Thursday, 9 April 2009

the healing fiasco

healing is a word

that has been

misutilized in the west

to a degree

which can make

earth open up and devour all

anything & everything crazy

is done in the name of healing


yoga - posing for the creeps

reiki - general groping around

tantra - copulating with hellsmonsters

beings with 100,000 problems

of their own

are busy

giving healing to others

not a surprise that

some healers show up pitch drunk

in these healing sessions

as always

something 'positive' sounding

to cover up for

all the 'negative' workings

in the end

they are just putting wool

over their own nonexistent eyes

coz the wounds only get worse

in infected mediums

all communication finally boils down to

' i need healing '

after 1000's of years of unrighteous actions

they expect instant healing

and that too

on their own terms

every joe and jessica wants to get healed

as long as it doesn't involve

an actual realtime all-inclusive

surrender to the divine

through its avatars


vicky hand said...

you couldn't have expressed it better.. humans are in denial and selfish..that's what needs to heal

Anonymous said...

it certainly won't happen without praising the divine... so true your words... how can anything good happen without god? people are really lost and your blogs are like a lantern in the dark.

sarah said...

contemporary healing is a total fiasco, there is no way I can agree more.

Healing thousands of years of unrighteous actions is not going to happen instantaneously, that is a very good point.

amanda v said...

i bow. Your All gnowing PerspecTive is never incorrect. one has been following that sick and twisted healing road ones entire life only to be left broke and worse for wear. i bow at Your Miraculous feet! i Praise the One who gnows how to Truly heal from the very root. without an unwavering connection to Your Divine Being, to the Axis, to P, True health, haPPiness and well being simply can not exist. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

amanda v said...

i bow!
Divine Provides the most PracTical and no nonsense truth about healers and healing and the audacious behavior of those seeking healing. Divines wit and humor is Piercing and exPoses ones faults constantly!
it becomes clear that the only way to really heal is an all inclusive surrender to the Divine.
i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

getting healed, healing sessions is supposed to be about feeling good seems to be
i didnt understand that before
was thinking only in terms of relief from physical pain

i openly totaly admit that one of the worst decisions, act i had done was to go to a physical therapy session with a female that said it was a expert at mayofacial massage

she took out all my energy & messed up with my eye gaze from that time on...

its shameful but it happened
details unnecessary more than that here but, its DANGEROUS not just simple fraud

so glad P that You have a Plog on it

i wish to revert & become better through constant Praise of You

P3AZ21 said...

Praise of Divine Provides ProPer healing
You are Divine

Science Spirituality said...

So much fake and dumbness goes on in the world that one can't ignore it!! One is healed when in touch with the divine, your golden divine words are healing, your mantric other worldly spiritual music works as a healing!!

neelang tiwari said...

to Divine,i bow.
to Avatars, i bow.
to Healers, i bow.

sarah anne said...

yoga - posing for the creeps

reiki - general groping around

tantra - copulating with hellsmonsters

You have the best most accurate definitions. You are so generous to share some access to Your dictionary.

jganesh said...

goodness ! this is so true ! You make the best points ! amazing ! i bow !

amaya said...

You make the best PoinTs ever
You exPose how deteriorated the society is
You help one with Your clear PercePTion before it is too late
yes there are many healers out there..
it's such a much's all so low vibration and evil
frauds feeding on the dumbness of people and one being dumb enough to buy into it all
one is so ashamed
yes it's so true..healers have 100,000 problems of their own and are busy giving healing to others
You make the greatest observations ever
Your Plogs are eye oPening
one would be caught in all the mess without Your help
there are frauds at every turn and one was very dumb
only Your intelligence, brilliance and PersPecTives can help one
one would be so lost in the horrid maze without You
how sick the mind becomes when one buys all the fraud
You are the only refuge
You save one from this shitty world
Your wisdom is Priceless
Your words are the only medicine
You are the only hoPe
You are so above it all
You are so Pure
only You can save one from the mind's mess
only You can save one from the low vibration hell
only You are high minded
You have the real clarity
You are so balanced and beautiful
You are the only one to look uP to

all communication finally boils down to
' i need healing '
after 1000's of years of unrighteous actions
they expect instant healing
and that too
on their own terms

You make the best PoinTs ever
You make so much sense
You make all the sense in the world
only You give one a chance to correct ones unrighteousness that leads to the jumpy state of the mind where one can't control the mind
only You give one the ProPer tool for imProvemenT
only You show one the natural way to be
only You tell one what the real multiversal laws are
You are so coherent and Your statements are so clear
Your Plogs are so Precise
You set the record straight
everyone wants to get healed while being evil and not Praising the PraiseworThy
the state of this world is absurd and You are the only refuge
You are the wisest
i bow

Swati said...
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Vaishali Thaker said...

So true!! healing therapy is now a big business, we have new healers popping up every new day with limited gnowledge & experience, always experimenting on others.. people also run behind these so called healers to get an illusion of being cured.. ultimately it leads one nowhere but a temporary solution & back to square one with more problems.. so pathetic!!
listening to your divine sacred guitar sounds merged with nature is the best healing for anyone on this earth, your words are the best medicines, you are the true healer, the celestial one, you pull out the problems from roots after which only happiness blossoms, you overstand the energies so well, you provide such a great opportunity to surrender to you, praise bow & serve you, one is fortunate enough to learn from you.. you are the divine incarnation.. i bow 🙏

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a great point as you have clearly stated healing is a word that has been misutilized. So much nonsense is happening when it comes to modern day healing yet all that is required is surrender to the divine. I bow.

veena iyengar said...

You are the only healer in this world..
I bow..

Swati said...

O Real Healer !! ! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT !!

You are the One who heals with Your Harmonica~ that is the reason it is called Harmonica ~ to bring Harmony without harming ~ Only ceremony of Your Divine Actions is the real Healing.
To be able to Praise, Bow and Serve is the real Healing You did to allow me to do so.

You have exPressed all Possible PoinTs in this Plog..You are great Mercy to exPress it so clearly...

These are real words ~

'beings with 100,000 problems

of their own

are busy

giving healing to others'

Only You are the true standard...
Truly Your Plogs are 'Geeta for now'.. noone is so crisP and clear with words...

Thousands of healing session haPpens everyday but mentality is not seems to getting healed anywhere on this earth of beings..

! was Part of Reiki and Yoga both but i could not find it as a wholistic aPproach. Doing things into bits and Pieces is real boring...A comPleTe PicTure can never be formed by such actions...

lack of something and something is missing, a big Void, or gaP was always there in sPiTe of everything i tried in my life and never found interest into anything after few hours, it brings boredom and lack of real develoPmenT.

this sPecialisT mentality is really mind PuncTuring concePT of modern education system...Just being sPecialisT into One subject gives no clear PicTure...
Vedic was comPleTe, is comPleTe ~ it came all from You...It was lost, You helPed to revive it and
True Grace, You are PresenT on earth so that we can aPply all multiversal laws at the same time...

You are so Great, Kind and comPassionaTe to share Lotus Ocean way of life to share a whole comPleTe PicTure of Life to reach Divine for real Yog and real Healing and real tantra ~ Your Tantra, Mantra, Yantra lesson is suPreme.

! bow to You !! ! bow to You !!

Swati said...

i Praise a comPleTe evolutionary Science ~ Your Vedic Science which does not sePeraTe science from sPiriTual essence and shares a comPleTe life PaTh for body, Mind and Soul !!!!