Sunday, 17 August 2014


so who are

the blessed

once again the

word tells it all


the one's who

are clear at all times






no ego takes root


blessed-ness happens


Amanda V said...

i bow.

vintish said...

I bow

Shahid said...

Just yesterday i was thinking i am so blessed to gnow you :)
Always under you Lord, seeking a total change from a human caterpillar to a divine butterfly. Lord I seek to come to you and be with the divine, serve the divine 100%.
Oh my tongue please continue chanting the name of the lord narayan non-stop.....

missmriggy said...

Divine is the only shelter.

amanda v said...

this is so beautiful P!
i bow!

those who are clear at all times to be less than Divine are the ones who are blessed!
Your words make one cry out Yes!

how blessed one is to realize this Truth and be guided by You in how to not allow ones miserable ego to take root.

what a blessing it is to read Your Divine words P. to have access to the One who is Divine magniPhicence mnaiPhesT on this PlaneT to stand under in awe, admiration and Praise.
all one need do is look at Your inPhiniTe beauty, ways and creations to see that one is and will always be less, be blessed.

i bow at Your glorious feet! dhanyavad for Your Divine Presence in this world P!

P3AZ21 said...

great Plog to show that one needs to be humble to higher & Divine & all falls into Place for one

ego is being unhumble
with Divine, ones ego makes no sense
dissolving ego makes sense

grateful to You for showing that

PsingulariTy said...

so beautiful !
truth !

You are The Humble One
You are The Elightened One

You are grand !

neelang tiwari said...

One should be humble.

sarah anne said...

You show how natural cause and effect is !
acknowledging one is less than You is the most natural thing to do !

leap into freedom said...

Be less than divine! Absolutely! One can only learn with a Humble attitude and a focus on that which is Higher. Blessed are those who behave in this manner for they have enough PracTacality to follow multiversal Laws. Praise & Honor to PT the Axis who shares the gnowledge and gnow-how that unlocks the door to Phreedom. Your are the incorruptible Avatar who leads us thru a mind field of illusion with a twinkle in your eye & a heart stoPPing smile:)