Monday, 18 August 2014



pronounced ( for a reason as always)


which is

dish vision

which tells us


a decision should be reached

like a dish is visualized and prepared

most just let their mind/intellect

run and race around willynilly

as same constraints as that of the

physical do not apply to the mental

however for any

real decision to be taken

the processes of

mind, thoughts, intellect

should be treated the same as cooking a dish

same discipline

same step by step -ness

same patience

thats how one can reach

proper decisions


one doesn't want another life in the 3-d matrix

etc etc


Shahid said...

Wonderful Lord...cant stop admiring your crystal-clear writings. I desire to live under the guidance of the Mighty Lord eternally and serve the Lord joyfully. I bow at your Lotus feet <3

A Parekh said...

oh wow !!!! i bow !!! i bow !!!

what Beautiful words they are like elixir to one's ears ! very cool breaking down of the word decision ... dish vision !! that's so intelligent memorable and compassionate !!

You always provide one with exactly what one needs to get to real decisions for a real escape !!!

i bow ! You are so awesome !

vintish said...

Bahut sunder PosT hai - lovely one (○_○)

vintish said...

I bow & I Bow

Anonymous said...

i bow.

suki s said...

You are so creative and inspired !!! Your definitions are so phun and enlightening ! Your gnowledge is so comprehensive and unique .

missmriggy said...

Thankyou for the excellent guidance. No one else can give it, because they are not doing it. You alone are a light in this world. Eternally Grateful.

suki s said...

Your creativity is infinite. as is Your playfulness and genius :)

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are the True Jedi! what an amazing way of explaining the Proper way to make a decision! disciPline, PaTience, step by step ness! You gno how to actualize the decision of getting out of this 3D matrix! i bow at Your steady feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

definitely something to keeP in mind & make it conscious in ones being as to how to make Proper decisions
grateful to You for the Truth
Your Plogs are always written in a classy attractive style !

PsingulariTy said...

so beautiful ! so scientific ! so logical !

You are Divine !

Anonymous said...

i bow.
You are the only One who Phully gnos what words mean, how to Pronounce them and the reason why!
The only One who can make real decisions instantly!
You never make a wrong decsion! Your life is a culmination of constant PerfecT decsion making!
You show beings here again and again how suPerior You are in all ways just by being Your amazing Divine self!
It is Your mind, Your intellect, which is focused steady and Pure.
You who are comPletely free from 'willy nilly' thoughts!
You who are the ePiTome of PerfecT intelligence!
What a beautiful and comPrehensive exPlanaTion of how to make a real decision!
one is so ashamed to be like most.
SO grateful to Divine for helPing one see and face the truth of how unrestrained ones mind has been ones whole life.
scattered and unclear! no ability to make a real decision whatsoever.
Divine is really generous to guide the way in
'how one can reach ProPer decisions like one does not want another life in 3d matrix'
one dePhiniTely does NOT want to take birth here again.
one dePhiniTely only wants to do those things and make those decisions which will lead one to You, lead one to Divine!
It is SO comPassionate of Divine to helP one face the truth of ones state and do something about it.
to do the only do which can save one.
You are the only One here who can Provide the way for one to get ones little mind together and make the biggest most imPortanT and real decision there is!
i bow!

sarah anne said...

You are the absolute total best decision maker. You have infinite gnowledge ant the most intriguing way with words.

neelang tiwari said...

One should set a meaningful goal.

Indrajeet Khadey said...
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lana_33 said...

You teach beings how to make ProPer decisions and how to PrePare ProPer dishes too! i bow.

ki vernee said...

mind, thoughts, intellect

should be treated the same as cooking a dish

same discipline

same step by step -ness

same patience

this is so Profound ! You make such great PoinTs ... one definitely does not want come back here ever ever ! i bow respectphully

Reshma PT said...

Wow..This revelation is so amazing.
i bow.

nicolas said...

that is really profound! your gnowledge is very impressive and life changing!
i bow to you supreme lord