Saturday, 9 August 2014

boredom solution

even though majority of this planet's population

is actively engaged in it

lotusocean has to burst billions of bubbles

to point out that

seeking attention for oneself






only solution

( real spelling - soul-u-tion )







asha said...

oh that's soo Beautiful !!
i bow !!!

You are the best !!

Amanda V said...

i bow at the stunning soles of Soul.

suki seruchka said...

You are so PracTical and efficient ! The PerfecT example to watch ( and try and learn from ) ! so kind of You to illuminate how deeply flawed that muggle instinct is !

vintish said...

I bow

Shahid said...

Your writings are like nectar for me <3
aap mahaan ho prabhu...

suki s said...

Divine's soulutions are so much more responsible, useful, and phun than muggle attempts at finding a final solution. You are the only One who gnows. You are so merciful to share Your view.

Shahid said...

Everything is this world turns you away from the soul but Lotusocean videos and blogs turns us all towards our soul, in the right direction. Blessed to read your blogs and see your videos Lord Shiv - Narayn :)

amanda v said...

i bow P! wow! what another crucial scriPTure!

so matter of fact, straight to the PoinT, PracTical! and such a cool dePhiniTion of solution!

such a great reminder that searching for attention for oneself can not and will not helP one get a soul!

You are so kind to Provide so many ways to guide one in the right direction P! and keeP one free from the trappings of boredom!

bowing to Your inPhiniTe compassion and gnoing!

P3AZ21 said...

heaven, a higher realm, a realm where there is no birth & death, is free of P~ain & torture & one never gets bored there

one wants to get to a higher realm as soon as one can
one Praises Divine for that
Divine is charming
Divine is ever comPassionaTe
Divine is the greatest benefactor

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Enlightened One
the suPersoul of the Multiverse

so beautiful You are !

neelang tiwari said...

Soul can play.