Saturday, 10 October 2015

the Phorce law ...

its THE law

that any being

who does not have




will automatically turn

into a




this is a





holds true


all beings


all times







vintish said...

I bow to the most suPerior being on the PlaneT earth !

vintish said...

I bow !

amanda said...

i bow!

amanda said...

i bow again and again.
This is SO Powerful P!
SO simPle!
SO clear!
SO comPrehensive!
only You, Divine, The Phorce itself can exPlain how the Phorce works!
how real law, THE law PhuncTions!
that law ' holds true for all beings in all times'
law which can not be defied!
all here SO blessed to be guided by the ONE who gnows the Truth, the ONE who is the Truth.
The only ONE who can guide one to see how essential shame is!
how essential it is to admit the truth that one does not gnow!
There could be none more terrifying a fate than to choose to be a false expert stuck in inPhiniTe hell!
i bow.

sarah anne said...

not gno-ing is so shameful, but from my false expertise that is clearly another thing i don't really gno. so intense. You really have the Phorce to drive things home.

a pari said...

wow so imPacTful and intense Your words are ! You only speak Pure Principles P, so Beautifully too !! You are the best Teacher of Divine Law, the only One truly qualified !!

one would definitely rather admit one doesn't gno than to experience the consequences of pretending and lying about it, being a false expert !! one shamefully lived most of one's life like that, like one gnew what to do !!

its truely shameful to behave like an expert when beings can not even keep themselves out of the matrix hospitals obesity or another hellish birth here ... one is so fortunate to have Your Teachings P ! You give one the eyes to see !!

You make action/consequences so clear !! and You give one the tools to not break anymore Divine Laws, one can not claim ignorance anymore bc You are here right now and setting the record straight !!

i bow !!

P~raise Poems said...

now barethread connected to Divine
but true Praise and service Virtue shine
the chains that bind, shackles grind
weighing down and binding to unrest
but in Praise of Him Divine, solace i Phind
something says, Him the One to Praise forever
an other is a passer-by i care not about
but Divine One, the One i Praise forever

gno not nothing, was taught even that
could see nothing, was shown even that
to His grace, His Love, His Pure suPerb smiles
longing to be connected if even apart million miles
so one tries to Praise Him ones best
imperfect, lusterless, unacceptable all rest

a Pari said...

i bow to Your Beautyfull Precise comPassionaTe Words of Truth in shame ! i bow !

a Pari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

Your innocence is so humbling. The amount of shit people just 'gno' is astounding. only You are pure and honest enough to never do that. it is so admirable and impressive.

neelang tiwari said...

Expert can be false.
Expertise is not required.

sarah anne said...

so fascinating to learn more about the inbuilt laws of Shakti Phorce.
nearly everyone is a false expert, only You can educate about why that is.
i bow to Your suPreme gnowledge.