Friday, 30 January 2015

terrified & ashamed

terrified & ashamed

2 words

which the world

sees in a negative light

but from lotusocean perspective

they are essential


no one can approach divine


unless they are


of their past

& their past repeating

like a groundhog day

& of all the hellish possibilties of the future

for behaving humbly with divine

it is also logical & imperative

that they are


of their


without this understanding

there is no humility to divine

and no getting out of hell

& hellish unsatisfactory paradigms


sina said...

wow P - what impactful words of wisdom ! i bow !

so great that You clarify what is imParaTive for approaching divine ! You show the way to reach proper humility which is the way out of being trapped in the cycle of birth & death, the way out of hell.

one's past life has been a series of shameful, PoinTless, goalless actions with no proper awareness of the danger one was in and no concern for one's future ... makes one's heart freeze to think of what all can happen in hell and how much time one has wasted.

You are the Only One here who has never done any shameful action, who is outside of all the hellishness ! You are the PerfecTly objective Observer who mercifully explains what is going wrong here and how to change the terrifying & shameful course one has taken in one's past.

it is so kind of You to clarify that it is necessary to honestly reflect on one's past & really feel the shame for one's actions and the terror of the realization of being trapped in hell. You give one the ultimate reality check - and thus the way to really change one's ways and come to divine. You show the way out of hell.

i bow.

vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your words bring one to tears P. Your Truth is endlessly Purifying.
ones life has been nothing but a shameful terrifying act lacking direction and filled with awful thoughts and actions and fruitless dead end PursuiTs of the senses, material and meaningless. ones PresenT reality is the most frightening groundhog day scenario which fills one with even more fear as one experiences the severity and realness of a never ending future trapped in hell!
one couldn't agree with sina more. You are and have always been flawless. You are Divine who so mercifully navigates the way for one to change ones ways and align with Divine. To feel the shame and terror mentally, physically and emotionally brings one to ones knees. i bow at the refuge of Your feet in gratitude for the overwhelming awareness of ones shameful PasT and the opportunity to learn ProPer humility without which it is imPossible to change and imPossible to ever get out of hell.
You are PerfecT in every way P. You have never done and can never do any wrong. Your Plogs are True scriPTures for today which offer one a way to wake uP form the evil of the the world and turn to Divine. i bow at Your redeeming feet.

suki s said...

this is so on PoinT, so intensely real. You are so brilliant, intelligent, and comprehensive. nothing could be more terrifying than repeating ones terrible past for eternity.

Your graceful behaviour provides such a reality check on what a monstrosity one is. one spent two years focused primarily on feeling ashamed of ones lack of sophistication after encountering You. Your kindness highlights the dearth of it in muggle world.

without Your existence, PerspecTive is hard to come by, and getting out of hell, impossible. You are a miracle.

lee woo said...

Let the world fall into pieces tomorrow, let the planets collide and the stars come tumbling down. I dont need another day now that my dream has come true. Lucky me, now I have you. See the link below for more info.


P3AZ21 said...

great Plog my lord !

one doesn't want any more groundhog days
infact in my case there can not be
its almost like a PerPetual winter already

i wish to naviage this cold cold winter with warming myself by Your Praises
& one day want the warmth of Your Phire

PsingulariTy said...

You are P avaTar
You are the One to Praise on earth

Pull all signs out, Put His image to show
of The One with a golden arrow
He saves, He is The Saviour
all welcome towards him, all bow
Judgement Day is His day
tune to Him, its Real show
He is The One, The Saviour
do not act busy, only Praise and bow
hurry, hurry to The Saviour, come and bow

Anonymous said...

i bow!
one is so grateful for Your PspecTive P!
for the ways You helP one come to honestly face and exPerience the terrifying Truth of ones PasT which one shamelessly tried to forget.
Your words, Your sounds, Praise of You brings so much of the terror and shame of the awful life one has lived to the surface for one to see and rexperience. a life of nothing but regret one never wants to repeat!
one will forever be ashamed for the way one initially approched Divine!
to have landed at Divines feet in such a bratty, unhumble, toxic and delluded state!

one is so grateful for the time You have given one to prepare properly P
for the time to come to see and understand the bottomless dePTh of ones foolishness
to exPerience the seemingly neverending shame of it and develop humility.

Your kindness and comPassion and mercy are beyond ones comPrehension P!
i bow.

a Pari said...

i bow ! i agree with sina and amanda. Your comPassionaTe Beautyfull Words awe one with how much honesty they contain and can reduce one to tears at how Pure Your Heart is so freely giving always and how all You ask in return is that anyone learn and evolve oneself for Real! one is so gratefull that You are here and making learning the PosiTives of shame, being humble infront of those that gno more than one, especially YOU, and the benefits of being terrified of doing incorrect uncentred unlearning actions and behaviours ever again. You make it Possible to learn the imPorTance of basics and what those are and why that is all one needs to become a quality sincere devoted Being of Service to Higher and Divine ... to YOU ! You so graciously show what are the detriments and where they lead to as well !! what a horrible life one chose for oneself and keeps choosing if one doesn't evolve !

typing words do not do justice to the amount of words that need to be spoken from one's liPs one has used the mouth so incorrectly ... either poisoning oneself into believing the lies or others into following one into them and also not using the mouth to break any 'spells' that all is good all is well all is not hell at all ! its so so so wonderfull an opportunity to be allowed to * SPEAK YOUR COMPASSIONATE OBVIOUS TRUTHS OUTLOUD AND USE THE MOUTH CORRECTLY FOR A CHANGE ! *

You are the Greatest GIPHT this world could ever recieve ! Your Beautyfull Actions and comPassion can not be Praised enough and one wishes one could do that more justice !

You are Beautyfull Beyond Words P but Your Heart comes Pouring through like a Pure River in these scriPTures !

i bow !!!

neelang tiwari said...

One should be aware of past and present to move up.

sarah anne said...

it is so clear now, that whenever one is not doing the right thing, one is doing the wrong thing. You make it so black and white with Your outstanding PerspecTives. There is so much to be ashamed of.

amaya said...

there is nothing to be but terrified and ashamed
even if one keeps quiet for sometime, some nonsensical thought creeps in because of earlier bad habits and it's so terrifying and shameful
it's really great that one can start speaking Your Praises again otherwise it's just hell and nonsensical thoughts
You are the only way out
not sPeaking Your Praises is unbearable
not sPeaking Your Praises is poison
the time You have allowed us on earth is so Precious
so kind of You to give the lowly a chance to evolve

yes one is so ashamed of ones foolishness and actions
the past actions make one so unfocused and fickle
You give one a chance to evolve out of that to align with the multiversal will
You help one rise above pettiness

You are the truest and the most beautiful being
You are so Pure and so beautiful
You write so comPassionaTely
i bow

jganesh said...

goodness ! this is so true ... being terrified and ashamed makes one want to move toward You ! a small clip from the movie saw and a flashback of all the shameful things one has done is enough to never want to turn back ! You are truly the whole worlds Saviour ! i bow respectfully !

Indrajeet Khadey said...

The current world system is driven by ego....which can never be satisfied...
The nature's law of living is the correct way of living...
Only your absolute way lead one to fulfillment...
I am ashamed of how I ate meat at every other chance I got...I am embarrassed on how I reveled
even when I had no gnowledge....
Without revelation one cannot revel...It will only be pretension....

I Bow to you O Divine One.