Thursday, 6 February 2014

amazing & awesome

amazing & awesome

2 words

in continuous use these days

especially in so-called social media

in regards to

oneself, others (who say that about one)

and events (where one is present)


those using them

would find it very hard to explain

what is

so awe-ing

or amaze-ing


any of it

just another brick in the denial delusion wall

they think it will

all become really

amazing and awesome

if they keep on repeating the lie long enough

a funny way to keep going

in the trapped hells they are in

calling it

awesome and amazing


if they were to come across

something really

amaze-ing and awe-some



Shingo Kudo said...

i bow to the Axis

vintish said...

I bow

Faith Kumari said...

LOL ! I Bow !

Amanda V said...

:) this totally sums up california. i bow.

suki s said...

You provide an appropriate outlet for such adjectives !!! such a relief !!! You are amazing !!! You are awesome !!! You provide non stop proof so it is an undisputed fact !

amanda v said...

i bow in awe and amazement at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

amanda v said...

i bow!

You are so brilliantly Phunny P!
'just another brick in the denial delusion wall' no other can PuT words together the way You do!

have to reiterate the comments here as it is SO True! it is You who awe and amaze, all You do is really awesome and amazing!

it is You who are the living dePhiniTion of these words! it is You who language was created to describe and sPeak Praises!
coming across You makes ever brick in of denial and delusion crumble!

You bring one to ones knees constantly P! i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

Your actions, LotusOcean Manifestations are amazing & aweing
Your Plogs, sounds, Pcasa are amazing & aweing
You are amazing & aweing

the suPer consciousness that has created everything but stays outside
of it all is aweing

one can but imagine not even a sPeck of its attributes, one is such a
tiny charge comPared to it
one is only a drop in a ocean, a grain of sand
IT is what has created the existence itself
it's aweing, its amazing !

when one even sees a single act that one sees as a Par above, that one
sees as showing a good attribute in the one Performing the act, there
is a true joy that comes to one
Bliss is the 1000...000...000 ... PercenT exaggeration of that kind of
thing & is Possible only in relation to Divine
because Divine's attributes are True, they are non changing, ever
everlasting joy, virtue, haPPiness, PuriTy, Truth, Peace ...

Divine's consciousness is True comPleTe consciousness
Divine is Alive, truly, great Pahana of the hoPi, NewSun,
GarudNarayan, ShivNarayan, Vishnu, Shiv

Divine is that which is looking at everything on earth, every entity,
every thought that a being has, every action done

Divine is looking at all the worlds & realms & Planes of existence

IT is suPer consciousness

IT is suPreme, ultimate, most, Profound, ParTicular, comPleTe of every
desirable quality

IT is that which is unthinkable by a mortal

Divine is aweing !

magical its existence & the existences it has created !

Your LotusOcean sounds are deep, intense in imPorT
they are enjoyable to watch, Provide a Profound meaning, sounds that
actually 'mend our sPiriT/sols'

& only one Person, the Avatar has caused the grand LotusOcean

Avatar gives an oPPorTuniTy for others to serve him in useful ways but
that is secondary, an another story

You have travelled to so many Places, have Produced so many varied
types of sounds which do not contain general emotion but galactic,
broad, beautiful unfathomable emotion, a vedic multiversal emotion
that it is grand & aweing

same with Your Plogs which are comPleTe Truth covering all ToPics
necessary for ProPer evolution
and many, in Phact most of the times ToPics one has never even given
a single thought let alone a second thought to
Your Plogs shatter the evil to inexistence
they are said with wit, in style, with PerfecT diction, caPTivating
they are
they are sPreading real gnowledge, 'setting the record straight'

aweing as to how much a single Person can do & You are not just
limited to Plogs, You are doing it all, Plogs, vids, P casa, travels,
talks, natural construction, ... all at the same time, single handedly
classy living ! aweing ! amazing !

You show how beautiful earth is through Your P casa, awesome PicTures

All Your actions, Play & PasTimes here are awesome & amazing they are

P3AZ21 said...

You are stunningly, superbly, most gorgeously attractive amazing and awesome personality one has ever come across.

You are undeniably "The Electric Personality" one has ever known !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Rockstar
whom any girl would be delighted to sleep with !

neelang tiwari said...

Speech is an action that programs ones mind.
Careful to know exactly what words mean.

jganesh said...

only You can live uP to the words 'awesome' and 'amazing' ! You show through Your Being what these words actually mean ! i bow respectfully !

Vaishali Thaker said...

Yes one is truly amazed at the sight of real avatar on this earth plane!! The avatar who walks, plays mesmerizing heavenly sounds, speaks & writes only facts, whose all 7 chakras are flowering like lotus, whose kundalini has risen upto sahastrar chakra, whose 3rd eye is active, who can see it all & overstand everything by his bird brain, who is master of sound & frequencies, who plays with shakti in its purest form, whose life is the greatest example of beingness on this planet, who is the sustainer & the transformer, the powerful one to whom all the elements of nature bow, whose love evolves, who is most humble & grounded yet most powerful & divine!! experiencing the presence of such a supreme being in ones life is truly awesome!! i bow.. 🙏