Tuesday, 24 March 2009

disillusioned vs the chasers

in vedic texts like the upanishads
disillusionment or vairagya (वैराग्य)
was seen as the stepping stone
to enlightenment

in these times
getting disillusioned
is considered
a crime
a disease
same as delusion
one risks being thrown
into a mental asylum
for getting bored of the chase

on the other hand

the chasers
i.e those chasing the illusion
are considered
absolutely sane
awards & accolades
await the most dedicated chasers


Dancing Deer said...

finally someone who knows the difference between sanity and insanity..

all these psychiatrists trying to make the insane more insane.. what a funny mental asylum we live in...

Shahid said...

Finally Here'a a Divine Man/Being
who can get us out of this Mental World Asylum but how many will follow him????

asha said...

what a Great PLog !!

Your words are the clarity, sanity, hope, logic and Peace everyone is looking for... those that chase it where it is not are mad and You make it undeniably clear that is not out there !!!

sarah said...

I agree. One is discouraged from scrutinizing the pointlessness of what the matrix has to offer at every turn. One is made to feel like a loser, who is just not trying hard enough to get to a level where all the rewards apparently lie.

I can't even count the people who have called me lazy, let alone the individual instances of people who said things like that hundreds of times in their sweet concern.

I bow.

Amanda V said...

Dhanyavad. Your true insight and perspective pierce all illusion. i bow.

suki s said...

You are an absolute genius. You are the only One who sees things clearly at all times: zero compromise, zero getting excited about the approval of the insignificant. You are the punk rock icon.

amanda v said...

i bow!
You are the clear voice of reason in a world without any!
one wasted so much of ones life blindly following the blind and chasing delusions.
You are the One who sees beyond it all to the Truth, to the real meaning of this life.
It is so insPiring to gno there is One who gnos.
You are Truth!
You are beauty!
i bow at Your everlasting feet!

P3AZ21 said...

award granting entry to hell is no award at all

disllusionment is a big word
if one totally gets it one is saved

You are the saviour
the real One, the real saviour
who has lightning as adornment
instead of thorns !

You kill the evil that presents thorns
You are the Rose Child
You live at the center of the rose, both in & out

Your are immensly coherent, fractal

Blazing beauty you are

both the black & white beauty
conqueror of the dark
Perfect disciplanarian like the Saturn
and as soft as a white lotus
Your acts are Pure, are white

Your works disllusion one to a major extent
& show the maya one is stuck here in

You are the May man

the Judge, the Ruler, the King

Ultimate scintillating blue beauty
with immense wings

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Chaste
to chase

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to the Ved.
i bow to the Time.
i bow to the Divine.

jganesh said...

beautiful ! You make the best points and You are so phunny ! You are the only sane Being !

amaya said...

You make the best observations ever
how Priceless Your observations of this world are ..
Your words are Phenomenal
how accurate Your observations are
Your words are such a delight to read
Your words are so meaningful
Your words are sanctifying
this world is uPside down
only You tell it like it is and with such great style!
You are the best and the only teacher
truer words haven't been sPoken
You write and sPeak the truth so clearly and beautifully
You are the wisest
You are glorious brilliance
yes disillusionment is considered a crime these days
yes the dedicated chasers are considered sane when they are insane
You know everything that's going on in this world
You don't miss anything
You Playfully observe this world and come out with the greatest wisdom ever
You are ones only roPe out of hell
You are the only hoPe
You are eternally wise
Your wisdom has no beginning and no end
You are mind blowing
You are the kindest, most comPassionaTe being
i bow at Your joyful lotus PheeT

Gita said...

Being a woman its tough for me to understand the concept of vairagya , the society has tamed us so much into its own concept that its even impossible to dream of this term.

At the time we are in right now, this far away concept of vairagya seems so distant to catch on even though the heart knows that , thats where one has to go..

Please throw some more insights on women and vairagya..

aeioum ...

Swati said...
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Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a great observation into current times where getting disillusioned
is considered a crime. Thank you for showing us the correct path. I bow.