Sunday, 22 August 2010


there is a

general feeling created

in this world

that the way one speaks

has no bearing on

one's evolution

so an annoying twisty accent

like the american accent

pushed via hollywood

is considered good enough for

any kind of evolution

in the same way

evolution is deemed possible

while eating mcburgers

in plastic surrounded by plastic

in the west

they are taught a brand of yoga

in which

body posture has to be gotten right

but speech is not an issue at all

the mantras can always be spoken

with an american accent

& expected to work

so lotusocean is forced

to set the record straight

no one can evolve beyond a certain level

without losing these

contorted sidey twisted

ways of speaking

which are designed to be

offensive to high & divine

they are the opposite of grace

grace being

the only ticket to evolution

grace which can

only come through humility to divine

within and without


asha said...

wow ! I bow ! LotusOcean always proves that one was pursuing a very pointless existence before !!
its all so very true !

& what an eyeopener this statement is !! :

'no one can evolve beyond a certain level without losing these contorted sidey twisted ways of speaking which are designed to be offensive to high & divine'

one is so glad now to learn how to change ones voice which is one's adornment and represents oneself to Higher Beings !

You are the best Teacher and one is very fortunate to learn from the Highest Being !

I bow !!

Amanda V said...

i bow. one is ever grateful for Your Divine clarification on the utmost imPortance of speaking from the center. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

amanda v said...

i bow!

You are so kind to inPhorm one of the imPorTance of ones sPeech and guide one in losing ones accent P.
to learn it is actually designed to be offensive to Divine makes it even more motivating!

i bow to the Highest and most Divine.

P3AZ21 said...

wow ! what are great Plog !

all Plogs are great ! they are Truth

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

Your immaculate vocal beauty and capacity for nuance is infinitely fascinating. You are so amazing to educate about a crucial piece of why You are so much more PleasanT than anyone else, so everyone can strive to be less offensive in this important way also.

jganesh said...

You have the most centered speech ! You are so graceful ! i bow

Swati said...
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Swati said...

Thank you Lord for sharing the reality with everyone. What is it required for real Evolution.

But the reality is no one is looking for Evolution, Does anyone even know the word called Evolution. Everyone is happy to be part of this rut of birth,Career,Marriage and death. No other real agenda on the card.

Matter of fact is people take pride to learn accent and specially this young crowd and non americans, and it is fashion to be part of wellness club which is the part of another market called Yoga, Herbal Medicines(though nothing is herbal about) Meditation (meditation on oneself) and Healing Therapies.

Another fancy market for huge money centric practices leading towards hollowness and becoming slave of self- aggrandizement.

Any action which is not thoughtful and not leading Soul more closer towards Higher and Divine, called complete wastage of whole life.

Thank you O Lord for teaching real meaning of Evolution. Thank You for being so kind and compassionate.

! bow to you ! bow myself in your Lotus Feet !