Tuesday, 15 December 2015






they gno something








vintish said...

I bow

a Pari said...

i bow ! what a Beautyfull Plog ! admit one had to look up what the word phonetics meant ...and the name of the throat chakra (Vishudda) its so clearly Your domain P !!! PhoneTics !! speech, linguistics, expressions of Blue ... no one gnos this better than You !!

You are the Most gnowing eloquent speaker and are SUPERIOR in all things Mercurial ! only You have opened and fully flowered all Your Chakras first before doing anything... its no wonder You are the Master, the Real Axis !

You are Merc-yfull and its a total miracle to get to learn from Divine directly !

love how You are so unlimited in every way ... why on earth anyone would think they are entitled to writing speaking anything PhoneTically without gnowing the first obvious thing about it ... that its Your Domain... Divine's Domain ... and one would need to be Praising Serving and Bowing to You first before even attempting it ... is totally beyond me ...

oh wait its not beyond me at all bc every muggle is a phony ... always speaking like they gno, always ready to pretend that everything, their entire existence, is not phony and based on lies and non-PhacTs !!

so gratefull for this chance to get out of one's procured bad habits of muggledom and this totally trapped prison world P ... so gratefull You allow one the Time and opportunity to do so before its too late and one is another recycled rat !!

i bow !! !!

P~raise Poems said...

melodious sound as it flows
ripple and tingles all around
soothing fair air is made
sweetness Divine his sound

oh ! who all gaze spellcast
lovely cows free in meadows
and celestions from the sky
their tribute to the NewSun
His PhoneTics blissful high

Anonymous said...

i bow to the One who gnos!
it's so clear how real You are P!
so cool how matter of PhacT You are about everything!
the ways You end the PreTend!
You are the Master of PhoneTics!!!
The Master of it ALL!
so grateful for the chance You Provide to stop being one of the phony people pretending
and Pay attention to the One and Only real Professor there is!
to the only One who gnos!
there is nothing more beautiful than watching the centered way You sPeak and use Your mouth PerfecTly!
and hearing the saounds of Your Powerful sPeak!
Your words are like Your music!
enchanting, melodious, Powerful, soothing, stirring, heavenly!
it really becomes painful to hear phony people talk
and to hear oneself pretend to speak
only You can teach one how to use ones mouth properly
only You can teach one what words Truly mean and how to use them
one is so ashamed to realize how phony one has been P
and so grateful for all the ways You helP one to face the Truth that one does not gno anything.
You are really so kind to helP one change the awful and annoying ways one sPeaks.
i bow

neelang tiwari said...

Phonetics are important.

Vaishali Thaker said...

Only under your grace does beings come to gno the importance of centering!! you are so generous to share all the vedic knowledge in this kaliyug where everything is hidden in the darkness!! What we speak & how, is so much important... speaking from center, pronouncing words as they are, is only real meditation... it is so unfortunate that we have been deprived of such important lesson since childhood. i bow to the guru who is proving opporrunity to evolve, to the beings stuck in this hell 🙏

reshma nair said...

As PT says, Ego is false sense of knowing which leads one nowhere. 🙏😇

Indrajeet Khadey said...

You are the only one who gnos...Everyone else has information...
Only your kundalini has risen...Only you have gnowledge...

I Bow to you The King who wears the Sahastrar Crown.

jganesh said...

oh wow ! You are so right ! never saw it that way ! Your words are so eye oPening ! You are the Master of PhoneTics ! i bow <3 ॐ

The Dasher said...

yes, I dont gnow much about phonetics, only few things which the guru in you PT have revealed in your innerviews are what I gnow of ... but even that I dont gnow as much as you gnow them as everything cannot be told to the masses - which you rightly said... aeioum....