Thursday, 22 October 2015

comParaTively ...







beings here


the Avatar

being here









vintish said...

Muggle has reached in a retarded & backward level

vintish said...

I bow

vintish said...

Muggledome insanity

vintish said...

I bow

vintish said...

Muggle are just incomparable concerning to divine Power & activities ~ I bow

vintish said...

It is silly, weird & strange for those who don't have 3rd eye/ kundalini & PhracTaliTy trying to compare with the divine ~ unfractal dumbness muggledom people !

vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow.
beings here are strange indeed!
this is a really comPassionaTe warning P!
also very frightening!
You are the Avatar! You are Kalki! You are PT! the most Poweful Phorce there is!!!
You have the Power to destroy the Universe!!!
Your incarnation here is the most signiPhicanT event to ever take Place!
all one need do is watch one of Your judgment day videos to Preview the hell that is happening and awaits Your command!
it's terrifying to even consider that there are worse hells in store in this life and after!
that it could get more painful! more torturous!
and that so many are ready for it!
it really makes no sense that beings would willing choose pain torture and hell!

once one has the fortune of coming across Your Grace
it becomes imPossible to not feel constant shame! night and day! awake or asleep.
shame is the most natural feeling one has ever felt!
You are every reason for one to be ashamed!
Your life here is every reason for every being here to bow in shame!
to Praise Your name!
to acknowledge Divines Presence on earth and Pay attention to all You do and say!
You are SO generous to guide one to exPerience shame P.
to share the only way to break free from the pain, torture and hell!
it is really comPassionaTe of You to give such clear warnings!!!
it is SO amazing how calm, straightforward and objective You always are P!
i bow again and again!

a pari said...

i bow ! agree with everyone here, it is very mad to be so dishonest and not admit the difference that is so huge a gulf that even lightyears are not enough to measure it !

You make everything abundantly clear P even the consequences of such shameless madness !

i bow !! am so grateful for the opportunity to escape all hell !!

i bow !!

a pari said...

complete PariTy is what ppl think they have instead of looking comParaTively at actions, beauty, Grace, intelligence, eros, sense, resPonses and so so so much more that You Provide P !!

the consequence for that are really scary !

i bow repeatedly !!

sarah anne said...

it is so shocking to be able to not feel constant shame when You exist. the key is to keep the focus on You. when i so much as glance at someone that is not You, i usually see a flashing neon sign that exclaims, " its all a joke ! " with a clown on a unicycle juggling in front.

You are the center. You are the only way to stay balanced, and not fall off the tightrope into the burning pit. falling off is so disgraceful and it hurts. only You can guide the way.

missmriggy said...

We're pretty retarded in comparison.. it's an obvious difference, doesn't take much IQ to understand that in a millisecond

Asha said...

i bow !

no where else can one experience so much Clarity and such comPassionaTe words ! Your Plogs are Beautiful and each verse is a revelation abt the absurdity here and the Beautiful Truth of You !

i bow !

P~raise Poems said...

the most sweet brilliant might lord is You
how so awing ! nothing compares to You
ever blissful, ever youthful
causing cloud formations remarkable
Real saviour of the world
You are so manly, so bold
how grandly Garud feathers You ride
You cause my heart to skip a beat
drenched in a sweet lovely tide

a Pari said...

i bow. its really too Kind of You to clarify the dangers of seeking attention instead of giving it... so gratefull The Avatar is here... only You are worth putting attention on... only You are Sexy Beautyfull Electric and Ultimately Magnetic !!!! i bow

Tulasi Baruri said...

Your PerfecT beingness is so distinctive !!! there is no way anyone could be compared to You and still feel good about themselves and not totally ashamed- muggles are so unnatural !! Your sense of humor, intelligence, compassion, graciousness and overstanding are inconceivable and certainly incomparable without feeling tremendous shame ! You are such effortless PerfecTion !!! i bow

neelang tiwari said...

Comparison can lead one higher.

Roopa P Jadhav said...

I bow.

amaya said...

people are living in such unconsciousness that they cannot even acknowledge the most beautiful and PhascinaTing being
PuTTing attention on Your beautiful beingness and Your beautiful words of wisdom should make anyone have the realisation of how wrong and shameful their actions have been
You are here to show the right way to be
You are the most beautiful and the most comPassionaTe being
You are the most benevolent
Your beautiful, wonderful and Pure beingness makes one want to bow down in shame when one realises how selfish and petty ones being and actions in the past have been ..
You are beyond comparison
You have the most beautiful and golden heart
all one can do is bow down before You
You are the best and the real examPle of how to be
how beautifully You grace the earth
You are so generous and benevolent
i bow at Your merciful, beautiful and comPassionaTe PheeT

sarah anne said...

the comParaTive difference could not Possibly be more striking

Vaishali Thaker said...

Beings here dont even gnow how to compare or they are in illusion that their life is already good & no need to change.. everbody has made their life a joke.
you as an outsider judge so well, you have incarnated on this plane to show the truth but beings choose to remain asleep,you have lot of patience, you are so peaceful to tolerate all the nonsense on this plane, you are in continuos play with nature demonstrating your powers & giving opportunity to the beings to rise by praising, bowing & serving you, you are directing the beings towards the real goal of life, you are the biggest inspiration, you are the guru of the world, your word makes the world..
i bow 🙏

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Your liphe is the is luxurious...full of comforts...full of pleasures...
Wherever you go it is heavenly...because you are heavenly...
You are the one who has the Amrit...
You are coherent...your phractality is amazing...
You are one with the land...

I Bow to you O Divine One.

jganesh said...

Your Presence alone strips beings down and makes them face their reality ! the reality that all beings here are in hell and You are not ! You are literally truth in physical Phorm walking talking breathing ! seems too much for beings to have truth stare them right in the face literally ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ