Thursday, 26 August 2010


if one looks at


or military

or even sci-fi programs like stargate sg-1

its still all

mostly about shooting

at anything & everything


they feel

can defend

against any race/civilization

no matter how

advanced or superior

there is a certain race

which has taken

over lands on this planet by guns


it sees it as the only way

to protect the territory

it has usurped

this race has characteristics

similar to

klingons in startrek

& harkonnens in dune

it however never admits to it


it portrays itself

as the

civilized goodguys

it forgets

one never became


by just

faking it

on the screen

the only real gun

is the

3rd eye

which shoots the soul


higher dimensions


mary wynne said...

Thank you for your words of wisdom. You mention "Americans" in less than glowing terms. I was born in Italy,
& live in North America; not all Americans are lacking in
knowing; and there is also South Americans. Not all of us
listen to the dribble of Hollywood, etc.

PT - The Axis said...

mary, if your read through all my blogs you will discover that
i talk about the whole of humanity in less than glowing terms.

exceptions are everywhere but they don't direct the affairs on this planet.
even these exceptions are not exceptional enough from a divine perspective.

vintish said...

Pranam vasudev :)....... Beautiful

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

Your Plogs are rejuvenating droPs of medicine that can strengthen one to walk the Path towards evolution

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

You are so right ! what a great PoinT ! i bow

sarah anne said...

You are so intelligent, You notice the deficiencies in harkonnen thinking and action and truly provide every opportunity for it to be corrected before You commence annihilation.

Swati said...

Thank you O Lord for being very clear in your approach.

One must see all aspects of something and end result to take shape in long term. Being a human being we may commit mistakes but before any action to be taken well thought has been rendered into bigger perspective for comman good and seeking grace of Almighty, he surely comes and guide.

All guns and Missiles can destroy many and protect territories but it's Only real knowledge which destroy all illusions. Illusions of being Best and Superior only third eye can help to discover hidden truth of existence and Highest Knowledge of One Truth.

Only Almighty is the highest and Superior and Avatar who come and take initiative to make this earth better place to live.

Once you said Science is the biggest religion now a days even more than other Religions.
Very True, so true, you are always correct and perfect, root cause of this world problem is this fake science who does not believe into higher dimensions and any Power superior. And the most awarded mindsets behind this are called scientist to make this earth filthy and ugly through their fake imagination.

All Natural calamities are the reason when Nature takes it's revenge and they have to face the wrath and pay the cost by sufferings life after life.

Your Divine attitude is much higher to envision and content your wholesomeness into these eyes of heart, mind, Soul and even my existence.

O Lord! My heartiest congratulations to those who are able to even bow in front of you and my whole existence is in your service.

Thankyou O legend ! O Tri !

! surrender myself in your Lotus Feet !

Swati said...

! bow to You O Divine Soul !

so true, if any one can only focus on guns then it should be third eye gun to shoot the Soul to higher dimension…


one can focus on 'guns’ ~ गुण~ Divine Virtues of Sakar and Sadgun~Avatar and His PerfecT Highest Virtues, PhracTaliTy.

these guns are worth Praise, worth respect and worth bowing.

Your PhracTaliTy, Your Highest Divine Virtues and Your Coherent charged Supreme Soul, Your Physical Presence on this earth is unique and beyond imagination...
Your ComPlete PicTure of life is so so so amazing, full of Pleasure and Bliss.

when You sPeak, You Pour gold on earth...each word of Yours becomes like golden words to be remembered for ages...PanchabhuTa, PriThvi, PrakriTi, Panchindriya..all are delighted and grateful to You when You give them a gentle touch of Compassion and absolute care...
Your name encompasses all…

O Treasure Chest of Guns~गुण ! You are ComPlete~ ParamAtma !
O P ~ Pleasure on PriThvi !
O P ~ Phlower of PrikriTi ! You are Divine Mercy on earth !

! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT !!

रेshma said...
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