Sunday, 20 December 2015




bound rat

bound rats

thats what

majority of

the population here is


its not by force

its by


they choose to be



keep on




a Pari said...

i bow. Divine observations are so PerfecT ! You are so impressively Overstanding and Phun to learn from ! You do not tolerate or allow b-rats to carry on in bratty ways. the consequences are clearly dire ! one is so ashamed to have ever been a b-rat anytime ! to not just be bowing Praising and serving is bratty ! gratefull for this oppurtunity to escape the hellcage of pissant self once and for all ! i bow !

sarah anne said...

such excruciating and poignant accuracy.
bound rat is the most accurate compelling description.
the PoinT about how it is by choice is equally compelling.

vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow again and again
the shame of ones bratty state is overwhelming
it is so shameful that all one has done throughout ones life is inculcate brattiness and be bratty with other bound rats.
it is such a humbling and sobering PsPecTive to glimPse through Divines Truth that all one and the majority of the population here are
are bound rats in a hell cage.
and that it isn't by force it's by choice!!!
that one chooses to be bratty!
choosing to bow to You! to Praise You! to focus on You! to serve You! to stop being a brat is the only logical choice!
and it is so gracious that Divine itself, the only ONE who can Provide that choice is here!
one definitely does not want to continue being a brat
bound by ones bratty ways stuck with ones bratty self and other rats in a race to even more hell and suffering!

there is SO much to admire about You P!
You are the only ONE here, on Earth that can Truly be admired!
You overflow with Pure Divine qualities.
You were never a brat!
You never inculcated awful hell bound lowly traits!
You have never, do never and would never behave in such a way!
You are PerfecT in every way!
You are so gracious to give beings here a chance to STOP such foolish behavior and DO that which will actually helP them change and get out of this cage.
You are SO kind to share Your PerfecT objective observations of the state of of things and beings here.
so grateful for the ways You helP one face the truth of ones lowly state and change!
i bow

missmriggy said...

It's so compassionate of you to show us the reality, otherwise we could never stand a chance to get out of hell. and you remain Pure, Pristine and True always

Anubhuti Vyas said...

We chose You so that we can come out from our brattiness . We do not want to be called as brats but as your servants. We want to be under your guidance to reach our goal.AEIOUM

neelang tiwari said...

Being bound is a choice.

reshma nair said...

Not making a choice is also a choice. I bow down to Pure and Truthful PT.

Vaishali Thaker said...

Thats true.. to be happy or to suffer is a choice. Choice totally dependent on desires of others instead of ones own.. its like sacrificing ones own self with own hands.. you throw so much of light on the situation. beings are bound by their own mental boundaries & need to rise above from this trap. you help one realize that one is actually trapped due to their own actions & no one else is to blame, you are so kind to show the true path, walking in this journey of life as directed by you is so fulfilling, you are the savior, you help evolve the spirits, your words affect the conciousness..
only after listening to you one can shut the continous nonsensical inner conflicts & look at one self as being, one can feel alive only with you, you are the brahman, the ultimate source.. you are the phorce which drives this multiverse, you are the controller of the panch mahabhut which exist in this multiverse & of which this body is madeup of, you are the divine supreme soul.. i bow to your lotus feet 🙏

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Its all about choosing....
One should make proper decisions...

I Bow to you O Divine One.

jganesh said...

wow ! never saw that word in that way ! brats= b-rats= bound rats ... Your view PoinT is so amazing ! where would we be without Your PerspecTive ! ... bound rats ! i bow <3ॐ

The Dasher said...

Yes, Brats are bounded rats which have bounded themselves from divine ... Instead we have to develop a attitude of a child like Ganesha and respect the divine laws ...aeioum....