Monday, 16 May 2016





i run



red blood


lots of people






thus the

iron age

kali yug


a Pari said...

i bow ... wow that is so Profound ! You are the Best Observer !!

what is the use for iron in the blood if one is not running out of hell and running towards You through running towards serving ! so great that You are here always clarifying the TRUTH ! i bow !!!

missmriggy said...

wow. I can't believe how magical your words are sometimes.

vintish said...

I bow

sarah anne said...

You are so immensely Profound. Your ease and style, and the meaning and Purpose You provide, are on the opposite wavelength to the iron age brilliantly explained above. Wow !!!!

Kritika Nath said...

I agree.

Kritika Nath said...

I agree.

amaya said...

so when we run aimlessly we enter the iron age and when we become truly goal oriented we enter the golden age. awesome way to put aPT!

sarah anne said...

You never have the urge to get caught up in random meaningless actions. You are the most imPressive Being.

neelang tiwari said...

One should run for aim.

reshma nair said...

Pure Truth. I bow. Aeioum PT 😇🙏

Vaishali Thaker said...

Wow.. another epic word connection!! iron = i run.. great!! so well connected with flow of blood & aimless running of beings in the current time.. its time to move from iron age to golden age.. i bow to the giver of true knowledge.. 🙏

VC said...

The way you decode the words is mind blowing . I am awestruck, how You reach to the core of it.
Yes in Kal yug every one is just running. unconsciously and aimlessly . Beings are so much occupied in useless and meaningless activities that they have completely forgotten the actual purpose of life. You are so kind to guide us the way towards the golden age . You have all the knowledge and wisdom of all the worlds. I bow to the supreme !!