Monday, 16 May 2016




it is




being to

get out

of the


 (D as in 3D

cup matrix)


is the



Goal Phull


is the





a Pari said...

i bow ! no wonder You are the Most Golden One ... the Only One who gnos the way out of the matrix ! i bow

Si iris P said...

wow P - Your Plogs are the most Precious valuables on the PlaneT !
what a beautiful definition & reminder of what really is of the highest worth & value !

Your PersPecTive adds so much depth and imPorTance to every word, action and detail, You always act & speak & write on the highest level !

really puts one to shame as one realizes just how petty, shortsighted & narrowminded one's approach to everything has always been ... which makes one admire even more how You are always keeping the highest goal and deepest reality in focus in everything you say & do.

it is inphiknitly kind of You to give the trapped beings of this plane this amazing opportunity to learn from You, to open up to Your suPerior PersPecTive which is really the most consciousness-expanding exPerience one can ever have !

i bow

missmriggy said...

I really love this message. We should never be complacent, never let go of the goal.
Awesome message.

vintish said...

I bow

sarah anne said...

You are so gnowledgable, and have the most goal oriented attitude imaginable.

pinx said...

You are suPerb ! Your dePhiniTions of words are just so PoignanT, beautiful, insightful & meaningful ! nobody but You could make such a brilliant connection ! sheds new light on the term 'heart of gold' too :) not many of those around by this proper fact i only gno of One ;) i bow !

a Pari said...

i bow

one is so fortunate to learn from YOU directly P !

You inspire and refine the goal to evolve oneself
and always strive for Grace and more Grace all the TIME !

so gratefull one has such an EPIC example of True Grace in YOU !

i bow

amaya said...

wow so beautiful and Precise

neelang tiwari said...

Goal is essential.

APari said...

You are truely so Gold and PhracTal !!!

sarah anne said...

You are pure gold

amaya said...

Your words are wonderful..such beautiful and imPorTanT words..You help one avoid pointless actions and be goal oriented..Your words are crucial..i bow

kulwinder kaur said...

my Pgold words speaks golden though he himself is gold and glorifying him self... I m just speechless

reshma nair said...

Amazing.😉 and that's y Goddess Lakshmi represents Goal-D😉. South Indians should read this Plog. I bow. Aeioum PT. 😇🙏

Vaishali Thaker said...

So true... getting out of this 3D matrix should only be the goal!! so inspiring, precise, straightforward & eyeooening!! only you can inspire one to have such true goals, others just divert & manipulate mind of the beings on this plane.. i bow 🙏

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Getting out of here is the real goal.

I Bow.

jganesh said...

wow ... that was beautifully explained ! gold = Goal D = goal to get out of the cup matrix ! Goal Phull living is the real golden age ! that is Profound ! go for the gold ! go for P ! i bow