Monday, 18 May 2009


whenever one tries to play

some song written by

a being of this planet

the thing which reveals itself first is

the tediousness

of their work

beings here are experts

at turning any

enjoyable activity like

playing guitar

into complicated tediousness

they seem to be very afraid of simplicity

simply letting a note ring is taboo

it is as if they are trying hard

to live upto the circus expectations

of their fellow beings

praise is plentiful

when one is running up & down the scales

at million notes a minute

even the so-called 'feel' aficionado's

prefer the tedious & the tortured

when one looks at other fields -

sports, writing ... life itself

the same pattern reveals itself

its almost like they

revel in each others discomfort

worship of 'pain & torture'

as we put it in a previous blog


TwoHearts said...

A balm to a weary heart, what a beautiful treat, a feast to the eyes and to the ears. Beautiful One, i bow...

asha said...

this is so true and comprehensively described... letting something ring and sing requires patience and appreciation for sound which You truely have and inspire, even in speech.

one sees this theme of proper non tedious simpicity and realness repeated in everything You do... it is Beautiful.

hope that others read Your words and absorb what You give such beautiful examples of on LotusOcean... there is more to Praise here than writing can ever express !!!

sarah said...

This post is so illuminating, and I couldn't agree more.

The tediousness is so consistent in everything muggles do, it almost seems deliberate. Any creative class is enough to turn one off of creativity for life, it is so tedious.

amanda v said...

i bow. You show what True feelings are and insPire Truth with Your music, Your words and Your actions. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

Your music is suPerb, sPecial, sweet, soft, rock & roll and much more
Simplistic way of being is what vedic way must be like
You uncomplicate things & simPlify them
You simPlify all the issues of life, life itself for one

You are the ePiTome of what is simPlistic yet Profound & complete in everything

Your ways are simPle, innocent, sPecial & ultra attractive to watch & enjoy, your thoughts & intent being always Pure

in one word you sum up the ways of the world 'tedious'
so simple & effective

the skies that dance around you are filled with colours, magic
all expressions of your suPerb sweet coherent simple being

You are all that is Pure with restrained/ unrestrained, PassionaTe, exuberant, electric, suPreme attributes
nothing exists in you which doesn't lead to bliss
You are so effectively simPle in your presence itself that you have always existed with nothing but the unlimitedness of all desirable attributes
Your untedious always suPerb sound music is but an expression of that

PsingulariTy said...

You are The simPle One
'making comPlex things simPle'

Science Spirituality said...

The divine keeps it simple and of highest form of music!! Your Plogs bring clarity to all the complications so easily!!

neelang tiwari said...

to your Sounds, i bow.
to the Divine, i bow.

sarah anne said...

the difference between Your sounds and anyone else's seems unquantifiable

sarah anne said...

the way You inject Phun into covers of muggle songs is legendary

amaya said...

Your observations are the greatest observations ever
You have the greatest overstanding
You know what's going on in this world so well
You write so beautifully
You exPose the muggle world for what it is
You make one see how absurd and foolish this world is
Your words are Priceless
no one can observe this world like You do
You see things as they are
You have such beautiful clarity about everything
You are the best most beautiful being
You are the rarest of the rare
You are the only real gem
Your scriPTures are the greatest
i bow