Sunday, 27 December 2015


if only








gno-ing their



Evolving there-of ...)

there would



this extra work


Yours Truly


put them all






vintish said...

I bow

amanda said...

i bow

a Pari said...

i bow. wow. Your words are definitely very imPacTfull and shame inducing ! so sorry to have made You have to do extra work, so gratefull that You so kindly do and share these Beautyfull Plogs to learn from and never repeat any detrimental action again !

before You one was definitely drifting, lost at sea and no idea where is the 'sure' shore ... so gratefull that You have incarnated and that there is an opportunity to escape once and for all like never before, and for many not just a tiny few every few thousands years like before.

*i bow to the Avatar on Earth now *

a Pari said...

i bow. it really should be the other way around... Serving You is the only assured right action. i bow in gratitude The Avatar allows more Time to do so during The Judgement now

amanda said...

i bow
agree with the comments here.
Your words fill one with shame for having ever caused extra work for Divine.
for not gno-ing ones Place and Evolving there-of.
You do more than any in this world could ever gno.
You Do what only You can Do and all here should be doing work and extra work to serve You!
it should never be the other way around! People are here to serve Divine, to give to Divine, to Praise Divine, to listen to and follow Divine. Everything that exists exists to serve You!
it is the ultimate kindness that You have taken a birth here P!
All owe everything to the Avatar!
You are most comPassionaTe to PuT PeoPle in their Place and to helP one learn to align ones seeing with Divines seeing and behave accordingly.
Your Judgement is the most imPorTant event to ever take Place!
so grateful You are here putting an end to the nonsense and setting the record straight!
so grateful You are here to bow to and Praise!
so grateful for the chance and ways You give for one to evolve.
i bow

sarah anne said...

it is a bit ironic that out of all the millions of things one gnows without question, ones place doesn't make the list.

really cool PoinT about how gnowing it makes it better.

You are so honest and so PosiTive.

missmriggy said...

it's so terrible that you have to do any work because we're all so blind, dumb and ignorant.. we do not deserve your Mercy.. we are in hell without it

Anubhuti Vyas said...

We have ost our true self and Divine has to come to remind us of our own true nature ut still we are so ignorant that we cannot understand it and not believe that it is for our own good.AEIOUM

neelang tiwari said...

One should know their place.

K N said...

It is so awing whenever you write 'Yours Truly' , it generates this warmth and affection in one that is just beautiful! And yes we are at fault for not understanding things and being averse to right gnowledge/behaviour/actions/attitude.

But it is truly benevolent of you to always PoinT our mistakes/misconceptions. You have the kindest biggest brightest most beautiful heart to always give beings the chance to learn and evolve with your golden words! You and your supreme divine wisdom is truly the best giPhT for us to ever have! I bow!

Roopa P Jadhav said...

I bow.

amaya said...

yes one has to evolve from whatever Place one is in
You give the good news that anyone and everyone can evolve
You're very kind to give beings a chance to evolve no matter what they have done in the past
You're very kind to give beings a chance to do actions that are according to You
You're very kind to give beings a chance to Praise You who is so very very PraiseworThy
You are so beautiful and Divine
You are amazingly comPassionaTe
Your comPassion is beyond amazing
You give one a chance to repair ones broken spirit
You are so kind to help one out of the consequences of ones actions
i bow