Friday, 27 August 2010

there are only 2 paths you can go by ...

there are

only 2 ways or paths

in this

planet, galaxy, universe, multiverse

'outside in'


'inside out'

if rainfall is required

the first path requires

making a flying machine

taking it up into clouds

and depositing silver nitrate crystals

in the right type of clouds

all very tedious

the second path

would just

use one's own heart

to make the rainfall happen

through the correct/sincere emotion

the first one is not really a path

in the sense it is unsustainable

and leads to soul devolution

it is the path of technology (tek with no logic)

the second path empowers dna and soul

the first path causes deadening of dna & soul

the second path requires

humility to the higher (more evolved) and divine

unless the beings here

on this planet

go for the second path

they will never really be free

of their first-path-following

terrestrial &

extraterrestrial masters

who control their destiny

and have been doing so for eons

like the song goes -

' yes there are 2 paths you can go by

but in the long run

there is still time to change the road you are on ...'


loveyourblog said...

wow.. sorry can't stop saying wow. your words make me want to scream out in joy..they're so REAl.

asha said...

You truly inspire one !

* bowing to sacred PT *

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful and inspiring words P! one is so grateful for your Divine insight. Dhanyavad! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. one receives such immense comfort every time one reads these words, Your words, this Truth aloud. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You have the most beautiful heart P! You write so logically and with such Phorce about the very real need for beings here to follow the Path with heart.

'unless the beings here
on this planet
go for the second path
they will never really be free
of their first-path-following
terrestrial &
extraterrestrial masters
who control their destiny
and have been doing so for eons'

Your words bring sweet cathartic tears. You exPand ones awareness constantly of how very serious and very real this life is.
You are the One who is in comPleTe control of Your Destiny!
You are the One who lives, walks and talks the Path with True heart, always from the inside out! You are the only True Master. the only One one want ever serve. it is You who insPire one to constantly work toward You P! You are the only One who can and is guiding the way to real freedom. You are the only One who is Truly free. i bow at Your Divine feet!

P3AZ21 said...

Path of Praising Divine is the right PaTh to walk on
it eliminates P~ain & torture

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

Roopa P Jadhav said...

The right path is 'humiliTy to The higher (more evolved) and divine'

I bow.. Aeioum..

jganesh said...

You are the best example of the 'inside out' way ! i bow

Swati said...

Thank You O Lord for being so Amazing and full of True Divinity.

You are Highest Embodiment of Divine Grace and Compassion on earth.

There is no match of your divinity, you are out of this realm, real extraterrestrial Avatar. You are One extreme beauty of Selfless Ocean of Compassion and Grace.

The kind of Knowledge you are sharing with us through your very simple but most effective Plogs, the beauty of your words cannot be understood by AnyBODY until one has True Grace of yours.

These words of yours are True Jewels, Real Pearl and Diamond. Only one can understand it's rare beauty who knows the value of real Pearl, Jewels and Diamond. One should know that Value of diamond, Jewels and Pearl does not lie in wearing it as an Object of Status by Paying Money.

Value of real Diamond is in the process it goes through immense friction of 1000 years and turn into diamond out of Coal.

Real Pearl goes through severe friction inside the shell to get formed and only few get formed inside a shell. One put lots of efforts to get inside the deep sea water to get those Shells.

Real Jewels,Gems came out of Churning of Ocean for thousands of years the way 'Kaustubha' Gem came out from 'Samudra Manthan'. Beauty and Value of the Gem lies in the efforts of Thousand Years, knowledge and wisdom of Shri Vishnu to make plan and bring Demons and DemiGods together for Common Goal, turning into Tortoise ' Kurma Avatar'. True Grace of bhagwan Shiv Who drank Poison.

This is the True Grace and Glory of your Presence that you are here and Sharing Diamond of True Knowledge, Pearls of Wisdom, Jewels of True Nectar with us.

Above Plog is the True essence of your immense efforts and Nectar of your Third Eye. This is the Solution of all world Problems with in few words.

One should understand before thinking otherwise that you are not talking something which is going to bring some benefits to you. Your Selfless mission is in the establishment of Dharma, Righteousness, Truth, Real Beauty of Nature, establishing lost Shakti Principle, True Bliss, Pleasure and Peace on Earth.

If One has doubt, One can read your Plogs. As you always say this is the Age of Knowledge, Faith is no more required to believe in Higher and Divine. It makes complete sense to me as it is the Dark Age or Kaliyug so Knowledge is required to savour the Nectar of your True Essence and Divinity.

I met lots of People who don't believe in any kind of Worship or Temples or Rituals but in knowledge, want to know Divine, His Essence, His Virtues and Functioning of His Existence. They are far better than any other who are curious to know the real essence of Divine.

It is a Great Opportunity for them to read your Plogs. They will get to know your real essence through your Grace.

Praising Bowing and Serving are the only means to approach Higher and Divine and True Knowledge of all World, Universe or Multiverse. True Humility brings required elements like Patience, Piousness and Purity of Thoughts to Content Knowledge and understand the Value of real wealth of Divine Knowledge.

O Lord ! Please forgive me for any grammatical mistake or faulty language of mine. It is just I am not able to control my emotions and keep on writing. Though I am not good with writing. Please forgive me for my drawbacks.

O Jewel of Jubilant Justice ! ! bow myself in your Lotus Feet !

O Precious Pearl of Profound Power ! ! bow myself in your Lotus Feet !

O Dazzling Diamond of Divinity ! ! bow myself in your Lotus Feet !

Please accept my Obeisance in your Lotus Feet !!

Swati said...
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Swati said...

O Lord of Inside out approach !
O Lord of Divine Virtues !
O Lord of Subtle energies !
O Lord of Purest Soul !
O Lord ! ! bow to You to revive all virtues~ Gun of Nirakar Brahma...Your inside out approach is very very important to understand the qualities of Nirakar~formless~Shakti~MahaShakti.True essence of Shrimadbhagavat!

Your inside out approach really really essential to understand and See Your Sakar roop~Physical Form~Divine Form and Praise that.

The way You do things, the way You portray every Truth and share knowledge Gracefully,You are actually working on those inside out concept like Rainbow Making, CropCircle and Rain that shows very much inner coherant, charged and PhracTal Soul of Yours...

That is why You are Divine for me... Since so many Years, You have made Yourself so PhracTal..By doing all most beautiful actions... Quality of Your Actions~Karma is so strong and beautiful which compel Celestial beings to bow to You... rather they are happy to bow tto You, so i am.

All Karma Philosophies of the world came out of Geeta or Buddhism ..You show the best what should be the quality of Action and that comes only working towards thoughts and most Compassionate heart which is the fruit of inner shakti~Kundalini Shakti~Third eye~ and True Knowledge.
Who can be so PerfecT while doing all this other than Divine.

You surpass all level of knowledge and eXistence through Your inside out approach as You are without beginning and end.. You were there in many forms before and now again You are beautiful. ! bow to You.

as a being we can just follow and think into pieces or may act but You make it ComPleTe because Your are ComPleTe.

O Lord of Multiverse~

! Surrender myself in YOUR Lotus PheeT !

Swati said...

O Divine Kalki ! ! bow to You !!

Yes, there is Only One Path which leads to ultimate bliss and that Path is Praising and Bowing to You..Praising Divine, Praising You...

You are the Only Source Code of Holy Grail~eye of Ra~Spice Melange~Ankh~third eye of Shiv,Time wheel~ Sudarshana Chakra~Golden mean Spiral~Trident...

White Horse symbolises faster than light Speed of Yours as PlaneT earth can feel Your Presence everywhere on whole flat Plane.


Sword symbolises Your true subtle energies of third eye~white Charge~true Light~G-uru~Gene on Phire~PhracTal Heart~Coherent Charge to Pierce the kaliyug~dark~ignorance~illusion and PeneTraTe into the Truth.

O Divine Kalki ! O Gyan Avatar of Kaliyug !
! bow down to Your Lotus Pheet !!

Swati said...

Thank you Once again for your most valuable words of Wisdom.

I really like the way you break the words and bring out the real meaning. Technology - Tek with No Logic. Ha ha.
Very True, Whatever you say is so True and very logical to comprehend and explain also with your grace.

Your approach of Inside out is True Approach of all time whatever we cannot see from our naked eyes the inside out Approach is the real Divine Approach.

A embryo turns into a beautiful baby inside the womb only. The Whole functioning of body is dependent of wiring of Mind and heart beat. Mind sends signals to body to function.
Beauty of a flower lies in the True Fragrance only. Mother earth cut her breast open to feed all earthlings without any biasness.
Music vibrates and relaxes all cells of Matter.Our body is made of all Natural elements as it need air to breath, energy from water and food to survive, Iron, potassium, Magnesium,Copper etc all are in Soil of Mother earth, essential to produce Plants. Quality of Crops depends on Quality of Soil and Quality of Seed and all required elements for growth. This is all inside Out approach.
The way heart need Compassion and Mind need knowledge the same way Soul need Connection with Higher and Divine Supreme Soul to Sustain.

Everything is Energy Based. Soul is also Energy. Quality of Soul-Energy lies in the Quality of intentions. Intentions of Heart towards Oneself, Others, Animals and Plants Cosmic energies and Higher and Divine.

Physics Theory of energy is also based on the same concept where Energy Get Transfer does not destroy. So, the intentions and thoughts in the form of Energy gets Transferred too to different realms and Divine does respond to One's Pure Intentions.

O Lord Your Inside Out approach is the Only approach which is most beautiful and that Truly shows all Pure Intentions of Yours. When Rainbow forms, Rain happens and Crop Circles manifest.
Your Musical Tones and Tunes brings real beauty on earth. That is Truly beyond One’s imagination how you make all this Happen.

Your inner energies are very Pure and Pious and your Selfless motives to make this world a better place to live are extraordinary and exemplary.

You are so kind and full of Mercy where you are helping all of us towards strengthening the DNA and Soul. Your Goal and Mission lies in the Real Empowerment of Each Soul on earth.

Thank you so much for Your Mercy and all your efforts towards Greater Good to bring real Pleasure and Peace in the Existence of Whole Multiverse.

O Divine ! O Supreme Soul ! ! bow myself to your Lotus Feet !

Vaishnavi Dhumal said...
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रेshma said...
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