Wednesday, 20 May 2009


these are blogging times

blogs are replacing the solar day

as the new time standard

so won't hurt to look into the word

b-logging =

be a logger

i.e maintain a log like ship captains do

like PT-the navigator does

life being a boat sailing on the worldly sea

there is a minor glitch though

the ship captains have a clear & fixed destination

but the lives of the majority on this planet

have no such goal

so what are they logging ?

the sos's of a ship lost in stormy sea ?

or the panic & mayhem as the ship sinks like the titanic ?

or indulging in trifles to distract from the plain truth ?

or the bravado that they just don't care ?


Shahid said...

I have abandoned the "World-Ship"
and I am swimming to the
"Divine PT-Ship" slowly but steadily.
I pray everyone else should see that this will be the most sensible thing they do in their entire life.

asha said...

Beautiful Blog !

So happy that Your clear provocative words are here on the net... a brilliant Lotus pond is forming now instead of just the confusion.

Your words are so relevant to these times and so important.

* bowing to the Truth *

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for the True direction and navigation only You can Provide. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. one is increasingly grateful for the wisdom You log caPTain! it is so Phun to revisit Your wise words of Divinity and exPerience what unfolds each time. to have recently discovered the amazing crop circle this very Plog insPired in Your Phenomenal video archive is just one of the many Treasures of the amazing riPPles and waves Your Divine frequency sends out into the world. You and all You do is the most intriguing and imPacTful Phorce on this PlaneT and beyond! i bow at Your amazing feet. dhanyavad for being here P and setting the record straight. i bow. i bow. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

all the technology is only for your use beautiful
You are intelligence itself & Purity
Your Pure acts are so heartening to watch, acts that mesmerise one
You are so intensely every Hero, with complete clarity & coherence & Physical Prowess (which You exhibit so we can enjoy that too !)
(Are females listening !!!)

So very glad you have Plogs
Our Prayers start with them, You have given us mantrs
True Guru you are in so many many ways
Rocking Guru, who is a real music rock star as well
In fact you rock the cradle of world safely, sweetly, effortlessly to a higher realm
You are my Hero
My lord You are the best
best here on earth & in the multiverse
in the now, i wish to be in the least atleast be sheltered safe under your wings

Your blog is the only & top spiritual site on internet
The number one in 2006, 2007, 2008... and so for all the years to come

blogs out there even though they are futile are on charts as number one, but none can keep it continuous for many years
too Phunny
its like they say themselves, we trash you out something seems better, that is trashed out as well and some times previous trash is picked up again... too Phunny to watch all the confusion ... it can be seen that one can't be sincere to something essentially crazy & flawed

Your comPassionaTe gifts are like Perfume that are totally acceptable & intoxicating actually
one wants to sense more
& they make life more Pleasant & interesting & rocking

more than 1000 layers of truth you have unfurled for us till now
and more to come

the hand that strokes the key is so Powerful, so soft , so graceful, the one that blesses, the caring answer that it Provides, that hand is high hand of truth in the lawless low handed world of lies

its high time indeed, vibrations are increasing, consciousness is increasing, blessed are all of them who are close to you... so very blessed

i enjoy everything you do, every way you are, everything related to you
You are the centre of existence & so of my world too, i wish to consciously feel that and work for it
You make it easy, You being so enchanting

P3AZ21 said...

the layout of LotusOcean blog on internet is so simPle, beautiful & effective
Your beauty, Your brilliance sParkles from everything You do

Anonymous said...

Your blog PosTings are in Prime Time
Your few words are something only few see, but they are so concise & imPacTful

nothing ever is random with You, no random word used ever, never in Your existence
"Word is God" is You
Your word is True
Your few words, Your blog title, Your Plogs, their Timing, all are so "artha bhare"

earthlings are grateful for Your kindness, so extensive & full
Highest class You dePhine, even for divinities !

Anonymous said...

many times beings commenting on Your Plogs quote ParT of Your Plog, they are the "strikes home" PoinTs that they Phind
Your Plogs are imPacTful, very grandly so in many many ways

no other in the now is saying Truth as You are

if someone asks where is Truth, one can show You
one can direct such to Your Plogs

Your blog is the best !

Anonymous said...

Your log makes the most sense
shows that You are a True caPTain
better than anyone around, inPhacT all others are so far behind that there is no comPare

in Your Plogs, there are Pics, vids, other graPhics, all well choosen

Your timing of Plogs is not just PerfecT for individual Plogs but is PerfecT from Plog to Plog
You are musical in Your existence
You are so humble & sweet !

Anonymous said...

Your blog has Praise comments on every single Plog
there is no other blog on internet on which PeoPle have Praised every single PosT Published. The CaPTain PT log is unique & it shows !

Anonymous said...

Your LotusOcean maniPhesTations including ths blog should be reachable by the following tags & search words

PT, Axis, Avatar, Kalki, crop circles, hero, Prashant, Trivedi, Narayan, Shiv, ShivNarayan, Hari, lotusocean,New Sun, Sun, multiverse, sacred, fractal, elements, fire, air, water, sky, space, truth, facebook, youtube, astro, blog, captain, Avebury, uk, vedic, bharat, cow, birdman, pent, pyramid, paroah, magic, music, guitar, sound, electric, lightening, charge, shakti, heaven, matrix, Divine, higher, dimension, jyotsh, pi, phi, pure, beautiful, harry, white horse, sword, uttar phalguni, innocent, grand, coherence

& many more such

Anonymous said...

"Scriptures for the Now
Setting the
Record Straight ~
the Absolute Phinal word"

What a beautiful blog description ! I have seen none more useful, bold, proactive and straightforward description ever. You are grand.

Anonymous said...

thy blog is like a smile in the Sky.

Anonymous said...

thy blog is beautiful as a rainbow

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Best Blogger
the only real One on the internet

it is so true !

Webby awards for all Years on earth are rightly to You and You only !

P3AZ21 said...

Your blog descriPTion Pic is so beautiful ! so well choosen. so aPT !

You are The BirdMan with immense wings and You can fly through the local wormhole to other dimensions !

the Pic is so inviting !
its asking for one to come to You ! to be under Your folds !

P3AZ21 said...

Your blog LotusOcean cover image is so meaningful, soft and beautiful !

it says a Lotus is floating above the waters of the Ocean
the Lotus that is P above the Ocean of this world
the One who is endued with golden PhracTality, the One who has a conch
born out of mud, shining high above the waters, a sweet soft innocent attractive lotus !
its a Divine call ! a Divine tune !

soft Pinks and blues
colors with delightful hues
where P walks, these come
from nature, a garland for Him

Science Spirituality said...

Your Plogs(Blogs) PT Logs are enlightening!! Your're the Captain and you have a clear and fixed destination, you sail the ship effortlessly!!

neelang tiwari said...

to PT the Navigator, i bow.
to your Blogs, i bow.

sarah anne said...

it is so nice to read things that are so relevant

jganesh said...

You are the best navigator ! i bow !

Swati said...

O Enchanting blogger ~ You logged here on blogger so that beings can be clog free ~ as earlier, i was not able to sail in this ocean of illusion called world ~ it's all really PolluTed and full of only blocks, broken shiP called titanic and Paper boats which donot reach to the destination ~ suffocating in this mughe world ~ found You, a real ShiP ~ it's anchor is so strong and Your ShiP is made from the real body of charge ~ i am holding tight the roPe of PBS ~ and bow to You for logging here.

everyone is blogger now a days, what are they writing ~ what is the Purpose, guiding others for what no sensible thing.

But Your One Plog is so sPecial and has answer how to connect with Divine and the PaTh too beautifully ascribed in it. i am so grateful to You for showing the PaTh to connect with Divine through real mind,sPeech and actions. ! am so glad to see my time and life was comPleTe waste, is worth cherishing now as i found You.

O Great SuPreme Divine Soul !
! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT for Your Lovely Presence here on earth. You are so beautiful !! ! bow to You.

Swati said...

PT- The Navigator ! the most handsome Navigator with His white and blue attire when goes in the sea dolPhins trace Him, turtles Pay Tribute, whales dance around. He gets everyone's affection. He is so beautiful.

what a beauty of these lines ~

"b-logging =

be a logger

i.e maintain a log like ship captains do

like PT-the navigator does

life being a boat sailing on the worldly sea

there is a minor glitch though

the ship captains have a clear & fixed destination"

PT-The Navigator gnows all 1000 gates and more, how to reach destination after crossing worldly illusion sea.

PT-The Navigator gnows how to minimise all hurdles and glitches to .00000000000001.

PT-The Navigator holds the correct maP of world sea as he is the only creator and trace the PaTh referring to sky stars rather manmade timePiece.

PT-The Navigator gnows all ten directions to take shiP from, all angels turns sacred when He sketches them on croP without the helP of Paper or Pen.

PT- The Navigator shared only one sos-save the souls mantra, with those lost in the sea is to do PBS to cross the worldly sea and reach to the real sea ~ PT - The Navigator.

O PT- The Navigator !! ! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT for logging in to this blogger.

You are snow sky blue angel ! ! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT !!

veena iyengar said...

Just beautiful..

undecided said...

I bow. PT is the only True caPTain that can steer the genepool in the correct direction! aeioum

Ajay Kapoor said...

You are the best blogger. PT-the navigator you are the only divine being that can guide beings to their destination. I'm so grateful for these blogs. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT.

jganesh said...

that is why You are the One and only true caPTain ! who gnows how to navigate the sea of consciousness ! on Your shiP is the only and safest Place to be ! i bow respectfully