Tuesday, 8 December 2009

jumpin' & yellin'

lots of

beastly and bratty

jumping and yelling

going on by the various genesnakes


to get attention

some more than others

they call it music, sports etc etc

what they would actually

do with each other's attention

remains a mystery


amruta patil said...

Love me, Love me. That's what most attention-seeking hopes to accomplish. But then, if you attract attention too successfully, it is envy and hostility, not love, that comes along with it.

PT - The Axis said...

yes love them but for what ?

is loving them going to take
the being that is doing the loving
into higher painless realms,
out of 3-D matrix ?
what would come of the whole exercise even if it all went to their plan
if they have one that is ?

thats the mystery.

sarah said...

This sheds light on a preposterous situation: people competing hard for that which is completely worthless. I bow.

pinx said...

such a brilliant observation and so wittily worded !

really love how You refer to people as 'genesnakes', that term lends a much more specific and scientific approach.

and "jumpin & yellin" is such a great way to describe their attention seeking antics ! and so true, what they would actually do with each other's attention is mysterious !

I Bow to Your ultimate wit !

Amanda V said...

lol :D i bow In fits of laughter.

P3AZ21 said...

the only sane activity, way of liPhe for anyone anywhere is Praise of Divine
it quells all boredom, it makes liPhe worth living
it is but what an existence is designed to do

You are Divine !

PsingulariTy said...

You are 'Mowgli Man-Cub of 'Jungle Book', in a world full of aPes'

Science Spirituality said...

hahaha as always.. once again a witty post with a spice of sarcasm!! You're so observant that not even single or tiny stuff could be ignored by you!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

You train everyone how to be a proper being !!!!
You are the best examPle of naturality.
You are the only refuge for the attention.

Roopa P Jadhav said...

I bow to thee PT :)

jganesh said...

You are so right ! i bow !

Swati said...

Thank you so much for naming lower being as Genesnake who are busy getting each other attention based on their own limited talent and not focusing on Higher and Divine and actually putting efforts to walk on the path what you are trying to show them. Thank you so much Lord for shifting my focus from them towards you. From Temples and idols to toward real divine and Avtar.

Now, The most Mysterious in this whole world is You and Your Avtar and Your Leela on this earth in coming Years.

Your Grace and blessings are needed all the time to remain under your Grace.

O Compassionate Dayalu Bhagwan !!

! Surrender myself into your feet !!!

Gita said...

the msgs here in the blog make us understand a lot of things..
all the self praise required leads into developing ego which in turn widens the gap between the beings and the divine..

i praise the "Dhruvah" you PT who is the same and never changing in the beginning now and the ending

i praise the "Shmshaanvaaseenae" you who in this time period believe in living in the forest and not the concrete buildings..

i praise the "Bhagavān" as it is told the 6 bhagas of fortune u hold them all PT

i praise the "Khaecharaay" u PT who resides in the our heart, all your disciples hear

i praise the "Gocharaay" U PT who has Go's in your land , u who talks about Vedas, U PT who is here to protect the Bhudevi (earth)

i praise the "Ardanaay" U PT who protects your disciples ...

<3 <3 <3


undecided said...

I bow. Another amazing Truth by PT! Back in matrix mind, one would find these people very interesting and attention would be put on them, because it was "entertainment". But looking with new glasses, you just see what they really are; beings who want constant slave adoration to keep a fire going in spirits who do not have any connection to True divinity and nature. aeioum