Tuesday 3 May 2011


one can only attain

a higher state

than one is in

if one

is serious about it


is a very misunderstood term

in thought & in practice


is not about

being silent or

having a certain

stern outward demeanour


lack of fun, laughter & excitement

it is about utilizing everything

for the final goal

it is about not taking

one's eye off the ball

a truly serious being

will be jovial

in the sense

they will find other non-serious

beings to be jokeworthy

they will utilize that laughter

to reinforce their

own seriousness


is not applicable to petty non-serious goals

like cleaning one's car

the goals

have to be serious



real happiness & bliss

getting out of hell & slavery of evil


real seriousness arises out of

absolute sincerity


amruta patil said...

Your recent posts urgently glow like coals in fire, like heated gold.

asha said...

all your Plogs are like food for the soul... they are even more essential than water because there is no point of having a body if you don't know what to do with it... it is such a relief and joy to read your words. you always make so much sense and the way you define words is liberating always!!

asha Pi arTi said...

love reading this over and over...

You words are so multifaceted... inspiring, enlightening, fun, liberating and a beautiful check of one's sincerity.

sarah anne said...

wow!!! serious is the way to roll! I bow!

miragegirl said...

kitna badiya P log hai !

"a truly serious being

will be jovial

in the sense

they will find other non-serious

beings to be jokeworthy

they will utilize that laughter

to reinforce their

own seriousness"

bahut badiya baat hai

ParamaTma ki Prashansa karna ya na karna ghambhir baat hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap ki jitni bhi Prashansa ki jaye vah kam hai

Aap joh bhi karte hai vah har tarah se uttam hota hai

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap mahan hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

seriously touching P. dhanyavad for spelling it out again and again in the PotenT and brilliant ways that only You are capable of. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow! You are the ultimate at giving the real definition of words P! ProPer understanding is only accessible through You! there is none more serious in the very real sense of the word than You. Your eye is always on the goal. You are the most jarringly jovial and sincere being to exist with the best and truest sense of humor. You are authentic always, in every moment, generating genuine happiness and bliss. It is amazing that You share ALL that You do for one to keep ones attention and focus on what really matters in this life and be guided by Your steady Divine hand toward the real and final goal! You are seriously the best P! i bow at Your beautiful feet.

sarah said...

such a crucial insight that helps with so many problems. it is so great to have some perspective about staying focused when everything starts seeming too absurd.
You have the best humour and the best focus both.

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

Your words are so stabilising
Your words are so soothing ..
Your words are so meaningful
You give one the best insights ever
You are real wisdom and knowledge
Your words are Priceless
nothing else except You matters in this world
only You and what You say matters
only You give ones life ProPer direction
You are the saviour
You are the lifeboat
You are ones roPe out of hell
You have all the brilliance and intelligence
You make all the sense
You wake everyone uP
You are a Phorce to reckon with
You are so sweet, comPassionaTe, benevolent and generous
You are effortlessly wise
You are the best teacher
so kind of You to give one refuge
You have the greatest overstanding
Your PersPecTives are eye oPening
You are the rarest of the rare
i bow

ki vernee said...

You beautifully exPlained the real definition of the word serious ! You are thr most discplined Being and You always keep Your Eye on the goal ! i bow

sarah said...

such exquisite words to read
i bow

lana_33 said...

You insPire seriousness, goal-setting, and ProPer acTions like no One else. i bow.

Anonymous said...
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Kṛtti kā said...

You are in real sense the most serious Being and hence the most jovial and blissPhull One!

"Real seriousness arises out of absolute sincerity"

Your PerspecTives and definition of everything is so real and true to the core. You gnow about every thing from the tip of the root to all the way up the extreme end of the top! Your Plogs on every topic are soo all-encompassing, You see things from every angle and You deliver it so wholistically with absolute straightforward clarity and simPliciTy - and that is the real sign of THE ONE WHO TRULY GNOWS!

You are the Perfect examPle of absolute sincerity and seriousness, and real Phun and Bliss!
Your highest state of Being is a testament to all that You say ! You walk the talk!

from Producing PhinesT quality sonics.. to creating a heavenly sanctuary.. to freely sharing Your teachings.. to setting every seeker's PhoundaTion right.. to Your resolute in uPholding the righteousness on this Plane, being ever dutiPhull to what needs to be done and yet being so awe-insPiringly relaxed and Playfully Phun.
Your exemPlary way of Being goes teach real seriousness n goal orientation!

Love Your redefinitions of words and their true meaning, You imParT mental clarity. You clarify our thoughts and You rePhine our actions. You kindle real seriousness for getting out of hell & slavery of evil, towards You where it all is at.

You helP to *see* what the real goal actually is

You are what comPassion and love is /\

one humbly bows /\

nicolas said...

This is a magnificent P log!! Your words are like the lotus in this muddy world! You are so kind and merciful to share this profound gnowledge with the world!

i bow to your superiority, all gnoing one

Anonymous said...

i bow to you divine.🙇🙏

Gita said...

You make seriousness sound like a healthy meal on a PlaTe, something so Phun To be at that state, something like an achievement that one wants ...

Love this so much, it is so encouraging one to be more serious with liPhe, You make one realise that seriousness has many faces of Phun To it...so excited to learn from You always & forever 💕

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a profound explanation on seriousness, only you are able to explain a term to its core. I bow at your supreme gnowledge.

ankita said...

wow very crucial imPorTant and ePic Plog
one is only beginning to understand this now through Your grace
if one is not serious, one will just waste ones time.. .how serious a being is can be seen through their actions. ..if a being doesn't have the clarity or understanding to be serious,they will not do continuous right actions. .a being gets distracted if it is not serious enough. . truly. . absolute sincerity is a big imPorTant word and it's the only way a being can get out of here..nothing less than absolute sincerity ..wow this Plog is so incredibly helpful. ...best words ever written or sPoken. ...one will only do the right actions continuously if one is serious ...You make all the sense ever. ..is one serious about never having to be in any bad situation ever again? does one seriously want to be in a world devoid of Divine Presence?
does one have want to get to a Place where being of service to Divine continously is Possible very easily? there are so many questions to ask oneself. ..because getting to be around Divine grace umbrella continuously in the PhuTure will require sincere continous work during whatever time one has. ..one can always change ...truly Your Presence is such an insPiring giPhT. . and if a person is becoming unserious or not doing right actions because of the notion that it must be very difficult to do, You have the answers. ...everyone in any situation can do the work. . it's so easy and doable. ..it's just a matter of doing the simPle basic right action continuously and one will be out of hell...anyone can do it ! it's just about cutting out all the unneccesary nonsense and just stop putting in all that effort to do stupid actions that are complicated and lead to complications. ..now one is understanding why it can be so anger inducing for a higher being if one comes across them with ones wrong way of being. ...because the wrong action is not that difficult. ...it is actually basic Primary and inherent. ..something which anyone can manage to do very easily from any situation they are in with whatever they have ! that sounds so cool. ..its nothing like those tough competitive painful sports or climbing Mount Everest or dancing on ones toes or standing for elections. .that everybody cannot do.. .but the simple right action of controlling oneself and cutting out on nonsense is not anything impossible that the multiverse is asking of beings. ...its PerfecTly reasonable. ..You make all the sense ever ...only You helPs beings out of mountainous heap of wrong notions!
one bows