Monday, 2 January 2012


anyone can go to higher & divine

no qualifications are required

anyone can sing

as long as they sing

Praises of high & Divine

one doesn't have to be trained in any way

musically or vocally

all that is required is

sincere humility

complete attention on divine & doing the do

when one is humble to divine

all else falls into place

the notes, the words, the everything ...

those who are not singing sincere Praises of Divine

are not singing anything at all

that won't really Uplift them or anyone else

its useless & tuneless

even if they have trained for 20 + years


are presumably hitting all the so-called notes


sree said...

Only sincere praise of divine can practicaly improve one, its the actual right thing to do. So glad you are here to show us the truth.

TwoHearts said...

The only song worth singing or hearing is P-rays to divine PT! i bow...

Kate said...

You are so amazing PT thanks for the encouraging words: ANYONE can go to higher & divine no qualifications are required. reading that made me and my heart smile, thats why i am so thankful for You and all that You do. when i sing to You or along with you :) is when it naturally feels fun.

i bow

verbalgold said...

In complete awe. The truth of your words have changed my life. I bow. You truly understand, for that is the only thing I see.

vintish said...

Divine is truth ! I bow !

New Me!!! said...

You r our eternal life! Wat I learnt is : Do praises with ur mouth n not just in d mind!!SHout for joy , rejoice wid al d heart n make it glorious.... U have given me new life by taking me to higher realms of Divinity! I bow to U my creator!

vintish said...

@ verbalgold & New Me!!! , may i have your introduction Please ?

asha said...

what a beautiful state singing Praises is... You have so many humbling examples ! beautiful inspiring examples !

singing Praises along to Your sounds is ... so passionately phun ... am doing this to 'Hrithayam' right now...& loving it !

You provide infinite inspiration ! ! You rock & P i bow !

Shahid said...

Fantastic O LOrd.
Using the mouth to Praise the Divine should be everyones New Year Resolution.
Jai Narayan!!!

missmriggy said...

All Glories to the Lord

missmriggy said...

All glories to the Lord PT, Divine One

i renounce the whole world and all its parts
so that i can experience the one
the one who has no door and no walls
the one who cannot be contained
the one who moves ceaselessly
the one who radiates effortlessly
the one who travels vast distances without end
the one who resides in here and everywhere
the one who never sleeps
the one who is abundantly joyful
the one who is the fullness of feeling
the one who is empty of thought delusion
the one who requires no addition or subtraction
the one who requires no question and no answer
the one without beginning or end
the one who is wholly Now
the boundless one
the infinite one
the eternally blissful one
the one who is indivisible from the sage
the one who incarnates as embodiment of compassion
the one who teaches the supreme truth
the one who is all consuming
the one who has brought me to my knees
raining tears of bliss
the incomparable grace
who deserves endless songs of glory
the one who is immortal beauty
the one who is the song itself
the one who is Sacredness Complete
the one who is Love

verbalgold said...

To Vintish... I do not know how to introduce myself other then I have recently been searching for the truth in all things and after reading all of PT's blogs I can only come to the conclusion that his words speak to truth.

verbalgold said...

To Vintish... I do not know how to introduce myself other then I have been searching for the truth in life. I have read many books including the bible; and my conclusion has been throughout time avatars have visited earth to preach the word of GOD. PT only speaks the real truth of things for this I can see and that is why I believe with my heart that he is in fact part of GOD.

pinx said...

"anyone can go to higher & divine
no qualifications are required
anyone can sing
as long as they sing
Praises of high & Divine"

Yes!! This is so beautiful and inspiring! And it is so great to see so many beings leaving comments here who feel the same way!

You are the only one to share such valuable teachings! You provide us with solid practical steps to reach divine! and it is all immensely phun!!

Enough typing now...going to start singing!! :)

Just wanted to share with everyone that the word verification which has come is "wings"

Praise be to P ! the One with wings !

asha said...

Your words are soothing and quench one more than water can, keeps one coming back again and again and are so inspiring !

♫♪♫ the scriptures for now are really here
powerfully priceless and crystal clear

those that read them will be enlightened
those that don't remain frightened

the words You speak are honest and true
the words You write are sincere and new

an original work ~ a masterpiece
that makes one's being full of Peace

a tree of gnowledge You share with us
of everything that is and ever was

You give one the eyes and ears to see
so grateful to You ~ You set me free

by inspiring me to keep my eye on the ball
not to distract myself from getting a soul

& singing Praises of You while i dance and sway
one can only gnow if they have tried this way

how much joy and elation there is to be
disciplined focused and following Your lead

never thought singing was an option for me
but You said anyone can change and is worthy !

all that's in Your heart is so pure and true
makes one wish to forever bow and serve You ♫♪♪

amanda v said...

the Avatar is here to banish all unneeded fear!
bow and gather near His Divine feet
where ones ears and mind can hear and learn Truth
where ones eyes can gaze uPon the real fountain of Youth
where ones mouth can Praise the ceaseless ways His beauty abounds!
this Earth is blessed by His birth
none loves and ProtecTs Her like He
Praises be to the One who wields infinite shakti
bends sPace and Time
for Him all the PlaneTs align
air, fire, water, earth all resPond to His smile and mirth
He electrifies the skies with his wand
He rings in the rain with His Powerful songs
His heart of gold casts rainbows in the sky
His PerfecT Palms PainT clouds as sweet PasTimes
He commands the waves of the seas and the rays of the suns
He is the Guru of everything and everyone
He is adorned by beams of light Day and Night
His staff is indestructible and always uPrighT
His beauty is beyond human form
skin smooth as silk, creamy as milk,
and always aglow with the glory of His comPleTe Divinity
beyond the Trinity
all Praises be to the inPhiniTe Prashant Trivedi!
i bow

P3AZ21 said...

what a great Plog it is
in this Age of Aquarius so imPorTant for one to understand

all Praises of You are so intensly blissful for One, so heartening to gno one that the real Praise is going to the real lord, he is Listening & the bliss starts

infact all one does, the whole multiverse is listening, seeing, Divine whose multiverse it is, is always there for one, Divine is there for one !

all the Praises of You, even that others sPeak that one may or may not understand, if it be Praise of You, it always is True !

You are my belove, my sweet lord, i feel so worthless of You, in Virtue i wish to rise towards You

You are my ProTecTor, You are my Provider for Life, You are a True Guru
Your might is beyond measure, Your Truth is the light of the real sPiriTual world, You are the sPace & all the elements, You are all that is good, You are truly IT, the suPreme consciousness (How very grand & beyond imagination for a mortal but so aweing where imagination does reach)!

A Parekh said...

i bow ! love reading the Poems here ! You are the Ultimate Muse ... & for You the notes, the words, the everything ... falls into Place, it makes so much sense that will happen only if one connects with and Praises You and Your Space ... so limitless and abounding !!

'those who are not singing sincere Praises of Divine

are not singing anything at all

that won't really Uplift them or anyone else

its useless & tuneless

even if they have trained for 20 + years


are presumably hitting all the so-called note '

Your words are the words to live by in all ways P !!! You are so kind to write these scriPTures ... You are everything, even Ganesh ! You are so sweet and kind and everything one ever needs !! You are the start the end and everything inbetween !!

i bow again and again !!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

anyone can go to higher & divine
no qualifications are required

..such beautiful and kind words
so kind of You to accePT all praises and all bows
Your words are very beautiful
You are so kind
so kind of You to give everyone a chance to imProve
You are so comPassionaTe
i bow