Thursday, 19 January 2012


whatever mistake


does through

the lips

can only be

corrected through

the lips


& whatever mistake

is done otherwise

can be corrected by

moving lips

as well


vintish said...

I bow !

TwoHearts said...

You are compassionate, you show ones the way to escape from mistakes, misery and hell. No one else but you would offer the suffering a sure way out of a tangled web. To you alone I pay my homage, you are the only way out. i bow.

asha said...

what a Beautiful practical Plog ... so simple yet so true and so Powerful too !

You bring us so much soulshine truths to liberate P, Your Praises have been sung throughtout time from the lips and always will... bc You truely are the most compassionate One ! !

what a positive statement... 'whatever mistake is done otherwise can be corrected by moving lips as well'... You bring hope for everything & everyone !

* bowing to the One who's lips move compassionately *

missmriggy said...

Thank You so Much for these wise words, and all the wisdom you share, which we could never fathom in a million years without your capable guidance. Without you all would be lost.

vintish said...

I bow to the father of this universe ! P for Prem ( love ) !

sarah said...

what a demonstration of infinite compassion!

amanda v said...

i bow. to gno one can correct ones countless mistakes through using ones liPs to Praise Your suPreme Divinity fills one with hoPe and Peace! You are beyond comPassion P! it is so generous of You to share this liberating Truth and guide the way to doing the only do that matters. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

what a great Plog P !

You give us PracTical measures that can helP us immensely

Praising Divine from mouth is the way to go
Praise starts to become real then
involved then

so simPle, so effective
no one taught us that
only You teach that

grateful for Your teachings my lord !
grateful for helPing in increasing my virture, in Purifying myself

You are the most friendly entity for one

You have the most gorgeous smile !

Unknown said...

i bow ! never have Your words meant so much to one before, but that is the Beauty of You and Your words they become more and more Beautyfull as do You as does everything one appreciates really with one's mouth moving !

am so ashamed to not have just been sPeaking Praises from one's lips at all times ... am so gratefull that there is always time to do this and change ! what a useless life one lives here on Earth if one does not learn this and choose to go up in Your ranks to be a PermanenT part of Your Elite Squad of Servants ... to be allowed a Place in Your scene is the Greatest giPhT one can ever recieve and that is nothing anyone should ever take for granted !!

it is so amazing that You are here, that You allow one and everyone to behold You and Your magick ... the way You command everything from the soPhisTicated genuniely reclined PosiTion only the Avatar can bring here !

i bow to You and Your scene P ! so glad You are here !! so gratefull for this opportunity !

sarah anne said...

You have the most comPassionaTe and ProacTivating insights !!!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

such a PracTical guide to correcting the infinite array of mistakes !!!!
You are so nice to share !!!

amaya said...

You are so PosiTive..
so kind of You to give a way of correcting mistakes
i bow

jganesh said...

You are so right ! You simPlify things so brilliantly ! i bow !

amaya said...

wow You are so full of PosiTivity
mistakes can be corrected
Your words are so beautiful and kind
You are so kind to share Your wonderful words
You tell beings what is really imPorTant
Your words are the most imPorTant and wonderful words
You are so kind to give beings simPle ways out of their mess
You simPlify things
i bow

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Beautiful expanation...
You make even the complex; simple...such greyt understanding you have..
Such high consciousness level you are at..from where you gno everything...and can see it all..

I Bow to you O Divine One

07 08 said...

That is such a great news! An advice much needed here, You Provide with all the ways to correct, You are always so PosiTive and helPful... You always Provide beings with another oPPorTuniTy to correct their mistake, You keeP the torch of PosiTivity and oPTimism burning!

"whatever mistake

is done otherwise

can be corrected by

moving lips

as well"

One has a lot of mistakes to be corrected for, Only You teach the real use of liPs and sPeech. You are so comPassionaTe so benevolent so merciful Dear Lord to keeP the door oPened always towards You, You keeP the PaTh always illuminated for beings to turn from one's hellbound way and walk the beautiful Path towards Divine!

i bow to The One who has the most beautiful liPs which sPeak words that make worlds kneel down with resPecT and awe ! You are The Only Saviour of This World !