Sunday, 29 March 2009

the One vs the Many

the fallen ones

having realized that

individually they weren't good enough

to create any real magic

decided to

put the numbers together

to create

'industrial light & magic'

lotusocean sound & light

is primarily

manifested by 'one'

with minimal equipment - a handycam

their sound & light

takes 1000's to manifest

the credits can roll

longer than the film/program

the amount of resources burnt

are enormous

still there is no magic

just low vibration sound & light

nonsense is still nonsense

no matter how organized

the charade

inchoerence added & multiplied

doesn't equal coherence

tribes are binded together

by slogan's like

'unity is strength'

yes ganging up is necessary

for demon armies

but can they outdo 'the one' ?

same old story with the same old result


Dancing Deer said...

this is so true...

when one is everything in your case

these other nothings together cannot even produce a something, let alone everything...

a* said...

this blog really puts into perspective how it is always the being involved and not the equipment used!

their slogans they have come up with just do not compare to your insightful words:

"nonsense is still nonsense no matter how organized the charade"

"incoherence added & multiplied doesn't equal coherence "

how fun it would be to see them worn on t-shirts and bumperstickers and billboarded up :)

You always present the truth of matters whether it be an individual or a whole hive involved, in the wittiest funniest wisest most humourous language!

sree said...

the One is the One for a reason
is unimitable
is irreplacable

sarah said...

It is so true, it is a cliche that pop stars mask their lack of talent with what is alleged to be their sex appeal. I'm not the type to judge someone for doing what they have to do to make money, or trying desperately to have fun, but the bullshit sentimentality and useless subject matter of the sound is a deal breaker.

I love how profound and coherent lotusocean music is, no one else is even in the ballpark. I bow.

Amanda V said...

i bow.

amanda v said...

i bow! You bring such clarity to the plight of the fallen ones incapable of making magic on their own! You show the True demonic origin of so called strength in numbers and how futile it is against the One. i bow at Your omniPotenT feet. dhanyavad for Providing real education P! Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

Your coherence makes your works high class
they are coherence filled, so enriching for the soul
sounds that tingle the dna & repair it
sounds that increase the consciousness of one
sound that reminds one that there are higher realms & journey one toward them
your videos are always captured at places with no artificial light, only natural light
magical settings from nature is the stage of your play
You are simplistic in your ways
As You say Divine uncomplicates things and makes them simple
You Divine only go for that which is organic

The One always wins
its the Power of the One
You are the Sea into which all rivers flow

amanda said...

i bow!
no one can outdo the ONE!
You are the only ONE who can talk the talk You do because You walk the walk!
You are the Avatar!
Divines talk is the most intelligent! witty! truthful!
No one can utilize language the way You do!
so great when Divine states
'same old story with the same old result'
the forces of Divine always win!
the Phorce can not, will not, never has and will never lose!
one does not understand why the evil essences continue to try!
esPecially when it is surrender to Divine that all Truly Desire!
You are the bliss everyone seeks to return to!
You are the bliss one stupidly sought through misaligned evil means!
it is always just as Divine says
'same old game different name'
PrashanT Trivedi is the only name which matters and the only name which will reign TriumPhanT!!!
the ONE who is here to PuT an end to this maddening game!
You are the only ONE who makes any sense in this nonsensical world!
SO grateful You are here Putting the nonsense to an end!
SO grateful there is ONE who is real to Phocus ones attention on! to work toward rather than chasing after nonsense and becoming lost in the collective dream of evil!
The way Divine PoinTs out and makes Phun of the nonsense of this world and the beings in it is the classiest and PhunniesT!
Divine is the most comPassionaTe to take beings which have fallen to this evil plane of existence under Divines wing, to guide and direct them in how to surrender and be of service to Divine!
to helP one see if one is not serving Divine, the ONE, than one is serving evil in its many forms!
i bow to the only ONE to align with! the only ONE to serve!
i bow to the only ONE who can and is bringing down the industrial light show for REAL!
There can only be ONE! YOU are the ONE and only!
YOU are the ONE i bow to!

Science Spirituality said...

Your knowledge, your wisdom, your words act like a divine golden sword of truth-

"the amount of resources burnt
are enormous
still there is no magic
just low vibration sound & light
nonsense is still nonsense
no matter how organized
the charade
inchoerence added & multiplied
doesn't equal coherence"

You're coherent and you have the magic to create a blissful magical music!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to the One.
i bow to your Music.
i bow to your Sounds.
i bow to Lotusocean.

sarah anne said...

what phenomenal wording ! 'industrial light and magic ' is such a brilliantly worded oxymoron. You are also very nice to explain that it is the same old story with the same old result, in case anyone feels like writing a new story.
You are so brilliant, Your suPerioriTy of sound, words, and everything else is overwhelming.

jganesh said...

You make the best points ! You are so kind to provide beings with true sound and light vibrations ! i bow !

Ujjwal Sharma said...

your music is very relaxing and powerful.and the manifestation and creations that happen through the magic in your music can never be achieved by combining many numbers of are the only one in this world who can create real coherent sounds and light.
i bow to the divine PT kalki avatar.