Thursday, 26 March 2009


if it is encouragement

you are looking for

to push you forward on any path

it is only the path to hell

you are likely to receive

encouragement for

in these times

one has to have the ability

to completely stand outside

the family/social structures

one deems onself a part of

in order to take the

path of evolution

one will most likely be shunned

for taking the higher path &

one has to have the individuality to

not let that affect them in the slightest

herd or hive mentality

will not work

because the

herd is heading towards -


Dancing Deer said...

Escape from the Dungeon...

You are the only one who knows the way out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shahid said...

Totally resonate with this statement even though its not easy to Implement it-
"one has to have the ability
to completely stand outside
the family/social structures
one deems onself a part of
in order to take the
path of evolution".

I am very lucky to be lead to you and I am not leaving you until you get me out of the matrix too:)

sree said...

your examples for the Plogs are so apt

and in a way humorous but also alarming to see

Anonymous said...

i bow. Dhanyavad for so generously showing those who are seeking the exit door. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!

such imperative guidance You offer here for those seeking the Path to Truth, to freedom, to evolution!
You are the truest individual P!
You are the giant who stands tall, above it all on the PaTh. how blessed we are to have a comPleTely evolved being to turn to.
i bow at Your Divine feet!

P3AZ21 said...

i dont wish to be a road kill on the highway to hell
or worse yet having to jump into witches cauldron at the end

i wish to use what little energy i have all to Praise You Divine
Praising You provides energy in itself

You are the most stunning suPerb being whose comPassion gnows no bounds

the charmer on the land of the snakes

the Pied Piper from heaven

the real tech King
whose crop formation responses no technology can reproduce
whose uses internet with an ultimately benine intent & purpose

You show what 'Highway to Hell' really is & how to avoid it
better yet You show 'the Real Stairway to Heaven/Bliss/Enlightenment'

grand your works are & grand your intent

the Real cowboy, Killer of evil
all Praises to You

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine

Science Spirituality said...

Breaking out of the matrix takes a lot, only divine helP can get one out of the illusive fake system!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to the Divine.
i bow to the Phractal.
i bow to the Higher.

sarah anne said...

You are the greatest military commander and the only guide out of hell. You set the most PrisTine examPle of not giving unwarranted significance to random people and what they may or may not think.

jganesh said...

beautiful ! You make the best points ! love Your perspective ! i bow !

Gita said...

I have always been shunned by friends and society for going against the social norms..

and today when i read this blog i am glad of what i did to go against the society..

Your truly a saviour !

I want to get out of these man made rules / society / pain / parents / illness / job etc etc etc...

I wanna take a step towards the divine, i want peace happiness and love..
Wanna let go of all no so required qualities that i have acquired thru my genes ...

I bow to the divine with humility and humbleness to accept me and guide me thru the path of divinity..


Swati said...

O True Bliss !! ! bow to You..

because herd is heading towards hell...Out of hell into deePer hell...

You are the saviour, true saviour, took birth to kill demon mentality and save traPped sPiriTd here since ages...after going through the cycle of life and death all sPiriTs has gone that low into there Consciousness that they even don't recognise Divine and digging deePer holes of hell for themselves, for more generations to come.

You saved 16000 girls out of the tyranny of narakasur,saved sita mata from Ravan,Rishis from demon, saved Bhoodevi from hiranyaksh, Prahlad from hirnakashyaP, now again You are saving mother earth from ill wills and helPing everyone to evolve.

Beings stand as One ~ Praising and Bowing to suPreme Power rather serving ill will of the society or current system...

PBS ~ What a beauty of this beautiful temPle created by You, just to over come boundaries of mind and one starts evolving naturally by bowing and Praising You..

A Dream come true to see this beautiful temPle ~ real temPle to Praise, Bow and Serve Lord of the third eye !!

A TemPle with Third eye !

PheeT of P are the Lotus PheeT to Praise, Bow and Serve !! ! bow to You !!

Swati said...

O Nilgiri Rainmaker ! ! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT ! You are so Divine to use Your Divine charm and energies for real good ! PrakriTi is so much into Pure Pleasure as it is able to experience true Bliss from the Divine Actions of Divine Himself, being the ParT of Play !!

just few blissful minutes, as soon as true sound comes out of Your guitar, it becomes real magical all around !! When it rains, it Pours, truly it is Pouring its charm all around.

! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT for being true Grace on earth !!

Ajay Kapoor said...

I bow. The herd is heading towards hell, you have saved so many beings from taking the wrong path, we are truly blessed to have a higher being to turn to. I bow

undecided said...

I bow. The king of the birds are leading the others to the north. aeioum

veena iyengar said...

very true..I bow..

jganesh said...

it is so beauitiPhul how doing PBS to the Higher takes care of everything ! forever at Your PheeT is the only Place any being should want to be ... beings encourage each other everyday to go on the highway to hell lol ! scary stuff ! i bow respectfully