Friday, 21 February 2014

the most obvious thing

people seem

perennially confused


how their self will improve


most try to

improve it by putting focus/attention on the self

but that

(obviously) never works

and all they end up with is


self can only improve

when one can

put focus/attention


the most obvious thing


that is the

blaring shining



higher & divine

only that awareness


holding that awareness

second to second


raise one



vintish said...

I bow

Shingo Kudo said...

thank you for teaching...
now i UnderStand...

asha said...

i bow !

'blaring shining higherness' OMG ! that is so cool ! Your wording is so phun ... really brings out the ludicrious-ness of paying attention to the self which is blaring dumb doomed, it really couldn't be anymore obvious the more one sees the Higher as well !! so glad You are here to put attention on P !

its so phunny all other 'spiritual' writings talk about self-realisation... all one has to realise is what is the most obvious thing... You take all the mystery out it P !

i bow !!

asha said...

i bow ! You are such an ocean of PerspecTive (hence the name clearly) !

so grateful You are here P, before You life was a repetitive confusing mess, self limited to an unsatisfactory body and then became something to 'realise' (without reality) be in denial about &/or defend, Divine was a mysterious word, happiness/bliss a very nonexistent concept, change superficial and always a downward spiral, 'service' forced for job & Time a struggle with everything especially one's immediate out-of-control circumstances ... & one stayed with the nonsense bc one thought evolution and discipline must surely be more boring ... how wrong one was !!!!!!!

'and all they end up with is
frustration' ... that is so bloody true... a broken thing can not fix itself !!!

one really doesn't stand a chance without the Higher... all that putting attention on the self didn't even lead to how unbearably limited one's intelligence is or how detrimental one's mind is, especially if one hesitates from Praising the 'blaring shining higherness of higher & divine' (such cool words !) ... putting attention on self makes everything stuck ... putting attention on Higher puts things in PerspecTive !!

& attention on that which is so so interesting, much much much better in every way, intelligent, sorted, crystal clear, reasonably logical, Beautiful, sane, wise, sophisticated, PHUN and completely natural... its so sensical !!!

You are all of those qualities and so Gorgeously much more P !!!

one is so so fortunate to have access to such an enormous wealth of gnowledge, no topic too taboo... every Truth and Pure Principle condensed here in Beautiful scientific Plogs ... easy to understand and simple to implement... a very phun golden opportunity to not be born here again with all of those problems all over again !!!

'only that awareness


holding that awareness

second to second


raise one

higher '

You always always give the solution to every problem while being the solution at the same time ! its seriously too cool ... You are so Beautiful !

i bow !

Anonymous said...

So beautiful are you My Lord , So kind and compassionate and Divine.When ordinary mortals come to look upon your surreal form of empowering love , soothing light and PerfecT grace they are mesmerised into a trance of sublime powerful and liberating cool stillness.They are instantly from that moment onwards transformed as they have drunk you from their eyes and therefore absorbed you into their very souls - purified for all eternity - spreading the love to all humanity - running all over earth like divine messengers itself to tell the whole world - The One has arrived - The Lord of the world is here - Come focus your attention on his beautiful face with pure devotion - surrender and submission and be liberated in just a moment.As you focus on him in this humble state second by second you rise higher into the highest sacred heaven and become eternally immune to the clutches of hell.So great is the One.

missmriggy said...

Perfect Truth and made so Beautifully Simple and Clear!!

Anonymous said...

i gasp. i bow. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your ability to sPeak magnitudes of Truth condensed into Your blatantly Powerful P logs is just one of the infinite expressions of Your undeniable Divinity! it is bewildering how stuPid we are to continue to remain caught uP in the same self defeating cycles again and again and again when Your Divinity is 'blaring' right in front of our ridiculous faces. You are infinitely kind to constantly remind and Provide inexPlicably gorgeous ways for one to keep ones attention on the only One that is imPorTant, the only One that can guide One to True freedom. You are the ultimate! i bow at Your gracious feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!

one is so moved by this P! so much time and energy one wasted in vain attempts to improve oneself throughout the course of ones life, always trying to feel right, look right, do right, fit in. everything ones unintelligent self did only made things worse!

it REALly does become obvious how pointless and frustrating and pathetic it is for one to try and how detrimental focusing on the self is and how sick and evil a system one was trying for so long to fit in to!

You guide one to the only Place and only way one can Truly improve the self that matters and avoid the trap of the miserable and desperate ego. You make it so clear what one need do. what the real opportunity of this human life is! such liberating words and guidance You share P!

it is You who bring one to face and see the reality that one is trapped in the hellish cycle of death and rebirth and that no life one could ever take, no worldly pleasure or experience would be worth staying caught here!

the responses here re affirm and show one more clearly what a truly golden opportunity it is that You are here!
You are the One who gnos the way to freedom. You are the One who is the way to freedom! You are the only One deserving of any beings attention, focus and Praise!
i bow at Your supreme feet!

suki s said...

You are so kind to guide the path towards the dissipation of muggle conciousness.

You are so interesting and PosiTive, putting attention elsewhere is always a bummer.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
PuT one attention on the Divine!
Divine is SO sweet to give such a simPle exPlanaTion!
i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

great great great !

indeed its obvious How high Divine is !

Divine is so high that one can not actually totally comPrehend the highness unless one becomes One with IT

only P, only You actually gno about Divine in Totality, You are One with IT, You are IT

with PercePTion one has, one can see that Divine is great !

Divine is grand, high class, suPer in everything, ultimately beautiful, charming, gorgeous, sweet, innocent, aweing, terrific, dazzling, cooel, All Powerful, All Gnoing ...

Divine is that which the eyes when raised to sky can understand that it is there, its out there, uP there, one is low down

Divine is connected to all existences that Praise IT
Divine is sweet, Divine is a great ProTecTor
Divine is the caPTain that sails one through to better worlds

caPTain PT !

PsingulariTy said...

You are P avaTar, the Real PhanTom

so beautiful You are !

yet for now,

'no one hears, no one sees
avatar walks
no one can tell, no one hears, no one sees
avatar walks
avatar walks
the avatar walks the earth
right here, right now'

ignoring fools !

sarah anne said...

and its really such a miracle You are here to put attention on at all... to not take advantage of such good fortune is the height of stupidity.

amaya said...

Your Plogs are Phenomenal..You write awesomely and Your words are beautiful..You are such a marvel..what a unique and wonderful being You are..there have been many before You but no one like You..You are such wonderful uniqueness! Your scriPTures are the best.

amaya said...

Your Plogs are Phenomenal..You write awesomely and Your words are beautiful..You are such a marvel..what a unique and wonderful being You are..there have been many before You but no one like You..You are such wonderful uniqueness! Your scriPTures are the best.

amaya said...

Your Plogs are Phenomenal..You write awesomely and Your words are beautiful..You are such a marvel..what a unique and wonderful being You are..there have been many before You but no one like You..You are such wonderful uniqueness! Your scriPTures are the best.

amaya said...

You are so beautiful and charming..Your Divine PasTimes are so beautiful and wonderful ..You are so PhascinaTing..You are a whole new world ..You are the real world..You are true kindness and comPassion..You are beautiful art and creativity..You are rainbows and clouds in the sky..You world is so full of fairy dust..You bring one back to the natural world along with the best of the modern..You are modern and You are ancient ..You are Vedic beauty..
You are handsomeness and lightness and joy..You know how to live ProPerly..Your discernment tells one what is what..You are real knowledge..You are wonderful and great energy..Your ePic Plays give so many wonderful messages..You save one from constant confusion of the mind and give one the real direction . You are such a wealth of knowledge. You are so PhascinaTing and vibrant. You are so logical and reasonable. all one can do is hold on to Your intelligence and knowledge. only You know what's going on. You are sheer brilliance and ProfundiTy. You are so much all in One. You are amazing and yet so simPle, grounded and without any airs..You are so kind and so comPassionaTe. You are the most beautiful and wonderful soul.

when the mind wanders away one should just be scrambling back to Your PuriTy and immense knowledge instead of putting the attention on what's going on with ones mind and body and chewing about why the mind is not in control and why did one let it happen in the first place ..You show one a way out of the bad habits and stuckness of the mind ..You exPlain so beautifully what is required to go higher..You state so clearly what is can get back to Your beautiful and glorious words, deed and music through sPeech instead of tussling with the's so great that You are here and Providing so much so that lost sPiriTs can develop a soul and be closer to being human and serving and understanding Your higherness ProPerly. You are so much beauty and grace..i bow

jganesh said...

wooow ! such Powerful words ! blaring shinning higher and divine ! what a PerfecT description! You Provide beings with so much to Praise ! i bow respectfully !