Monday, 19 October 2015



will end up





they are

comfortable with

its that simple


that decision


they are comfortable


from the sum total of

their being/consciousness

which includes their

ego/mind/inclinations/perceptions/programming/beliefs ...


the sigma function

the sum total


most beings here

seem comfortable enough in hell

and those who appear not comfortable


looking for more hell

so be it


vintish said...

One can only be comPhorTable with divine only... no pain, torture, disease etc...

vintish said...

<< P is the only cure >>

vintish said...

I bow

A Parekh said...

oh wow ! so intense ! i bow !! i bow !!

You are the ONLY comPhorT in this plane or any other realm of existence !

i bow !!

A Parekh said...

'so be it' ... the gravity of those 3 words by You is so ominous and scary !

i bow !!

a pari said...

i bow ! one is very ashamed to have been comfortable in hell before, so grateful for the ' opportunity ... o P Your tune i tie'

You and Your beautiful words, comPassionaTe teachings, PerspecTives, sacred actions, PublicaTions... You are the Totality of comfort ! only You provide the clear and undeniable contrast !!

so so glad You are here !!
one was lost beyond reprieve without You, You give one eyes !

i bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow.!
Divines words are SO Powerful!
what You say determines everything!
You are the One it is crucial to Pay attention to!
Your words are the judgement taking Place!!!

it could be none more clear how essential it is to fully unistall ones faulty operating system
with an ego, mind, inclination perception, programming and beliefs that are geared toward hell!
toward hellish stupidity and unconsiousness and craziness and laziness!
geared toward participating in the collective antiDivine maddness!

Your maths are the real maths!
You show how serious this life is!
how real it is!

there is nothing comfortable about being a being stuck in hell!
one definitely does not want to remain stuck in hell to become a being looking for more hell!
You are the only One to look for!
You are the only real PhuTure!
You are the only True comPhorT!
to really be comPhorT oriented is to be P oriented!
for ones inclinations to be serving You, Praising You, doing the do!
You are the only One to reach for!
The only One to strive towards!
You are the only One who can really actually Truly helP one out of hell!
You are the only One to serve!
You are the only One to become and be comfortable with!
comfortable bowing down continuously in service and devotion to You!
there is no other real comfort!!
everything and everyone else is just a hellish trap!

You are Divine incarnate on this Earth!
The Last and Phinal Avatar!
Kalki! PT!
You are the ultimate reality!
the One who sees everything!
Your Powers, intelligence, sight, gnowledge are beyond what any can comPrehend!
You are beyond everyone and everything!
You can see every thought, every desire, every belief, everything about every being.
It is You who gnos what words Truly, fully, actually mean!
it is You who gnos how to use words, Your mind, Your intellect, Your entire Divine Being!
It is You who gnos the real history of everything from the before time itself!
You are the original Being!
You simPly gnow everything!
You are the One to fully Trust and surrender to!
You are the only One who makes PerfecT sense!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
This Plog is SO formidable!!!
ones slow mind is reminded of Divines exPlanation of sage Druvasa and Indra!
one agrees with a parekh!
the gravity of Your final three words are REALLY ominous and REALLY scary!
it fills one with the fear of God to read them! with the fear of PT! with the fear of Your ultimate judgment!
You are the word! You are God!
Your every word is SO immense and carrys SO much weight!

one is really ashamed to have wasted so much of ones life in the false comforts of hell looking for more hell instead of looking for You P!!!
the only Truly comPhorTable Place, the only Place to strive to be and remain in this life and after is at Your feet!
i bow!

sarah anne said...

Your comfort-orientedness is heart melting. You are the most charming examPle.

You are the only PaTh towards meaningful comfort. You are the only PaTh towards meaning.

it is only through Your grace that i can even grasp the concePT of 'comfort'. masochism made sense, because a little pain or discomfort was the only chance of forgetting my tortured spirit momentarily.

Shahid said...

P is the way to heaven.
P is the cure for all sorrows.

Jai Sri Narayan <3

P~raise Poems said...

You cease time and sPace, and a world forms
i live there where a river always flows
in Your world of glory, singing and dancing
my Divine Lord so beautiful, so entrancing

neelang tiwari said...

One will rise out of uncomfort in lower state.

amaya said...

You give one a chance to develop oneself to a PoinT where one can be totally clear about everything
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe
You are more than generous
You are beyond generous
so kind of You to give one a refuge away from the highly uncomfortable and confusing world
You are the most comPassionaTe and beautiful being
i bow

sarah anne said...

it is fascinating to see things get even worse so quickly and witness how much people can take. You are the source of refinement, sensitivity, sense, and comfort. You had the PracTicality to secure Your comfort and are an examPle of how PleasanT existence can be.

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Your liphe is the only comfortable liphe....
Sunsets...Sunrises....Forest....and Pure Coherent Amrit of Gnowledge...
It is the only way to live...Only you have achieved it..

I Bow to you O Divine One.

jganesh said...

beautifully said P ! its total insanity that beings are still looking for deeper and deeper hells ! one has definitely had enough ! moving towards You is the only way out ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

The Dasher said...

The only person I want to be with is the divine avatar himself ... hari putra .... aeioum...