Friday, 9 January 2015


P's ark (arc)












vintish said...

I bow

asha said...

❤❤❤ P's ark rules ❤❤❤
that is so brilliant and truely shows how really fractal it all is with You !

Anonymous said...

wow! so cool P! i bow!

vintish said...

Sarva shrestham !

suki s said...

a safe place to Park is a miracle of epic proportions. You are an absolute saviour.

Shahid said...

Jai Narayan <3

P3AZ21 said...

wow !

You always wow one with all Plogs You say

in P's arc i want to be

You definetly are a ProTector
which whom one feels safe

especially me being a female
You have Proper PieTy
which counts a lot !
a remarkable difference there itself on why a world would bother one
You Provide a safe haven

You are Truth itself
& Truth is safety
one is guarded against harm, nourished & made to grow in its folds
You are the Multiversal Tree, the Axis that suPPorTs life so
AnantNarayan !

PsingulariTy said...

You are LuxmeNarayan

You are The most beautiful being !
such grandness of Your mind ! so truthful ! so ProTective ! so comPassionaTe !

the imPortance of Land of kadamba vrikshyas is understood today...

sights are gone
saving so long
but there is a slow hoPe

in virtue to move to higher realms
out fo the muck to rise
in Praise, an imPloding hoPe

sarah anne said...

The illusion of safety is vanishing at an astonishing rate outside of Your Park.
only You can Provide the real thing.
You are so gracious.

jganesh said...

gosh this is so beautiful ! P's arc is the only safe Place ... i bow respectfully

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Your feet are the only safest place in this world....
You are the Guru of the world...
You gno everything...You influence everything....
Only Under your greytness is anyone safe from the illusions....
You are the guide...Only you are the Oriented One..

I Bow to you O Divine One.