Tuesday, 24 August 2010


since the advent of photoshop

this world is full

of un-natural worked on images

of nature

and natural phenomenon

which aim to have a one up

on the real

its also become the main tool

people use to

hide their ugliness

they are turning

nature into

a edgy plasticky thing

like a hollywood film

full of crazy special effects

they find nature too bland and boring

just because they can't utilize it properly

they find their own reality bland and boring too

& they are not ready to do what is required to change it

instead they are creating

a virtual hellish reality of their own

which they think will give them happiness

& a break thru to higher dimensions

its only going to give them

more hell & suffering

most of the so-called

spiritual pictures

circulating on the net

made through these programs

are all so gaudy & tasteless

they certainly depict the hell

that is inside the beings creating it

rather than any angelicness


sarah said...

When browsing lotusocean pics, one is struck by how many of them are what magazines try to emulate. Some look like high budget hipster glamour shots, while others are aped by the yuppie/hippie demographic. One is accustomed to "spiritual" art/sound being the corniest demographic of all, so it is such a service to demonstrate that things don't have to be that way.

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your PhoTos, Your Plogs, Your Music and Videos, You and all You do exemplify True, unadultered and unmanipulated Beauty. i bow at Your beautiful feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

Your PhoTos on the other hand do not need PhotoshoP, the effects are all natural
You create Your own light
You are a coherence PhracTal
most beautiful You are !

Divine's image is what we see as You
You are Divine

sarah anne said...

You are more gorgeous than anything photoshoppers could dream of in their wildest fantasies

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

what an amazing observation ! so true ! i bow

Swati said...

Thank you O Lord for being so Real. Other than you everything is fraud, fake, cheating, duplicacy, unrealistic, lie, mock, mimicry and Photoshopped.

Not only appearance but also quality too all genetic engineering with seed, plants turning bonsai.

The more they are going to play with the divine Nature the more devastating results will take shape and they have to suffer the consequences.

From Poly bags to People's mind, smile and even Soul turned into plastic to cling with soil-physical and polluting the whole Universe.

Thank you O Lord to bring breeze to breath, life water to drink and Sky to sleep under.

You are that Sky of immensity and Majesticity to cover all sorrows of the World and turn it into smiles.

O Lord !! From where you came into my life ? Where is your abode ? What do you eat ? What do you think ? What do you feel ? What do you dream ? How do you look ? How do you have so much Grace and Glory ? What is essence of your beauty ? How all devotees find peace in your feet ?

O My Lord !! the more I See you the more I wish to know about you and more I see you more i get captured in your Grace. The more I imagine about you more I find myself unable to think anything else but you.
O divine it is difficult for myself to handle my own energies what to say about you.

You are Sun - The Cosmic Powerhouse.
You are those 27 Celestial Portal.
You are Key to open and command all Energies.

O Lord ! You are One Energy Vortex of this Cosmic Cycle.

O Lord !! Please allow me to sleep in your Lotus Feet !!

! bow to you O my Lord !!

Swati said...

O Lord of Divine Wisdom ! ! bow to You !

looking only at surface level and turning twisting the face, may it be nature, beings, animals,birds or this whole existence of BhooDevi.
Such is the level of knowledge of whole worldly drama created here on earth.

Big Talk,Big Parade and Propaganda of learning and knowledge but ultimately turning everything into plastic, photoshop, polishing and presenting..

Very True said ~
they find nature too bland and boring
just because they can't utilize it properly

this intellectual, advanced, modern western world
has turned everything into Plastic and PhoToshop,
because they cannot utilise the inherent energies and aPPreciate, Preserve them in their own natural state, out of their boredom they Play with
nature, induce their infected and polluted chemicals, intentions, thoughts.

O Most Beautiful Divine Soul ! ! am really grateful to You for Your Presence on earth and destroy ugly thoughts of enemies of nature.

! bow to You !! ! bow down to Your Lotus Pheet !!

रेshma said...
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