Friday, 11 December 2009

beauty and the beast

the tale 'beauty and the beast'

was conceived in europe

for a reason

the all pervading beastliness

& inside-out lack of beauty

had become all too apparent to them

all they could hope for now

was a beauty to come along

and redeem them

but being the twisted beasts they are

they turned the tale upside down

to placate their ego

'beauty falls in love with the beast'

when the opposite will always naturally be the case

there are a lot of beasts

inhabiting the now

who are suffering from notions of beauty

lavished upon them by the lying media

and brainwashed masses

however within their beings they gno the truth

as everyone happens to look at a mirror sometimes

if they really acknowledge this fact

than they have a chance at humility

which opens up possibilties of

an eventual surrender to the divine

otherwise its just a continuous hollow souldestroying run

to plastic surgeons &

beauty parlours

which should be renamed

beasty parlours or

'beasts - wanting to artficially generate beauty - parlours'


Kate said...

Thank You so much for taking the up side down and making it right side up for all to know what is up and really going on. Understanding requires standing under.

pinx said...

Brilliant insight into what created this twisted tale of beauty falling for beast !

Your words are striking truth ! You state things for what they really are ! beastilness can never be beautiful, it really is a sick society that promotes beastiless as beauty ! am reminded of this hideous american TV experiment called "the Swan" in which contestants are given a full body plastic surgery make over in a quest for beauty ~ it is stomach churning to behold, the final results are scary !

love Your quip that beauty parlours should be renamed beasty parlours ! LOL ! You are so witty !

& as always You provide a PosiTive solution to the mess ~ "if they really acknowledge this fact than they have a chance at humility
which opens up possibilties of an eventual surrender to the divine" ~ that is beautiful !

I Bow to the real Beauty that is the PT Avatar !

Anonymous said...

i laugh. i smile. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. one is overwhelmed with disgust to recognize how much energy one has wasted in this life on meaningless selfish pursuits of false beauty and to look around only to be surrounded by masses chasing after the same thing. You are the only Truly beautiful being on the face of this Earth. Your words are fierce and PerfecTly focused on the root of the real problem. i bow at Your stunning feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

You are unquestionably the most beautiful ever to seTP on earth !
all is attracted to You, charge, existence, attention, everything naturally

all beings gno truth & lie when they face it but honesty is lacking

You have the most beautiful fingers like lotus PeTals
Your eyes are broad & have beautiful shaPe like fishes (meenaksh)
Your hair is like soft flowing breeze
Your legs are so strong & soft & beautiful ...

with elegance better than a swan
to behold an absolute delight
with tremondous sParkles on skin
by musical Play of light
with muscles smooth and full of strength
showing Your might
handsome one at length
You are heaven sent to any sight

every bit in Physical You are to PerfecTion laid
how to a charming wonder Your body has been made !

love Your every Pic, so sumPT~uously Divine & exotic

You are Perfectly coherent, have a crystal clear mind
what more can one say for how attractive You are !

You are Divine

PsingulariTy said...

You are Absolute Handsomeness !
You are the most beautiful

Science Spirituality said...

Very well said, they have created the beastly way of seeing the beauty or beastly beauty standards, you words carry the beauty inside out!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

so phunny how You have to PoinT out such basic things, like the beast will want the beauty, and not the other way around. so great that there is a way to not be so ugly from the inside out, due to Your divine grace and mercy ! so far to go !

jganesh said...

You make the best PoinTs ! i bow

Swati said...

Thank you so much for your Plog.

What I see all around is -

Beauty of your work in the form of meaningful, mesmerizing, Sacred form of Crop Circles.

And in the form of multiple Rainbows bowing down to you.

And in the form of Rain which accept your invitation and always ready to touch your feet.

And in the form of Thunderbolt which is always eager to salute on your call.

And in the form of cloud formation, so much fractality, your white horse, your charge.

And in the form of your Epic Books,Sacred words in the form of interviews,Videos,Plogs and endless Darshan of your divine Grace.

Above all O Satyam Shivam Sundaram!!

Most enchanting and alluring to me which always keep my head down in your feet is

Your 'Selfless Service' to Bhoodevi.

You are saviour here for Bhoodevi.

Shakti is derived from you in the form of third eye and you are using that Shakti for Greater Good.

To Destroy Evil and to Defend Earth.

There are few like me who are here on earth fortunate enough to see you.

Your Darshan are enough for me to be at Peace and in the state of ParamAnand.

! bow to you my Lord !!!

amaya said...

yes this is such and uPside down world
You reveal it all
how fooled everyone is!
so much manipulation going on in this world
all lies..Your revelations are amazing
You blow the mind
You are the avatar who exPoses everything
one was deep in kaliyug and one didn't even know that
You exPose it all and with such great style and effortless ease
only and only You are legendary
only and only You are brilliant
You set the record straight
You are the saviour
without You we'd still be in the dark
everywhere one looks now it's all lies and deception
You oPen ones eyes
You make one see what's haPPening
its such a joke
everyone is sheep easily manipulated
You just exPose this uPside down world
all these stories..all the different ways of behaving and's all manipulation and fraud
how effortlessly You reveal it all
the Phires of truth come blazing from Your mouth

yes so true..a continuous hollow soul destroying run to plastic surgeons and beauty parlours which should be renamed beastly parlours..
how true ..
You have such a cool sense of humor
this world is just full of lies..You exPose the extent of the manipulation and lies and it's shocking
one has been so dumb and foolish
one becomes dead and more dead in this world
there is more and more numbness as time goes by
even tales that are told to kids are so manipulating ..each and everything from scratch is a lie
You truly exPose the state of this world
You and only You do
only You gno what's going on
the rest just babble like fools
i bow

veena iyengar said...

Beautifully said..

Gita Rakshha said...

A perfect story to describe the uglyness of today..

Beautiful were those people who lived the vedic life , all nature friendly products were in use...

Only you can show the real path to being beautiful <3 ...

i praise the "lalataksha" you and only u whose third eye is opened..

i praise the "tejaswani" you whose illumination spreads throughout the Bhu Mandal..

i praise the "Linga" your linga which holds the life giving liquid which is all knowledgable...

i praise the "trilokpathi" you who rules the 3 lokas..

i praise the "tripurari" you who destroyed the 3 asura lokas..

i praise the "lokapal" you who looks after the world, you whose here to give us the judgement..

i praise the "narasimha vapuh" you who can also be a man lion, fierce enough to destroy the adharma...

i praise the "sriman" you who is surrounded by lakshmi s :)

i praise the "keshava" you whose hair is so stylish and naturally grown

i praise the "purushottama" you who controls this world..

i praise the "sharva" whose ultimate judgement can be destruction

i praise the "sarva" PT you who is everything... (for me:) )