Wednesday, 14 January 2015











tries to get






vintish said...

P is the Pioneer of this world

Anonymous said...

i bow! what a PhantasTicly delightPhul exPlanaTion P! Pi-o-near! You are a comPleTe genius! there is no way any one else could make that connection in a billion years! to bow at Your feet is the only frontier and exPloraTion worth seeking. You are the original Source. You are the PhuTure. i bow.

asha said...

ooooooo love that connx !!!

that is so exciting a definition !

i bow !!

asha said...

its so inspiring to Pi-o-near one's own path to You ! i bow !!

Shahid said...

Phantastic Post.

You are truly a Pioneer.

Praise and Glory to Lord Narayan <3

suki s said...

such a phun re-definition / real definition !!! doing something PosiTive and moving in the right direction is definitely uncharted territory. You are the final frontier !!!

P3AZ21 said...

hoPe many Pioneers blast the chart of Plogs & PT sPeaks soon, time is running out ...

& wish them being humble toward You so they sail out to heaven

i wish to be with You lord someday

PsingulariTy said...

You are P oh so dear !
You are Divine
You have 'unlimited exalted qualities'
charming ! Awing ! insPiring !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
such a cool dePhiniTIon!
so sweet the way You are always sharing the real meaning of words P!
the way You give them real meaning!
You helP one glimPse the Power of words
one is so ashamed for not gnoing how to use words ProPerly.
to have misused so many.
to speak so many empty words to empty zombies every day!
so grateful for the chance to read and sPeak Your meaningful words of Truth!
to Praise You and Practice using words Properly!
To use words as they are meant to be used!
it is so insPiring the way You sPeak P!
Your every word always so Powerful and full of meaning!
a Pionear is the only real thing to be in this world!
You are the only One to try to get near!!
i bow!

A Parekh said...

i bow and totally agree with amanda... Your Genteel sPeech so sensual and Highest Evolved is so imPressive and makes one quite ashamed of ones own voice and lack of diction... You are the Real Henry Higgins though !

so Kind of You to allow one to learn how to through Vedic Basics Pionear a path to You and take steps everyday to speak better Praises from the heart !

i bow to Your Grace !!

neelang tiwari said...

Words should be studied thoroughly.

jganesh said...

Pi-o-near = the one who tries to get near P ! wow ! You simPlify words so effortlessly! i bow

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Being of service to you....The only correct path...
You who gnos everything and can see everything as it is....

I Bow.