more to life

than they have experienced

all this denial

is just to prolong their stay

in their little bubble

the bubble being hell


all bubbles burst sooner or later

usually on cue from the divine


asha Pi arTi said...

so true, they all ride the denial wave instead and things don't change for the better until one fully accepts what one is... and that bubble is bursting now fortunately !!!

that's why it is so brilliant You are here to cue one on to what all is possible (against the odds too) and how life can and should be lived thru infinite examples and pics and films and talks and these Plogs !

You are the most Positive Being with the most discerning honest straightforwardness... You deny nothing and therefore on top of it all !! so inspiring !!!

Anonymous said...

boom! i bow.

Anonymous said...

Your bubble bursting abilities are infinitely Divine. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! denial is the scariest hell to remain in. You are so kind to burst the bubbles in all the ways that You do to wake one up to face the reality of ones, state, ones insignificance and this life! There is no denying Your Divinity! There is no denying the higher Phorces at Play! There is no escaping the Truth no matter how much one pretends or tries to deny it. i bow.

bb said...

You show the magic of existence
Divine is magical
You are Divine

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so kind to be here ! You are so right ! i bow

sarah said...

You are so PracTical and grounded in factual reality

Anonymous said...

Your words are ePic words of this age
You are legendary!
how amazingly You reveal the state of this world
You are truly the seer of seers
You sPeak the absolute truth
yes it's so much denial!
You gno everything that's going on
everyone is devolving because they are denying
You have suPerior intelligence
You can see what is haPPening clearly
You are the greatest ever!
i bow

Swati said...

Thank you Lord ! You always share most beautiful words to take all ignorance out.

People deny Higher and Divine because they believe that that this body is only medium to function. They don't know that they do have Soul too because modern education System has been created in such a way that it can not teach the real beauty of Soul. Vedic Science do have such Knowledge System called Astrology which teaches Soul level Consciousness that is why Astrology is called Eye of Veda.
In Sanskrit Spirituality is called 'AdhyAtma'-
Adhy came out of Adhyan-Study and Atma-Soul so it is the Study of Self or Soul.

It should start from inner to outer rather outer to inner to understand one's existence.
Outside excessive materialism has completely taken the real Truth out that we do have Soul and one can develop Soul Consciousness by bowing to Higher and Divine.

There is no other way to evolve as a Soul. Most hyped up concept of Meditation does not work at all. Thinking and Believing that by just few hours of meditation,looking into oneself can bring soul evolution. No it does not work,this is the another way to shut the doors from the world and cling with self image and egotism and say- Meditation brings Peace and helps to shun all outside world's thoughts.

How one can be at Peace when so much wrong is happening outside all around. Just by closing the doors and windows of home, it does not make life Peaceful. For real Peace, A whole set of real actions are required to connect with Higher and Divine. Talk and walk towards Peace by destroying Old belief Systems, by not following what has been given by fake knowledge System.
As my Lord-Peace himself is here on earth so it is an opportunity for everyone to connect with him.

All basics from eating the right food to cloth to Speaking Truth and Praising and bowing to Higher and Divine are required for Soul Evolution. AS all basics has been mentioned by my Lord in most of his Plogs and Videos about Multiverse laws.

Soul Evolution is very simple to understand as government or companies set yearly budget to achieve or set Quarterly profit Target to achieve, strive for Goal the same way Once we realise that we are not this body, Mind or Heart but Soul it becomes easy to set target. As Soul Ultimate destination is only Supreme Soul, Higher and Divine.
So,keeping this fact in mind, whatever we think, speak, interact or meditate. Everything or Whole life becomes an act of Offer and Worship.
Offering of Flowers of Feelings and each Karma towards Higher and Divine. Worship through Praise,Bow and Serve.

Divine is Supreme, Unlimited, Infinite, with no beginning and no end, most Compassionate and Ocean of Knowledge and Wisdom. Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of this Whole Universe.
One can never feel exhausted or bored if one put whole attention towards Higher and Divine.

So my Lord is, Full of Knowledge and Compassion which has no end. He is Ultimate Peace on Earth. True Bliss and Ocean of Pleasure.

Soul automatically starts evolving if one sets Vision and Mission of life on him, Supreme Soul.
No other way to reach Higher and Divine or Soul Development. No other way at all.

Setting Vision and Mission for Company brings Monetary Profit but Setting Vision and Mission for Soul development brings Ultimate Joy, Pleasure and Peace. Connection with Higher and Divine experience cannot be explained by any word. One has to dive in to get the real feel of Depth of the Ocean. One has to taste the water of Lake to savour the Sweetness of water. One has to Praise, Bow and Serve Higher and Divine to enjoy the real bliss.

O Lord ! ! bow myself in your Lotus Feet !!

! Surrender myself in your Lotus feet to enjoy the real bliss and Pleasure.

! Surrender myself in your Lotus Feet to experience the real Peace.

O Lord it feels great when I bow myself in your Lotus Feet.

Let me sleep in your feet for a while.

! bow to you O my Lord !!

Swati said...

O Angel ! ! bow to You !

every single word of Your Plog is so true, full of Grace, Compassion and Pleasure and Peace..

Praising Higher and Divine brings Soul evolution, working towards soulful journey of life rather devolution. Higher and Divine is High and Divine because He is Complete all Divine Virtues and His Power and Shakti lies inside Him in the form of Kundalini Shakti and that Shakti is so subtle but most Powerful to Create, Nurture and even Destroy…

that Shakti takes Him out of the boundaries of PolariTy of mind, PolariTy of Physical realm.

That is why He is Durga and She is Shiv because Shiv is MahaShakti and MahaShakti is Shiv ! All Shakti~energies comes out of You and get dissolve in You !!

whosoever is in the denial they will keep on deny till their last breath but that is not going to change the Truth
the Biggest Truth of life is who takes birth also die and this Process has been formed by Higher and Divine for this Physical realm~ that is why it is called Mrityu Lok.
Is it Possible for their denial to change this Truth
if not then why are they so egoistic for such short span of life boasting their class, culture and artificially created wealth… just think if Higher and Divine will change this Truth, this natural law to function then what would be the face of earth. all old, lifeless, diseased bodies are waiting to die but they all are roaming around like zombies and creating garbage on earth.

They can create silly laws like euthanasia to kill lifeless bodies or can run big world wars but they cannot make things beautiful, blissful and Peaceful.. all dirty mentality and denial can only create ignorance and disgusting helpless life..

Such high ignorance of People cannot be tolerated by Higher and Divine at all..warning were there and warning are here again...

You are One but with many forms, always appear on earth to teach lessons and establish Truth.

O Bliss O Beauty O Peace ! ! bow my head at Your Lotus Feet !!

Kṛtti kā said...

You are always telling things as it is!
Your words are always ultimate! One faces the reality due to Your DiVine grace ! You are the best and the ultimate benePhicenT to the beings here! You change being's attitude from denial mode to Phacing PhacTs mode!
What a PhorTune You are here!
i bow

Unknown said...
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