Wednesday, 21 October 2015

cure for the disease of conceit

the song goes like

" there are a lot of people

suffering tonight

from the disease of conceit

conceit is a disease

for which doctors got no cure

they have done a lot of research on it

but what it is

they are still not quite sure ... "

well doctors do not gno

as they are trained to not gno

but the cure is quite simple



yes the little feeling

which comes out of


looking at one's state

it dissolves conceit


than water dissolves salt


a pari said...

i bow !!

wow, that is so crucial and imPorTant a PoinT P ! one has no dirth of things to experience shame about especially in Your Presence ! so grateful You are here to provide all the contrast and sense and sanity required to see everything, and especially oneself for what it is !

one is even ashamed to have had faith in doctors anytime as they are only there to doctor the truth and the body into more disease from lack of shame. they give 'medicines' that are supposed stop the symptoms of the conceit but they don't work ... only You get to the root of the issue and give one a way out !!

Your words always make so much sense !

i bow !!

a pari said...

'dissolves conceit quicker than water dissolves salt'

beautiful description P ! You help dissolve all the suffering, ppl Pray all the time for this to happen and now You are here, time to take responsibilty and do it !!

so kind of You to make it all clear P !! You are so resPecTworthy !!

i bow !!

vintish said...

Divine is the only cure ~ muggle is just crazy

vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your observations are SO astute P!
It is just SO cool the way You assess everything with such calm gnowing and discerning style!
The way You always see to the root and gno the cause for every disease, every issue, every problem and always Provide the
simPle Sol~ution!!!
You even PoinT out why 'doctors got no cure'!!!
PT is the only One who has got and gnos the cure!

there is nothing but shame to be felt and exPerienced when one honestly looks at ones state.
and having spoilt a life by varying bratty levels of conceit and disease.
agree with a pari! there is dirth to it!

You are the only One who has nothing to be ashamed of!!!
The only One who has lived a fully aware and conscious life!
You are the Original being! The only One with real actual timeless ageless gnowledge!
You are the only One who consiously chose to take a birth here! and did so for the benePhiT of ALL!
extending far beyond this world!
You are the only One who gnos what this life is about and how to live!
The only One who gnos what Pure PrinciPles, Natural and Divine laws are and lives by them!
You are Pure PrinciPles! You are the Natural and Divine law!
You are the center of everything! The Divine Axis! the PoinT of rePherence for all of existence!!!
You are the only One who has really faced the Truth of death, trancended it and gnos how to die!
You are so much more than any could ever fully fathom!
You are beyond comPrehension!
only Your life has meaning and PurPose and is signiPhicanT!
You are PerfecT in every way! it is imPossible to fully convey!
You are the One who came to Phind the world in shame!!!
You are the only One who is qualiPhied to judge the state of this world and beings in it!
You are the Judgement day!
The judgement which determines the fate of everything!
You are the only one who can helP one strengthen ones sPiriT!
You are the only One who can helP one become coherent enough to get a Sol!
You are the only One who can helP one learn about reality!!!

when one glimPses Your Divinity, Your PuriTy, Your PerfecTion, and attemPTs to wraP ones little mind around the imPorTance and signiPhicance of Your Divine incarnation here it just becomes so clear what a shameful nobody one is! what a shameful nobody all are in this world excePT YOU!!!

there is no valid, logical, PracTical or justiPhiable reason for one or any to allow themselves to be afflicted with conceit!
You are SO comPassionaTe to freely scriPT the only real PerscriPTion that can disolve such a frightening disease!
a disease which destorys the chance for one to align with and dissolve into Divine! the only Place one can ever really be free!

i bow!

missmriggy said...

even despite our dementedness you give us a way forward by helping us take a simple and honest approach

P~raise Poems said...

shame a cure for everything
memory of past it does bring
You are the best and only vaid around
curing everything safe and sound

a Pari said...

i bow in shame for being conceited and thinking one gnew what to do in the short term and never considering the long term actions or consequences ! Your words are the ONLY safe haven for the mind, the ONLY things one can trust to actually cure one ... not any book pill or even Rishi created herbs or water or detoxes or anything will work to relieve the tension that comes and creates dis-ease if one doesn't face the root of the issue ...

one tried meditation, one tried yog(a), one tried herbs, one tried everything but nothing destroys one's little mind except Service through standing under Your lines :

[08/11/2015 11:23:11] Avatar: think less and do more of what is told
[08/11/2015 11:24:00] Avatar: if you do have to think than all thinking has to go into what the consequences are of not aligning with the Phorce

it would have been so easy to have done this anytime but definitely easier after facing that hell does exist, it especially exists in one (as one has not just been continously singing the Praises of Divine all the Time) and the PHACT that there are consequences to all actions !

i bow in shame before You and in total gratitude You are here ! i bow to the Time You allow and giPhT !

i bow to the Way of BPS, that changes my bps, bc one's beats per second should always be in Bowing Praise and Service ... one can't do anything else properly anyways, not live, not drum not dance and definitly not align with the Phorce which is one's aim !!

i bow !

a Pari said...

i bow !

neelang tiwari said...

I bow to the divine cure.
Thank you very much for creating this lotusocean blogspot.
I bow to your divine words.

Roopa P Jadhav said...

True. I bow to thee PT..

Anonymous said...

yes one never knew what to do in liPhe
one was so dumb that one went to frauds and believed all kinds of stupid stuff
one was spewing all kinds of nonsense from ones mouth
one is so ashamed of ones dumb and indisciplined existence before coming across Your divinity
one was completely impractical and fine with it
one is so ashamed of not having a proper learning attitude that took one to frauds
only You make one do right actions
You are the only teacher
You are the only Guru
You are the saviour
Your consciousness is so beautiful and musical
You are so Pure and so above it all
i bow

sarah anne said...

honesty about ones state can cure anyone of conceit
i bow

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Honesty about one's own state....hellps one to evolve...
You are the only one who can hellp...

I Bow to you O Divine One.

jganesh said...

wow ! we are so fortunate to have a Being who has the cure to all diseases ! from mental physical and emotion ! its phunny that beings would seek out a 'doctor' instead of someone who has the real solutions and cure ... i bow <3ॐ

The Dasher said...

Yes, when I looked at you by sitting in front of you , I felt so shameful of myself , my head got down .... Its so disgraceful for people like me to behave so proud of themselves without even gnowing anything in comparison with the divine .... aeioum....

veena iyengar said...

nobody can show the truth like you do..
i bow..