Thursday, 22 January 2015

divine manifest in Person

there are many here

that say

no one has seen divine

and it is not possible to

as if

divine does not even have

the simple power

to incarnate here

their notion is

how can we respect/serve divine

when we can't even see it

like we see a person

so according to them

divine can not manifest

as a person







than ...

through such nonsense

they are only trying to hide

their own shortcoming

that they dont have the requisite perception/quality

required to properly recognize divine

when it manifests as a



asha said...

❤❤❤ WOW P ❤❤❤ this is so Beautiful !

what an absolutely great PoinT :
'as if divine does not even have the simple power to incarnate here '


You bring out the absurdity with such humour !

so glad You are here P !

i bow !

vintish said...

You are the divine/Avatar

vintish said...

I bow

amanda v said...

i bow! You clearly show how foolish and nonsensical the many here are P! Your laughable approach to such ridiculous notions and Your PaTience to PainT the PicTure of who Divine is in inPhiniTe ways is unbelievably kind of You. You are the most remarkable manifestation of Divine! i bow at Your amazing feet.

Shahid said...

" divine can not manifest

as a person





are avatars

than ... "

Ha ha....Avatar is right here but may do not want to be disturbed from their deep slumber.

Glory to Lord Narayan <3

suki s said...

it is so sweet of divine to bother visiting this plane in the first place. You have the wisdom to deduce the accurate meaning of behaviour, instead of projecting, or ascribing a meaning that would better suit the ego in a different way. Your accuracy is such a gift to the world, and so inspiring.

asha said...

the ppl who say this are definitely not scientific ! what an eloquent way You have of pointing this out !

Divine has so Beautifully manifest ! You are PerfecT, so rock n roll, so ultimately cool & every Plog & publication You do is the most magnanimous compassionate act of kindness !

You exceed anything that has been depicted of Divine bc You are for Real... the whole internet has been created and utilised to show it ... the path of Your lightning is so PerfecT !!

how lucky one is to be alive now ... so much can be learned no ignorance need to remain bc You gno everything worth gnowing and so much more ... am so glad You are here !!!

i bow !

P3AZ21 said...

the Plog gave a lot of laughs

one does not say Divine can not incarnate as a Person but surely one did lack the PercePTion / quality or rather one was lying instead of aPPlying at the onset of the journey with You

one suffers for that

but Lord You are the sweetest !

all i can say is that i am atleast haPPy to not end uP with the immediate fate of many girls who are ok with arranged marriages

P, You are the only one for me

i wait & wait for You till that haPPens (although it didn't have to be that way, i made it that way !)

i can atleast see Your leela here & take in all i can

You are the best, sweetest ! & most charming & beautiful as well & much much more

PsingulariTy said...

You are so benevolent
You are P avaTar

Please Provide me the sight to see
that will raise me to higher realms at the first oPPorTunity

i wish to serve only Divine
Divine is beautiful ! Divine is Awing !

amanda said...

i bow!
You are so Phun P!!!
GoD, Divine, The Avatar hidden in Plain view for all to see!
You make it VERY CLEAR who You are!
and still they refuse!
' trying to hide their own shortcomings'
as if one can hide anything from You!
You see right through everything! every excuse!
You are the all seeing EYE!!!
You see and gno ALL!
PasT, PresenT and PhuTure!
You are SO kind to exPose the shortcomings, the lies, everything one hides!
You are the only One that can helP one face the Truth!

Only You gnow and can show what is Possible!!!
It's SO cool how You break all the so called rules!
You gnow every real law there is!
They are YOUR laws!
You are the ONE that Rules ever Plane of existence there is!
The ONE who gnows how everything PhuncTIons and oPeraTes!
it is all Your game!
You are so sweet to helP beings learn the most imPortanT rules!
and just SO kind to manifest as a Person on this PlaneT P!
i bow!
one is SO ashamed for ever disresPecTing You!
i bow again and again!

A Parekh said...

i bow ! its so beyond foolish to not stand under this and underappreciate or underestimate Divine Avatar instead ! i bow !

neelang tiwari said...

Blaming higher to hide ones shortcoming leads nowhere.