Friday, 11 December 2009

dear prudence

from a virtue


has now become a swearword


no wonder

many find

P rude


Anonymous said...

being undisciplined really seems to be advertised these days - there are all those commercials for ice cream, cereals, etc. which promote selfishness and greed and gluttony ... or all those songs à la 'we've got tonight' which promote detrimental, undisciplined actions ...

in such times, for such beings the simple mention of the consequences of such actions will seem rude ... let alone the confrontation with the harm they actually cause themselves & others ... and promoting modesty & discipline will seem a sacrilege ... as you wrote - your foresight & unwavering, immaculate attitude does upset these beings and seems rude to them ...

asha said...

that is true P, what an eloquent way of summarising the state of affairs, every entry You write is so coherent & cool !

sreelatha said...

you say it so simply and effective

Prudence was a viture

and from that it has become Prude

you see the world for what it is and always give helPful advice

you are the most benevolent being

you are divine incarnate on this earth

you are Lord MahaVishnu

you are Kalki in the now

you are the doyen of righteousness

you are the ultimate Personality with Pure qualities beyond imagination itself

you are worthy of all worship

i bow

pinx said...

Wah Wah ! so true Dear PT ! & so cleverly put !

yes no wonder many find P rude ~ they have lost all touch with virtue, if ever they had touch to begin with. to reduce the virtue of Prudence to the word Prude shows a a declining progression which finally has led to finding P rude ! bizarre times in which we live where the One who personifies courtesy & virtue, ever the PerfecT gentleman be considered rude !

Amanda V said...

only those who are dense could find P rude. i bow.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The SaneT

Science Spirituality said...

Truth is rude, truth is clear and straight forward!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

You make the best PoinTs ! i bow

Swati said...

Thank-you so much for throwing light on every single word.

One must have an ability to understand that it's a virtue. Latest virtues are different which makes one to fall.

You have that ability to use it properly.

All words and definitions comes out of you and find its meaning, otherwise even these words feel useless here.

I bow to you my lord!!

veena iyengar said...

He He ..true..

Gita Rakshha said...

Indeed a PerfecT gentleman U are... Selfish people dont see this side in you cos they are not welcomed in your world..
Brats find Virtueness to be tough , Brats will find your rude when they are told about the reality.. People nowadays ask for poison when they are actually fed with Amruth.. Thats the heights of dumbness that they are wearing..

i praise the " Kaantha" the ever glowing and shining :)

i praise the "Sukha da " You who shows us the path to reach the bliss ..

i praise the "Shruthi prakasha ' you who holds a trident

i praise the "Shuddha vigraha" the one in a pure form..

i praise the " Su prita " u who is pleased by good things..

i praise the "khatvangin" the one who bears the weapon khatvang

i praise the "Twashta"you who simplifies complicated things..

i praise the "Sthavishtha" the supreme whole..

i praise the "Agrahya" you who is more than sensual..

i praise the "Sashwata" you who is coherent and not changing

i praise the "Krishn" you whose complexion is golden brown and has a blue aura..

i praise the "Pratardana" you who creates hurricanes floods tornados..